11 Health Benefits Of Fish Bone Soup You Never Know Before

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When we talk about bone soup, something come to mind is that beef or chicken bone soup. Well, this kind of soup is very famous in some Asia countries such as Korea, Japan, Vietnam, and Indonesia. The Asian bone soup is usually made by simmering the bone with water, vegetables, and of course a lot of spices.

The lovely flavor, strong spices, and warm soup are even powerful for hangover. Besides, you can also get Health Benefits of Drinking Bones Broth . However, have you ever tried fish bone soup? You might never guess that you can get so many health benefits of fish bone soup.

Well, besides chicken and beef, we can also make a bone soup out of the fish carcass and head. It offer the equally delicious and nutrition dense soup in lighter taste than beef and chicken bone soup. Different from the European style creamy soup, the Asian style bone soup offer light and refreshing taste for your meal time. We can cook the fish bone in the same way as we cook the beef or chicken bone.

Since the fish bone is smaller and more delicate than beef or chicken bone, this kind of soup will also enable you to gain the nutrients in a quicker way. The other bones might take more than an hour to cook. On the other hand, in an hour your fish bone soup will be ready on your table.

Fish Bone Soup Nutritional Information

Not only delicious, this soup also contains beneficial nutrition. This is the reason why fish bone soup is very good for your health. As cited in some online health forum, fish bone soup is rich of minerals such as:

  • Calcium
  • Silicon
  • Sulphur
  • Magnesium
  • Phosphorous
  • Iodine

Those minerals are very good to maintain the health of bone, muscle, heart, and brain. It will also make sure those organs work well. Mineral is also essential for body enzyme and hormone production. Knowing the significance of minerals, we should fulfill the suggestible mineral daily intake. Children up to 8 years old need 700 – 1000 mg/day. For 9 years old children to adult need 1300 mg/day.

Health Benefits of Fish Bone Soup

As mentioned before, the fish bone soup contains lots of benefits. To know more, let’s find the benefits of the soup below:

  1. Prevents hypotiroidism

Hypothyroidism is a condition when your thyroid gland doesn’t produce enough thyroid hormones. As the result, you will feel easily tired, frequent mood swing, and the most horrible for women is weight gain. Well, hypothyroidism is mostly experienced by women. And about the treatment, the patients should get some hormone replacement.

In this case, fish bone soup can take a significant role for the hypothyroidism treatment. Fish bone contains iodine which is able to help our body in releasing hormones, including the thyroid hormones. Therefore, it is very good for women to consume fish bone soup as the ability to prevent and treat hypothyroidism.

  1. Prevents thyroid cancer

As mentioned before, fish bone soup is rich with iodine. Beside treat hypothyroidism, iodine is also powerful for thyroid cancer. Based on recent analysis of over 2000 cases, a higher iodine intake is powerful to fight against thyroid cancer. For your information, iodine cannot be found in the other edible animals.

  1. Good for IQ

Most of us might think that iodine can only be found in healthy salt. And using the proper salt will improve your intelligence. For you information, the iodine in salt is mostly the added iodine, not the natural iodine. Different from the iodine in fish bone, it is the natural source of iodine.

And the iodine intake from fish bone soup for toddler is proved to improve the IQ level. IQ or Intelligence quotient is the overall intelligence which represents the intelligent in some field such as science, language, and art.

  1. Improves memory

Fish bone soup is a golden food for brain. The vitamins, fat, and minerals contained in the soup is able to make sure your brain work well. The fish bone is good to slow cognitive decline and boost memory.

  1. Helps muscle contraction

The best part of any bone soup is the calcium. Calcium is essential for the body functions. One of these, calcium is good to helps muscle contraction. Muscle contraction is the activation of tension generating sites within the muscle. People commonly do some work out to improve the muscle contraction and further for the body building. On the other hand, the bone soup can have a hand in improve the muscle contraction.

  1. Help blood clotting

Calcium in fish bone soup is required for blood clotting or coagulation factor. The sufficient calcium intake will properly help the coagulation in which is important for human body.  It will prevent the loss of blood whenever we get severe injury.

  1. Release hormones and enzymes

Besides the benefits for, muscle and blood, calcium is also beneficial for the hormones and enzymes. Calcium stimulates the production of hormones and enzymes within the body. It will also help in releasing the hormones and enzyme to work according to their own function.

  1. Prevents bones related diseases

Calcium and bones is the inseparable thing. When we talk about the nutrition for bone, calcium might be the first come to our mind. Well, calcium is essential to improve the strength of the bones. Besides calcium, fish bone soup is also containing ample of gelatin or collagen which is also beneficial for bones and joints.

In addition, it is also able to prevent some bones-related disease such as osteoporosis and osteoarthritis. So, what are you waiting for? this is a powerful bone supplement in a bowl of delicious soup. And the soup can be easily made in your kitchen. What a combo!

  1. Lower bad cholesterol

Compared to beef bone soup, fish bone soup contain less bad cholesterol. The good cholesterol in the soup is able to lower the bad cholesterol level within the blood.

  1. Potential nutrition for vegetarian

Vegetarian mainly does not consume product from beef and poultry. But they are friendly with fish. Therefore, the can have the potential nutrition they can’t get from the beef or chicken bone soup without require the death of any mammals or bird.

  1. Replace post workout drink

After the workout session, we need a high protein drink to recover the muscle from any soreness. We mainly take milk for our work out drink. However, we can actually also take a bowl of fish bone soup. It gives you the other alternatives other than the Benefits of Chocolate Milk After Workout.

The protein dense soup with the addition of gelatin will help you recover your tiredness. And how about the taste? Don’t worry about the fishy smell, since the spice will boost up the aroma and raise your appetite. Thus, there are many  health benefits of fish bone soup.

Recommendation in Cooking the Healthy Fish Bone Soup

The first think you should consider in cooking the healthy fish bone soup is the fish. Make sure you pick the non-oily fish such as cod, rockfish, and sole. Benefits of Salmon  might be huge. However, the oily fish like salmon may develop an off taste if they cook for a long time. As we know, we need a long time to draw the nutrition from the bone. Once you prepare the fish, you should also prepare the vegetable and spices.

If you love vegetables, you can choose scrubbed and coarsely chopped carrots and fresh celery. Don’t forget about the spices. You can add some onion, bay leaves, and clover to give the perfect aroma and the Benefits of Cloves for Health. For the bay leaves, you can choose Indonesian bay leaves as you must consider the Health Benefits of Indonesian Bay Leaves .

First, you can stir the spices and the vegetable. Stir occasionally for about 10 minutes. After that, add some fresh water and the fish bone. During the cooking, fat will appear on the top of the soup. You can take the fat using spoon. Cook it for about an hour.

When it is done, remove the pot from the stove, and take all the bones. Pour the soup into a fine mesh strainer and remove the solid ingredient. In the end, you will only have the nutrition dense soup with light taste and huge benefits for health.