16 Science-Backed Health Benefits of Grilled Pineapple

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Pineapple is one of tropical fruits which grow up to 5-8 feet with sharp leaves and rough fruits leather. Scientifically, this fruits is known as Ananas Comosus and belong to Bromeliaceae in Ananas genus. The fruits are believed originally come from local Paraguay in South America, then, distributed by Spain when Columbus firstly found America in 1493.

In the early 15th century, the pineapple started to spread over the  globe by European sailors who brought them in order to protect the sailors from scurvy, a diseases due to lack of vitamin C and there are Benefits of Eating Pineapple for Weight Loss

Pineapple, as well as other tropical fruits, has abundant of health benefits. For example, if rambutan has Health Benefits of Rambutan, so does the pineapple. As raw or grilled, pineapple has a lot of nutrients and benefits for the body. In fact, the grilled pineapple has much better impact on human health to improve the body immunity and recovery process of sickness.

Nutrients and Compositions of Grilled Pineapple

The health benefits of grilled pineapple are much less known compare to the other tropical fruits, such as Health Benefits of Longan. Grillled pineapple is a rich source of anti-oxide. In each 100 grams of pineapple contain 47,8% or 80% vitamin C. The vitamin is needed to synthesis the collagen of the body.

Collagen is the main structural protein needed to maintain the integrity of blood vein, organs, and bones. Consuming vitamin C regularly will help the body out of scurvy (the failure of collagen and osteoid forming of the body).

Moreover, vitamin C inside grilled pineapple may improve the immunity to protect from infection and prevent free radicals which lead to dangerous diseases. In 100 grams of pineapple has 50 calorie which is similar to apple. The fruit has no fat or cholesterol. Based on USDA National Nutrient, grilled pineapple has the following nutrients and compositions:

  • Energy
  • Carbo
  • 13,52 grams
  • Protein
  • Fiber
  • Folate acid
  • Niasin
  • Piridoksin
  • Vitamin A
  • Vitamin C
  • Vitamin E
  • Vitamin K
  • Sodium electrolyte
  • Potassium
  • Mineral
  • Calcium
  • Zinc
  • Magnesium

Grilled pineapple has much of vitamins and useful essence to be used for body health. The following fact will describe further about the health benefits of grilled pineapple for body:

  1. Arthritis Curing

One of the health benefits of grilled pineapple which mostly known in health term is its ability to reduce and cure arthritis, particularly on nerves and joints. Arthritis is really painful and horrible for the suffered people since it may lead to inflammation, limited mobility, and joint rigid.

Pineapple fruits, especially the grilled ones, has proteolytic enzyme called bromelain functioning in reaction of complex protein rupture as anti-inflammation impact. Therefore, when you regularly consume grilled pineapple or fresh raw pineapple, the risk of having arthritis will be slightly reduced.

  1. Immunity Improving

One portion of grilled pineapple or raw pineapple has more than 130% of the total amount of vitamin C needed by human every single day. This makes grilled pineapple becomes one of the richest sources of askorbat acid which has tasty taste.

The vitamin C inside grilled people may improve body immunity system by stimulating white blood cells and acting as the anti-oxide to protect dangerous effect of free radicals.

  1. Producing Collagen

Next health benefits of pineapple is much of vitamin C contained which greatly and productively produce collagen. It has similar with Health Benefits of Lychee. Collagen is a very essential protein base of blood vein wall, skin, organ, and bones.

The high level of vitamin C of the grilled pineapple can also help you to cure the scare and help the recovery time after getting sick much faster. Collagen also acts as the protection of multiple sickness infection.

  1. Preventing Cancer

Pineapple has much of high level of vitamin C to fight against cancer. It is caused by the complex anti-oxide contains such as vitamin A, beta carotene, bromelain, flavonoid, and mangan.

Based on research from Bandung Technology Institute, the pineapple has ability which directly relate to the cancer prevention such as mouth cancer, throat cancer, and breast cancer.

  1. Digesting Health Improvement

Like others tropical fruits, pineapple is the source of fiber which make it very special because the fiber has 2 kinds of soluble and not soluble fiber. This means a good sign since consuming pineapple may protect you from various disorders of digesting system such as constipation, diarrhea, big colon irritation syndrome and blood rigid.

