Excellent Benefits of Cellophane Noodles You Won’t Believe

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Do you know what cellophane noodles are? This kind of noodle is known as glass noodles, Chinese vermicelli, bean threads, bean thread noodles, or crystal noodles. It is a type of transparent noodle made from mung beans, yam, or potato starch and water. This noodle is actually not elastic as wheat noodles, but it has a pleasing slickness to the texture. Moreover, it is consumed with soups, stir-fried dishes, or spring rolls and can be served cold in salads. In fact, this noodle is very healthy as it contains nutrients such as protein, iron, fiber, and minerals as well. Then, to give you more information, check the list of benefits of cellophane noodles below.

1. Source of Protein

It cannot be denied that protein is a nutrient which is needed by the body. The deficiency of protein may lead to certain health problems including the chronic fatigue and the lack of food absorption. On the other hand, an ideal amount of protein will help to build the body muscle, helping to balance the hormones, and also promoting the healthy digestion system. Then, to fulfill the protein in the body, you can consume cellophane noodles as this food contains the good amount of protein. You can also check on Health Benefits of Meat, Poultry and Fish

2. Source of Carbohydrate

One of the benefits of cellophane noodles is to provide the source of carbohydrate. It is known that noodles that made of beans or potato are rich in carbohydrate. In fact, it has 86g of carbohydrate per 100g of serving. Then, you can have cellophane noodles for getting more energy due to the carbohydrate nutrient. Hence, what are you waiting for? Consume the cellophane noodles for having the healthier body for sure. You can also check on Amazing Health Benefits of Rice Noodles

3. Have Low Glycemic Level

In the previous statement, it is said that cellophane noodles have high carbohydrates. But, the greater things about this noodle is the way it has a low glycemic index rate. As a matter of fact, it has a glycemic index score of 45. Indeed, it does not cause a spike in blood sugar. Then, as you know this thing, you will have no doubt to consume cellophane noodles.

4. Provides Gluten Free

It turns out that cellophane noodles contain gluten-free. Indeed, this is such a good news for those who want to prevent celiac disease. Celiac disease is known as the problem that damaging the small intestine while consuming any grain foods. Thus, you will be happy to eat cellophane noodles as it is safe for your body.

5. Provides Fat-Free

Consequently, cellophane noodles have fat free. Then, it will be good for you who wants to control the body weight. In addition, it is recommended to consume healthy foods in order to have such a balanced diet.

6. Source of Fiber

The next health benefit provided by cellophane noodles is the presence of fiber in it. As the consumption of 100 g, this noodle can provide 0.5 g of fiber, 2% of the daily recommended intake of fiber. At this point, fiber holds the important role in promoting the body health. It is known that fiber nutrient can help to promote the digestive health. Indeed, It will help you to prevent the digestion problems such as constipation and bloating. For the options, you can find the content of fiber nutrient in green leafy vegetables and fruits as well. You can also check on Health Benefits of Fiber

7. Source of Iron

Riched in iron nutrient makes cellophane noodles a good candidate to be such a natural health booster. By consuming 100g of cellophane noodles, then you can get 12% of iron recommended daily value. As a result, iron will help you to promotes the oxygen transports from the lungs to all body cells. Also, iron takes part in promoting enzyme systems as well as providing energy production and metabolism. Not only for that, iron is also a vital mineral for pregnant women or lactating. Such the great benefits, right? You can also check on Health Benefits of Iron

8. Source of Potassium

Not only for that, but cellophane noodles can be good to promote the potassium nutrient. By consuming a serving of cellophane noodles, then you can get 10g of potassium. In fact, Potassium as one of the important minerals plays a role in building the strong muscle. Also, it takes part in promoting the level of blood pressure and enhancing the water balance in the body. Moreover, it can help to maintain the healthy nervous system. Besides, to fulfill the potassium nutrient, you can consume cellophane noodles and other foods such as potato and white beans. You can also check on Health Benefits of Water Chestnut Flour

9. Source of Vitamin B-6

As the consequence, cellophane noodles also has vitamin B-6. If you consume a serving of cellophane noodles, then you can get 5% of vitamin B-6 recommended daily value. It is one of Vitamin B complex vitamins plays a major role in converting the food into energy. It is also helpful to promote the cardiovascular health and boost the immune system. Not only for that, vitamin B-6 in cellophane noodles has shown the positive result in promoting the nervous system. Therefore, to promote your body functions, you can simply try for cellophane noodles for sure.

10. Boosts Energy

As explained before, cellophane noodles have protein in it. Also, it contains 190 calories, which all come from carbohydrates in the form of starch. Moreover, starch is a complex carb, so it becomes a good source of fuel for your body. Then, if you need more energy to do such daily activities, then having cellophane noodles is something that should be taken into account.

Then, here we give you the tips for consuming cellophane noodles.

Tips for Consuming Cellophane Noodles

  • You can buy cellophane noodles at any Asian grocery store. Then, cook them by putting them in boiled water for a few minutes. Drain the noodles and rinse through with plenty of cold water to rinse out the excess starch.
  • At this point, you can have this noodle in soups or dry dishes. Indeed, it can be used for a nice side dish or a casual meal.

To summarize, cellophane noodles are a healthy noodle option for you. It is nutritious and delicious as well. You just have to ensure that you cook them with healthy ingredients including the mushroom, onions, meat, and others as well. Hence, you can get the best health benefits of cellophane noodles for sure.