18 Health Benefits of Wild Strawberry (#1 Top Beauty Tricks)

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We may simply find wild strawberries in any fruits garden in European countries. Although, it might be small fruits but its color always catches our attention. There are many kinds of strawberries that can be planted. Hearing about its name, people might think that wild strawberries will be poisonous. In fact, wild strawberries are edible and safe. Wild strawberries can grow in cool temperature and in any places; such as, backyard or open fields. Who knows that this petite fruit may cause a big impact for our health such as Benefits of Strawberry.

Nutrients in strawberry

Here are some nutrients that strawberry contains. First of all, strawberries consists of 90% of water and the rest might be Benefits of Carbohydrates. Only minor amounts of fat and protein do strawberries have. Approximately, one cup of whole strawberries servings contains less than 50 calories. Besides that, it contains carbs and fiber which is good for your diet. Vitamin C, manganese, folate, potassium, anthocyanins and other compound that has been found in plant are also included. Thus, here are health benefits of wild strawberry:

1. Diabetes prevention

Doctors encourage diabetic patients to consume more wild strawberries. Since it’s been scientifically proven that wild strawberries are sources in treating diabetes. For, people who wants to prevent suffering from diabetes can also start to consume this fruit. The best way to have it is to eat it directly rather than adding it to desserts; such as, sundaes, pies or any sugary foods since it is not helping in diabetic if you consumed it that way.

2. Reduce cancer risk

Since wild strawberries are high in antioxidant and phytochemicals that can block the development of cancer cells, then, consuming it may reduce the risk of suffering cancer. Besides the fruits, herbal tea made by strawberries leaves may treat as a herbal remedy. However, what you should know is organic strawberries are more effective at inhibiting cancer growth than conventionally grown strawberries.

3. Treating gastritis

Wild strawberry may be a solution for people who suffer from gastritis since it activates antioxidant defenses and enzyme of the body. Besides consuming strawberries, gastritis patient are suggested to consume low acid food and avoid fatty and oily snacks.

In addition, reduce the consumption of alcohol, try to avoid stress and reduce consuming medicines that may cause harm to your abdominal organs. Besides strawberries, pears and apples might be good for gastritis patients either.

4. Hepatitis

Wild strawberry juice is good to deal with liver disorders. Best way to consume it is on an empty stomach, 3 cups a day. The juice stimulates liver activity and encourages the renewal of hepatic cells. The leaves are also useful to treat diarrhea. The most part of strawberries that contain vitamin C is on the leaves.

5. Brain disease

Strawberry leaves may protect us from oxidation stress-induced neuronal damage that may lead to probability of Alzheimer or Parkinson.

6. Healthy heart

Research proves that there is an association between consuming strawberries with normal blood pressures and good condition of liver. Thanks to anthocyanin that it contains, strawberry lowers the level of bad cholesterol inside human’s body while decreasing high blood sugar.

7. Increasing immune system

Have you ever heard that strawberries helps increasing our immune system? Now, you will hear about it. Scientist has made many researcher to prove that whether strawberry really boost up our immune system and protects us from any diseases and the result proved to be a yes answer.

8. Eyes vitamin

Including strawberries in your diet may give you tons of benefits. One of them is improving your eyesight. Rich in antioxidants makes it a best medicine to prevent cataract and other eye diseases. Another Benefits of Honey For Eyes, Beauty, and Overall Health

Wild Strawberry for Beauty Treatments

Here are more health benefits of wild strawberry for beauty tricks:

1. Anti-aging

Anti-aging might be caused by our unhealthy lifestyle and poor eating habits. However, wild strawberries are good for detoxing effects; therefore, consuming it may results to anti-aging.

2. Remove acne and black spots

Woman tends to be frustrated with acnes and black spots. Now, you should not be worry about that. Treat them with wild strawberries and your problems will be washed away. Since strawberries contain alpha-hydroxy acid, they are effective in eliminating dead skin and clean it. Wild strawberry also contains salicylic acid and ellagic acid, which are known for reducing hyper-pigmentation and dark spots. You might want to read Benefits of Rosewater for Acne

3. Giving tone to the skin

Antioxidants which presents in strawberries provide this amazing natural toner to the skin. While manganese in strawberries keeps our skin healthy and radiant. Apply it as a mask every night before going to bed. You can start to replace your chemical based toner with this simple natural strawberry mask.