  1. Cough and Influenza Treatment

Particular enzyme of bromelain inside pineapple which is known to dilute sputum in the breathe system and sinus valve. The sputum causes influenza and cough. Therefore, for those who are having cough and influenza, they are strongly recommended to consume pineapple because pineapple can very healthy to treat the cough and influenza by diluting the sputum.

  1. Bones Health Maintaining

Although grilled pineapple has not much calcium contains, but the fruits has large amount of mangan which indicate other minerals function essentially to strengthen bones and help the growth and repair of the bones. Mangan is the most known pineapple mineral which can produce more than 70% mineral daily need of the body.

  1. Mouth Health Maintaining

Besides having anti-oxide essence functioning to protect the body form suffering mouth cancer, grilled pineapple also has astringent essence which is very important to strengthen the gum and teeth. The astringent works effectively to prevent the hair fall, muscle weakness, and wrinkle skin. Consuming pineapple will help your mouth to keep healthy and fresh from any bacteria and virus attack.

  1. Eyes Health Maintaining

Sight is one of the most important senses for human. One of the health benefits of grilled pineapple is scientifically proven by its ability to maintain eyes and prevent from macula degenerative, an elderly people disease due to lack of beta carotene and age matter.

Thus, consuming beta carotene is really suggested in order to cure the disease. Pineapple has much of beta carotene which you can consume regularly in order to get more beta carotene assumption for the eyes health. Health Benefits of Mandarin Orange also has the same effect with this.

  1. Blood Pressure Controlling

Grilled pineapple just like health benefits of start fruits has a very precious mineral source. One of the minerals is potassium which is most important mineral inside the body. If our body is lack of potassium, then it will be quite dangerous.

One of the health benefits of potassium is as a vasolidator to minimize the tense and pressure of the blood vein and increase the blood circulation over the body. If your blood vein is relax, then your blood pressure may less and it makes the blood vein becomes smooth. This may help you to get rid of several dangerous diseases such as heart attack and stroke.

  1. Blood Circulation Maintaining

Grilled pineapple has zinc mineral. This kind of mineral is very essential because functioning effectively in several enzyme reaction and essence of the body. One thing you should know is that zinc is the most important part of healthy red blood cells forming. High amount of red blood cells may increase oxygenation to all organs system optimally.

  1. Effective Acne Solution

Next health benefits of grilled pineapple is to treat acne since the vitamin C inside the pineapple works very effective on it. Moreover, the bromelain, anti-inflammation enzyme in the fruits can also increase the recovery level of the acne skin.

  1. Anti-Aging Skin

A good news for you particularly women who really want to have such chewy and smooth skin, then start to include this exotic tropical fruits in your shopping list. Why does pineapple can make your skin looks amazing? This fruit gives the collagen synthesis over the body to look tight and chewy.

Consuming pineapple means you will get such additional Health Benefit of Vitamin C to make sure the speed recovery of broken cells. You can apply fresh pineapple juice over the face and cleanse with cold water. You will see the instance effect of the fruits for your face.

  1. Fair Skin Face

Multiple vitamins and minerals inside the pineapple may lead to have such fair and bright skin face. You can use fresh pineapple as the masker. Cut some slices of pineapple and put on your face regularly. Pineapple will remove died skin cells and smoothen the blood vein.

  1. Ruptured Feet Sole

Another most common problem we may meet is the ruptured feet sole or ankle. That is very not nice to be seen, particularly for women. The solution is quite easy in fact, use pineapple leather and swipe on your feet sole and ankle. It is such a very effective way to remove the dead skin cells and make you have a smooth, beautiful, and delicate feet sole.

  1. Nails Strengthening and Beauty

Do you have such dried and broken nails? If it is so, then you may be indicated to be lack of vitamin A and B. Lack of vitamin A and B inside the body will create several problems, one of them is dried and broken nails.

However, you don’t have to be worry since you can always pineapple to get back your strong and beautiful nails. You may consume more pineapple in form of juice to nutrient your nails from the inside. Or you may consume pineapple extract to be applied along your nails for the outer treatment.

Those are health benefits of grilled pineapple which you might need to know. Consuming pineapple, either in raw fresh or grilled one, can give the same wonderful impact for the body health. So, what are you waiting for? Grab your shopping list soon and don’t forget to include pineapple as one of your top list fruits to buy.