14 Health Benefits of Galunggong Fish (No.5 Surprising You)

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Having healthy diet is actually should be considered by people nowadays because food is important part to keep healthy body. Right food will be good to maintain normal metabolism and organ function. Healthy food shoud contains nutrients and one of the most important nutrient which is required by the body is protein. Protein is important because its building block of the body and most of the body organ need it. Many foods contains protein including fish.

Galunggong fish is a popular fish in Philippines and it is known as round scad or macjerel scad. This fish is usually smoked and served by pan fried method and eat with rice. Galunggong fish contains lots of nutrients that serve great benefits to our body and even WHO suggested us to eat a single serving of fish everyday especially pregnant and youngster. This is the table of galunggong fish nutrients per 100 gram serving

Nutrient Value
AmountNutrient Value



266 kcal


458 mg


0 mg


3.9 mg


0 mg


70.3 mg

Total Fat

12 g


572 mg

Saturated fat

3.5 g


369 mg

Monounsaturated fat

4.2 g


720 mg

Polyunsaturated fat

3.1 g


1.9 mg

Omega 3

2616 mg


0.3 mg

Omega 6

188 mg


0.1 mg


44.1 g


0.1 mg

Vitamin A

823 IU


71.6 mcg

Vitamin C

1.7 mg

Vitamin B6

0.4 mg

Vitamin D

479 IU


162 mg

Vitamin E

2.0 mg


9.5 mcg

Vitamin K

0.2 mcg

Vitamin B12

13.2 mcg

Health Benefits of Galunggong Fish

The health benefits of fish especially galunggong fish is well documented and promoted in recent years. Fish is food that contain low saturated fat and it is consider as better choice rather than meat or poultry product. Fish including galunggong fish contains many important nutrients that can provides and nourish the body with abundant benefitts. Many researchs have proven that omega 3 and omega 6 in fish may enhance body metabolism and brain performance. Below are some best benefits that brought by galunggong fish

1. Promote healthy heart

galunggong fishHeart is an important organ in our body and eating fish can help to keep healthy heart. Galunggong fish rich in omega 3 and potassium that is required in maintain normal heartbeat. Eating a single serving of fish every week can lower the risk of heart disease. Study has proven that people who eat fish including galunggong fish has 15% lower chance to suffer from heart disease. So if you want to stay healthy and away from the number one killer on earth, dont be hesitated to include fish in your diet.

2. Reduce cholesterol

Omega 3 and omega 6 which contained in galunggong fish can lower the level of low density lipoprotein (LDL) or which known as bad cholesterol and increase the level of high density lipoprotein or HDL. This choleseterol may enter the blood vessel lining and causing atherosklerosis which can enhance the risk of heart disease. To reduce cholesterol level, eat galunggong fish once or twice each week.

3. Enhance brain performance

Fish makes you smarter, just like other types of fish, galunggong fish contains DHA or Docosahexaenoic acid (DHA) and omega 3. DHA is important nutrients which is required in the brain cell development while omega 3 is needed to keep the brain nerve function. Both nutrients also can prevent the brain cell from any damage that caused by certain factors such as aging and free radicals. Some researchs have proven that people who got less DHA and omega 3 tend to have lower brain volume which affect the brain performance as we know that these nutrients are not produced by our body and shoul be derived from food.

4. Delay aging

One of crucial thing that people so aware nowadays is aging. Aging is a sign that our body and organ getting low performance and function. Usually aging will be appeared on the outer parts of the body such as skin. Fish and other seafood as well as galunggong fish contains protein, amino acid and collagen that can help to keep tight and firm skin while the vitamins content can fight the free radicals effect in the body which known as the main cause of aging.

5. Strengthen bones and teeth

Galunggong fiosh contains high level of calcium which is important to keep strong bone mass as well as Vitamin D. The vitamin D content of galunggong fish will enhance the absorption of calcium within the body. It is also contains flouride that can keep teeth enamel from destruction that caused by many factors. We can find the combination of calcium and flouride in tooth paste, we can get it too from the galunggong fish that is included in our food.

