18 Health Benefits of Quince That Scientist Just Discovered

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Quince, what do you might first think when hear about this kind of fruit? Not really familiar, isn’t it? Yes, quince may be not one familiar fruit you often hear every day. this fruit belongs to ancient fruit which has been widely known since thousand years ago. However, the fruit is less popular than apple. Quince fruit blossoms in the autumn and now it is quite difficult to find this fruit.

Mountainous area of North Caucasian near Turkey, Iran, and also hills in the New Zealand are their original and proper field area to plant. The fruit belongs to rose family with similar shape to apple and pear. The skin is quite pale yellow color with several black spots. The tree can grow up to 12-20 feet and has a very good smell when the fruits are ripe.

Quince name firstly appeared in ancient Greek manuscript about 600 BC as one of their must have item for marriage celebration. According to some scientific history journal, many ancient naturalists called the fruits as golden apple. In fact, the fruits were far earlier grown before apple, but unfortunately they got less popular than apple. Why did quince really be favored by most Greeks? It is clear because the fruits are very good for the infant growing in the womb. Greeks also saw quince fruits as the symbol of fertility. In some Europe countries, the fruit is believed to smooth the digesting system.

It can be easily bought in the fruit department store. If you buy ripe quince, you can see that the fruit has yellow skin and good sense of smell. However, the texture of the fruit is quite hard and not recommended to directly chew unless you cut it into slices.

Quince Nutrients and Compositions

The fruit is called safarjal in Arabic. Quince has a lot of nutrients and vitamins such as the following list:

  • Vitamin A
  • Vitamin B3
  • Vitamin B6
  • Vitamin C
  • Zinc
  • Mangan
  • Fiber
  • Folate acid
  • Potassium
  • Sodium
  • Calcium
  • Sodium
  • Energy
  • Carbo
  • Phosphorus
  • Protein
  • Minera

Quince is low calorie fruit which rich of fiber. In every 100 grams of fresh quince has 57 calorie. Moreover, the fruits also contain polyphenolic anti-oxide like apple and pear. The ripe quince fruit has good concentrate of vitamin C. in every 100 grams of fresh quince also has 15 mg or 25% of RDA from vitamin C.

The fruit which has much of vitamin C may remove free radicals dangerous out of the body. The vitamin C composition also will help the body to increase the body immunity, lessen the virus risk and inflammation.

As one of the most super fruits over the globe, it has no wondered that quince has various health benefits for the body. Here, you will be explained further about several main health benefits of quince which can be really useful for your health information. Let’s check them out!

  1. Curing Gastric Acid

Quince fruits can be really useful to cure gastric acid. The fruit has folate essence which is really effective to cure the gastric acid. Consuming the fruit in form of raw or processed product can health the digesting system and smooth the metabolism process as well. Health Benefits of Echinacea Tea may also cure the gastric acid as well.

  1. Stomach and Nausea Lessen

Consuming boiled or grilled quince may be a very beneficial therapy of stomach. Or, you can consume the quince jam or marmalade to reduce the nausea sensation. The fruits work as the natural diuretic which stimulates the stomach and colon organ to run smoothly and lessen the disease. Consume when you have such disorder comes.

  1. Blood Pressure Maintaining

If Health Benefits of Green Mango may press the higher level of blood pressure, so does quince. Potassium is one the most important mineral in quince fruits and this is also the important mineral for human body. Potassium functions to maintain the blood pressure and help the liquid distribution along the body cells. The role of potassium in controlling blood pressure is done by stimulating the artery blood into such relax condition so that the nerve of the cardiovascular system can be reduced. By consuming quince fruits regularly in moderation portion, then the sickness of coroner heart, heart attack, and stroke can be reduced approximately.

  1. Cancer Prevention

Quince is one of the riches anti-oxide containing fruits which is really powerful to prevent several horrible sicknesses due to free radical exposure. Free radical is one of the main reason and cause why cancer might attack human. In quince bulbs, there are a lot of useful essences of tanin.

