10 Health Benefits of Coconut Oil During Pregnancy

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Coconut oil is an oil extracted from the meat of mature coconut. It also well known as copra oil. The oil has many benefits for the health. There also some health benefits of coconut oil during pregnancy. Therefore, many pregnant women use the oil during the pregnancy and after birth. It is not only benefit for a new mother, but also for the baby.

The process to form a coconut oil can be through two ways. By dry process and by wet process. Dry process means that the coconut meat extracted from the shell and dried by fire. It is then dissolved with solvents to produce the coconut oil. Another way is through wet process. It uses raw coconut to create emulsion of oil and water by boiling the coconut meat.

Make sure to choose the original oil with ingredients 100% pure. Hence, the benefit can be gained optimally. Below are some health benefits of coconut oil during pregnancy.

1. Avoid morning sickness

Coconut oil can help to soothe the pregnancy symptoms such as morning sickness. It will help to reduce the heartburn and constipation which usually lead to sickness. Therefore, consuming coconut oil will relieve the stomach and the esophagus.

2. Ease birth

For many years the oil is benefit to ease the discomfort of vaginal dryness. Therefore, in some countries, the coconut oil believe can help with ease to birth. Consuming some teaspoon of coconut oil before birth will help to ease the baby deliver.

3. Prevent stretch marks

Another famous health benefits of coconut oil during pregnancy is to prevent stretch marks. It is good to apply the oil on wrist and abdomen area starting from the first semester of pregnancy. Therefore, it will help to moisture the skin. This is the same health benefits of macadamia oil for skin.

4. Improve immune system

Other benefit is that the coconut oil can help to improve immune system for pregnant woman. During pregnancy, it is important to keep the healthy body. Therefore, the pregnant woman can avoid diseases that might be harmful for the baby inside.

5. Source of lauric acid

Coconut oil is a best source of lauric acid which can help to strengthen the body. It’s also help to stimulate milk production . Therefore, drinking a small amount each day during pregnancy will improve the form of breastmilk.

6. Substitute for dairy

The oil is good to substitute for dairy in pregnancy. Consume the oil will good to bring enough vitamins and minerals needed for the fetus. Therefore, it bring many benefits to deliver vitamins and minerals to the fetus. The same health benefits homemade rice milk. Since milk is a good source of calcium.

7. Crack nipples

The oil is good to prevent crack nipple. Rub some coconut oil onto any areas of the cracked nipples and around the breast. It can soothing the sore of cracked nipples. Furthermore, it can clean the breast area.

8. Massage oil

Pregnancy will make most woman tired. Therefore, the oil is benefit to bring relaxation through massage. Put some oil in the hand and massage the area such as hand and feet. It also can rub into the back and can reduce the symptoms during pregnancy.

9. As supplement

Another health benefits of coconut oil during pregnancy is including to resist bacteria and viruses. Therefore, it is good to add the oil as a supplement during pregnancy. The natural power to keep a healthy body to pregnant mother will deliver a healthy pregnancy. This is the same benefit as the benefits of gaba supplements for anxiety.

10. Eye cream

Pregnancy wouldn’t make a pregnant woman to get a good night sleep. Since when the pregnancy getting bigger, the sleep position might be difficult. Therefore, using the oil to combat dark circles beneath the eyes will benefit to soothe it.

Recommended Intake of Coconut Oil

There are several ways to gain the maximum benefit of the coconut oil. Mainly during pregnancy. Below are the most common ways:

  1. For cooking
    Put some coconut oil for cooking the meat. The oil will be absorbed to the meat and can be benefit when consume together. This is the same health benefits of olive oil.
  2. Massage oil
    Use the oil as a massage oil by rub some drop of the oil to the hand, feet and back. Rub itu gently to bring a good blood circulation during pregnancy.
  3. Mix in bath water
    Mix the oil by adding some spoon of the oil in a bath water before taking bath. This will help to relax and to moisture the skin. Therefore, it can release the pregnancy stress which can avoid miscarriage.
  4. Nipple cream
    Use it as the nipple cream by rub the oil in the nipple area. It will works to clean the areola and soothe the inflammation of the breast during pregnancy.

Side Effects of Coconut Oil

There also some side effects of coconut oil. This might be not harmful but however keep pay caution to below items:

  1. The oil has a high fat content. Therefore, it is possible that it might increase weight if used in large amounts. However, these concerns have not been proven in scientific research.
  2. Even though there are several health benefits of coconut oil during pregnancy, keep use it in normal amount. Too much amount may affect the fetus during pregnancy.
  3. There is concern that coconut oil might increase total cholesterol and LDL cholesterol. Therefore, keep ask the medical practitioner advise when using the oil during pregnancy. Since pregnant woman is ease to get cardiovascular diseases. To help with this try also to consume the foods that lower cholesterol level.

Coconut oil is easy to made. If we have no time to made itself, there are many various brand of virgin coconut oil in the market. It is now a must item for pregnant woman.