6. Prevent cancer

Health Benefits of Galunggong Fish could prevent cancer. Cancer is may become nightmare for most people nowaday since there is no certain cure for cancer, the treatment of cancer is mostly to keep body organ function and enhance the quality of live. Eating fish once or twice a week can help you to stay away from cancer because it contains omega 3, vitamin and mineral that can fight the cancer risk factor that come from free radicals or other toxical substance.

7. Repair damaged tissue

Our body organ can be broken by several mechanism due to toxic or free radicals. Even so, the body has its own self reparation that can replace the broken tissue and cell with the new one. To repair tissue and organ, our body need protein and other nutrient which known as the building block of the body (remember that our body mostly build from protein and amino acid). Galunggong fish contains high level of protein along with other nutrients which can help to repair any damage inside the body.

8. Strengthen immune system

Galunggong fish contains zinc and selenium that can improve the immune cell function and it also protect the body from any damage that caused by free radicals. Some antioxidant content in galunggong fish like vitamin C and copper can help the body to fight against viral or bacterial infection that attack the body. Eating fish regularly can make you stay healthy and protected.

9. Help to maintain normal weight

Galunggong fish contains protein that can be subtitute of red meat or poultry that contains fat and cholesterol. Replacing both types of meat help you to control the calories and the fat that you consume. Protein also help the body to burn more calories so if you want to have a healthy diet in effort to lose weight, eat fish regularly as your protein source.

10. Prevent alzheimer

Alzheimer is a mental illness that usually occur in olderly. This mental illness has become a focus of many researchs in USA for recent years because scientist believed that this illness can be prevented or cure so olderly people will not still can enjoy healthy life without losing their brain function on memory. Some studies reported that eating fish including galunggong fish can improve an area in brain that responsible in keeping memory and ability to thinking which is called grey area. By eating fish wghich contain high omega 3 like galunggong fish, you can improve the grey area and prebent alzheimer.

11. Treat depression

Who know that galunggong fish also can treat stress and depression that used to suffer by modern people due to tight schedule of work or study. Omega 3 that found in galunggong fish is also known can enhance good mood and it acts as antidepressant in the body. Study proven that people who take regular fish intake has lower risk of depression and stress rather than those who don’t eat fish regularly. By other means, fish can make you happy.

12. Reduce the risk of diabetes

Study reported that fish consumption including galunggong fish can reduce the risk of diabetes especially diabetes type 1 that occur because of damaged pancreas cell or low insulin production. Omega 3 in galunggong fish can prevent the body from damaged especially from autoimmune disease that is one of main cause of diabetes. Eating fish regularly once or twice a week can hep you to stay healthy and keep you away from diabetes.

13. Maintain healthy vision

Galunggong fish contains high level of vitamin A that is important nutrient whicg required to keep healthy vision. Study also reported that consumption of regular vitamin A in fish can help to prevent age macular degeneration which occur in olderly and reducing the disease risk by 53%.

14. Promote healthy pregnancy

Health Benefits of Galunggong Fish also very good for pregnant. Pregnancy is a crucial period of human development. During pregnancy, a woman should pay more attention to what they eat. Eating fish especially galunggong can help to promote fetus development inside the womb. Omega 3 and folate content of galunggong fish can enhance brain and organ development as well as prevent the body from several new born disease.

Tips to Consume Galunggong Fish

Galunggog fish is easy to found in market. Make sure you choose good quality of fish before you purchase it. Watch the tips below :

  • Fresh galunggong fish is usually have tight and firm skin with silver shiny colour.
  • Choose fish with bright eyes and beware of frozen fish that have strange smell and soft texture.
  • Wash the fish before you cook it and you can use some lemon or lime juice to get rid of fishy smell
  • Galunggong fish can be stored in fridge for one to two days and longer time if you put it in freezer.
  • You can cook the fish with low heat by steaming, grilling or frying methode. Serve it with some salad or any vegetable you like.

Consuming fish is healthy but remember that some people may have allergic reaction to seafood or fish like galunggong. Pregnant woman also must avoid to eat this fish raw to prevent it from mercury or other toxic exposure.