Tanin will protect mucus membrane of the cancer cells by tying the poisons of the chemical contained causing cancer on human big colon. You may also need to know that this apply the same with Health Benefits of Papaya Leaves.

  1. Stress Managing

Like the Benefits of Green Tea, the anti-oxide of the quince can help the body to ease stress due to some reasons. It also will help the brain to keep positive and calm thinking. Moreover, by consuming quince fruits regularly in regulation, the body will produce useful hormone regularly and abundantly so that you will feel fresher and ready to do some activities.

  1. Cholesterol Decreasing

Quince is a fruit which can be very useful to lower cholesterol. This is due to anti-oxide containing which will help the body to lessen the fat oxidation, neutralize gliserida, and derive the amount of fat which contained in the blood vein.

Therefore, for those who are indicated having such higher level of cholesterol, you need to immediately consume the fruit and put it into your daily diet menu. Consuming the fruit will work even better and faster in degrading the cholesterol than use medical treatment or chemical process.

  1. Friendly Diabetic Survivor

By higher level of fiber containing, quince can prevent the sugar blood level boost and lower the sugar blood as well. The unstable sugar blood will effect fatally to the patients of diabetic. Quince, as one of the richest nutrient fruits on Earth, has lo glycemic index.

Glycemic index is the index show the rata of food and beverage based on blood sugar increasing potential. Therefore, consuming quince is quite healthy and recommend for those now surviving from diabetic or having such genetic line of diabetic disease.

  1. Red Blood Cells Booster Producing

Nutrients of zinc and ferrum substance of the quince may help the body to produce more red blood cells which regularly regenerate. By producing higher level of red blood cells, the body will get rid of anemia and ferrum deficient. Furthermore, you will get extra energy and spirit to work and do daily activities more energetic and fresher compare than before.

  1. Eyes Sight Maintaining

Flavonoid and fito-nutrient contained in the quince fruit can fight against free radical which can expose the eyes and destroy the retina. Moreover, quince may be very good to be consumed in order to cure night blindness especially for the elder.

By consuming the fruit regularly, even you the younger one will get less risk of suffering from eyes sight disorder and maintain your eyes health approximately.

  1. Anti-Inflammation

Quince fruit is one of the fruits with richest source of vitamin C. The vitamin C is really essential in improving immunity and aid the inflammation due to several reasons of bacteria or viruses infection. As the natural inflammation, it will be much better if the fruits are raw consumed or made into juice in order to keep the fruits essence to be wholeheartedly absorbed by the body system.

  1. Skin Healthy

No wonder why the fruits can maintain a healthy and beautiful skin. The multiple containing of anti-oxide and vitamin of the quince can be really beneficial for the skin health. The anti-oxide will protect skin from the free radicals attack so that the skin will get protected from such problems such as wrinkle, UV radiation and black spots.

Consuming the raw fruits or making the juice will give maximum health benefits of quince especially for your skin health and beauty. Just like Health Benefits of Strawberry, the fruit will boost your skin health into upmost level.

  1. Diet Menu

Having such fatty belly? Getting shocked for seeing the dramatic weight gain? No worries, quince can be the solution to cure your weight gain problem. As a human, it is natural for us to have such ups and downs weight. The food we consume, the lifestyle we run every single day, the load of thought we think, those all contribute much to the condition of body weight.

Actually, the most important is not how slim you are, but how healthy and proportional you are instead. Having slim body does not mean you have such healthy body. Therefore, always do healthy diet program which included quince fruits as one of parts of it. Consuming quince by its multiple essences of vitamins and mineral will help you to get your balance and proportional body weight as well.

How to Consume Quince

The fruits can be processed into jam, jelly, or marmalade. Quince refined products are still quite difficult to find and only available in Middle East. In some Europe countries like Spain, they process quince into pasta to be side dish of cheese. In Morocco, quince and tagines fruits mixed into meat soup and turned into dried fruit with cinnamon. Quince is seasonal fruit which usually fruit in the early of autumn up to January.

Those are health benefits of quince you have already know now. As one of the rare fruits found, you may start to put quince in your shopping list once you find the fruits are in the season in order to obtain the maximum benefits.