4. Substitution sunblock

Radiation from the sun may cause harm to the skin. But you should not worry about it for strawberries may have a solution for you. The Secret power that strawberries have in battling UV from the sun are anthocyanins and antioxidant. The acid in strawberries has the ability to eliminate free radicals, then prevent pigmenting caused by sun damage.

5. Healing cracked feet

Surprisingly, strawberries also can heal cracked feet. Cracked feet may cause unbelievable pain but a pack of strawberries in your refrigerator might be helpful. Strawberries can be used as foot scrub since the mild abrasive properties that they contain helping in exfoliating the skin.

6. Softening skin

Strawberry seed has its role as well. Oil produced by strawberry seed contains Tannic acid which make it effective in softening irritated skin. That’s why you can find this component in many beauty products.

7. Solution for dry skin

Since strawberry seed oil has moisturizing properties, It can protect our skin from dryness. These properties change it to a wonderful oil for dry or damaged skin. By using this oil, you can hydrate your skin and make it feeling soft.

8. Effective for puffy eyes

Wake up in the morning and find out that your eyes are puffy and what makes it worse is you will have a meeting in your office this morning? Well, don’t worry. You’re got a solution.

9. Cure hair dandruff

Dandruff might be a problem to most of ladies since it can worsen our appearance and make us lack of confidence. Strawberries also play a big role in washing dandruff away. Vitamin C that strawberries have is beneficial to fight dandruff that caused by degrading of immune system. Use it as a hair mask three times a week might be potential enough to shoo the dandruff away.

10. Effective for hair fall

Stress because of hair fall? Now, an effective natural ingredients can help you to fight your problem. Its fruit might be petite but it is rich in vitamin and nutrients. Yes, it is simply and solely a strawberry. Vitamin C that it contains encourauge iron absorption which promotes hair growth. Silica that are loaded in strawberries are good to prevent baldness and grow a new hair. You might want to know Benefits of Fish Oil For Hair Loss

Side effect in consuming it

Thus, there are many health benefits of wild strawberry, but take a lot at this cautions. For children who are allergic to strawberries better avoid consuming it. Protein in it may cause what so called pollen-food allergy. Sufferer will feel itchy and tingling in mouth, hives, headaches, swelling of lips, face, tongue and throat area and some severe cases can cause difficulty of breathing.

The allergy-causing protein is believed to be linked to the red anthocyanins. To avoid allergy, consume a white strawberry for allergic patient might be better. In addition, you should know Signs of Wheat Allergy

Tips in buying good strawberries

Sometimes, it might be difficult for us to choose which kind of strawberries are the best for our diet.

1. Try to buy a local strawberries

Here are the reason why. When berries originated from a place far away. That means the fruits have been ripen before it arrives to the local market. It is logical!!!

2. Find the brightest color in red

Mostly, the brightest one is the sweetest one. If you find out there is a white part around the stem, then it means the strawberries are picked not at the peak ripeness.

3. Forget about the shape and size

Who still believes that the biggest and the better form of shape guarantee the sweetness inside strawberries? Well, that’s been an old saying. Never worry about that for those two factors can not guarantee us that we are buying the best quality of strawberries.

4. Buy organic

Even after washing these fruits, strawberries still contains lots of pesticide. Therefore, it is healthier to consume the organic ones. Its taste might be not as tastier as the conventional ones. However, it means that we are spared from pesticides.

5. Buy in-season

Strawberries taste the best when they are in season since it might not taste as fresh when we bought it over the season.

Those are the amazing health benefits of wild strawberries. It feels relieved to know that strawberries may provide lots of benefits toward our health and our appearance as well. From now on, strawberries might be a good and healthy choice for your diet. Keep happy and stay healthy, everyone!!!