10 Unexpected Health Benefits of Hala Fruit You Never Heard

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There are several fruits that are seldom to know. Such as hala fruit that many people might not familiar with. But it doesn’t mean that this fruit is not beneficial for the body. It is an interesting fact that some kind of fruits, even though not famous, they are beneficial for the people. The same way as the health benefits of hala fruit for the medical purpose.

For those who’s not familiar, hala fruit is comes from a tree called Pandanus. This tree is a native to Malaysia, eastern Australian and the Pacific Islands. Typically, it grows in the coastal area and easily to find in the region near the ocean. Some also found the habitat of this tree in Hawaii. Therefore, some people also called it Tahitian Screwpine.

There is no further information on the nutritional value of the fruit. Since it is not common to consume or trade this fruit in the wide market. It is not only having a strange shape, it is also having an uncommon color. The fruit is a cluster of seed pods that will be break into single seeds called keys when ripped.

Another interesting thing is that only female tree can produce the fruits. It looks like a bunch of pineapples. But still not exactly the same, since it is having an ellipsoid shape. Furthermore, this made up of wedges like phalanges and have outer fibrous husk. Also, every parts of the plant is useful, not only the fruits. The leaves and the roots are known beneficial too. To be sure about the beneficial rumors for the medical perspective, below are some health benefits of hala fruit:

1. For Blood Cleanser

It is believed that it can clean the blood circulation. Therefore, it helps to avoid with blood diseases including any cardiovascular diseases. Such as stroke or heart attack.

2. As Diuretic

Some people mention that the fruit is beneficial as diuretic. Therefore, consuming the fruit will help to improve the urine secretion and help the kidney damage and provide better body metabolism in eliminate the toxin in the body. This is the same health benefits of cocktail drinks.

3. Improves Energy

Since the fruit contain some high calories, therefore, it can improve the energy during the weakness or tiredness. It manages to produce more energy in the body to do some activities.

4. Help Digestion Problems

The fruit is rich with fiber. Therefore, it can help to ease the digest system in the body. Furthermore, it helps to absorb important nutrients and avoid fat absorption. This is the same health benefits of low fat chocolate milk.

5. Bring Relaxation

There is some information taken from Hawaiian people that mention the fruit also beneficial to bring a relaxation for the mind and spirit. It is common to happen in some fruits. It can stimulate the body hormones to bring calmness mind and happiness feeling after consumed.

6. Aphrodisiac

The fruit also helps as an aphrodisiac. Therefore, in some amount it can increase the blood pressure and improve sexuality. This is the same health benefits of pistachio oil.

7. Natural Floss

The fruit also can benefit as a natural floss for the teeth. Therefore, it is good to consume after meal.

8. Relieve Headache

Another health benefits of hala fruit is to relieve pain, including to relieve headache. It soothes the pain in the head and help to eliminate migraine.

9. Reduce Cramp

For those with menstrual cramp, consuming the fruit can soothe the feeling. Therefore, another health benefits of hala fruit is to help relaxing he stomach and reduce menstrual cramp.

10. Increase Appetite

The bright color and nice taste can help to increase the appetite. Therefor, consuming hala fruit is good for children which common having eating disorder or picky eater. This is the same health benefits of haritaki fruit powder.

Recommended Intake of Hala Fruit

To get the health benefits of hala fruit, there are some ways that common. First, by eating it in raw, or second by cooked it. There is one common recipe that produce for consuming this fruit. Take a look of below hala juice recipe which make you want to try it, if possible:

  • Take some parts of the fruits;
  • Clean it carefully and rinse with fresh water;
  • Blend it with some cups of water;
  • Add some ice cubes;
  • For some flavors add lemon, not only fresh but there are also some health benefits lemonade drink.

Side Effects of Hala Fruit

The same way as any other fruits, hala fruit might also have some side effects. There are no specific research about it. But in general, take attention to below points before decide to consume the fruit:

1. People with allergically historical shall be careful before consuming the fruit. Try to taste a little bit and wait for some minutes whether it brings reaction or not. If allergically reactions such as rash, itchiness, red marks, nausea and other similar things happens, it is better to stop eating the fruit. Otherwise, your medical condition can be worst.

2. There is no specific research about the fruit effects on pregnancy and breastfeeding. But to be sure, pregnant woman and breastfeeding mother suggested not to consume this fruit. Since it might interfere the fetus and the baby medical condition.

3. Too much consuming the fruit might give effects of diarrhea, since it has a high fiber. Therefore, consume as necessary and be sure to eat the ripped fruit only.

4. Do not consume the fruit while having medication, because it might interfere the effectiveness of your medicine. Some chemistry reaction can be happened and reduce the benefit of the medicine. Therefore, it is suggested to consume the fruit after some hours of consuming any medicine to avoid any interference reactions.

Those are some short advantages on consuming the fruit. It is quite difficult to find hala fruit in the market. Therefore, if sometimes you find it during your vacation on Tahiti or Hawaii, have a try on it. You might will like the taste and take it as one of the amazing experiences.