10 Super Health Benefits of Salted Cod Fish #Unique Taste

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Indonesian people are not, quiet familiar with cod because cod only lived in 4 seasons atlantic oceans. Some of you might be thinking, about how to cook cods without losing its benefits or, how many kinds of dishes can be made from cod. Actually, cod can be cooked in various ways, it is either steam or fry, and you can even try to salting the cod fish with salt. You might also read health benefits of salted fish to understand more about advantages of consuming salted food.

Salted cod fish is cod which has been preserved by drying after the cod is salted. Some of the cod might be dried without the addition of salt, peoples call it with stock fish. Salted cod has become an ingredient of many cuisines around the worlds. Before salted cod can be eaten, it must be rehydrated and desalinated by soaking in cold water for one or three days, changing the water for two or three times a day.

Salted cod is popular as a food, a great alternative for meat protein and adaptable to all methods of cooking. So salted cod fish is healthy in every ways to consume it. To know more about the benefits and cautions of salted cod fish consumption according to its nutrition facts.

Nutrition from eating salted cod fish

Some people might think that salted cod is not as healthy as, or as tasty as the fresh cod s. The answer is flavor. When cod fish is saturated with salt and dried, amino acids, and other chemical compounds, changes occur inside the cod fish. This produce a chewier and milder texture, sweet lingering flavor, and yet still fishy.

Salted cod is an important source of vitamin A, vitamin C, vitamin E and omega 3 fatty acids ( EPA and DHA ). You might also read omega 3 fatty acids health benefits to know more about omega 3 and its benefits for our body, especially for children under 3 years, and teens bone growth. according to the sources, in every cod fish or in each 80 grams salted cod fish contains :

  • 232 calories
  • 2 grams of fat
  • 122 mg cholesterol
  • 5621 mg sodium
  • 82 grams protein
  • 160 mg calcium
  • 5 mg Iron
  • 133 mg magnesium
  • 950 mg phosphorus
  • 1458 mg potassium
  • 59 mg zinc
  • 5 mg vitamin C
  • 268 mg thiamin
  • 24 mg riboflavin
  • 5 mg niacin
  • 864 mg vitamin B-6
  • 84 mg vitamin E
  • 2% vitamin A

And the other substances which is very light in amount such as vitamin D and vitamin K.

Based on the fact salted cod fish has a lot of beneficial substances in it, we should believe that it has many benefits for health. These are the health benefits of salted cod fish :

1. Lowering blood pressure

Salted cod fishes have high amount of omega 3 fatty acids, eicosapentaenic acid (EPA), and docosahexaenoic acid. Combination omega 3 and selenium is a great helps for lowering your blood pressure. Furthermore, salted cod fish prevent heart attack and its disease. That’s similar to Health Benefits of Pangasius Fish

2. Sharpen memory

Some of you might have difficulty in concentrating, and remembering long term or short term memory. The rich omega 3 acids could helps people with abnormal brain function, reduce dementia, improves memory or concentration ability.

3. Healthier skin 

Consuming salted cod fish as a regular diet also benefits for skin. Essential fatty acids in salted cod encourage the skin to be more elastic, smooth, and supple. That’s similar to Benefits of Flax Seeds for Skin and Hair

4. Joint lubrication 

Essential fatty acids and mineral content in salted cod fish provide benefit lubricant for joins. Furthermore it can reduce or prevent arthritis.

5. Sources of vitamins and minerals 

Salted cod fish is loaded with vitamin A, vitamin E and C. This vitamin is beneficial for eyes, repairing muscle, and strengthening body metabolism. That’s similar to Health Benefits of Apollo Fish

6Sources of essential fat

Salted codfish is a good source of healthy fat. EFFA intake ( essential fatty acids) are balanced and enough to help burning bodies fat and to get energize. This essential fat most likely have much more benefits for babies, or children under 3 years. You might like to read health benefits of fish of babies to understand more of omega 3 benefits for babies.

How to Prepare Salted Cod Fish

For your information, salted cod fish can’t be eaten when it is still rigid. Salted cod fish have high amount of sodium and it is bad for health. Salted cod fish might increase your blood pressure if you cook it wrong. Here some advices for cooking salted cod fish: 

First, for cooking salted cod fish, place it, the salted cod fish in a bowl in the sink and fill the bowl with cool water, covering the salted cod fish entirely with water. About an hour later, dump out the water and refill the bowl with fresh water.

Repeat this process for the nest 24 hours, leaving the fish to soak for increase periods of time and making sure you have changed the water at least 3 or 4 times. some people used to soaked it 3 days continuously.

You will notice, as you go through these steps, how the salt will be leaving the fish from its surface and the fish itself. The salted cod fish will absorb some of the water and take on weight.

Secondly, Salted fish often have bones, it is quiet difficult to remove before the salted cod fish soaked in the water. But you can remove the bone after 24 hours, after the salted cod fish soaked in the water and become resilient or soft.

Cautions in Eating Salted Cod Fish

Besides the health benefits of eating salted cod fish  including the other kinds of salted food like health benefit of salted egg, we still need o watch our intake of salted food. One of the cautions we need to pay attention is that any kind of salted food including salted cod fish contains high amount of sodium.

Sodium is effective to increase the blood pressure.Therefore, eating salted cod fish might not be good for those with hypertension. Salted cod fish is usually have to be soaked in repeated bath of cool water for about 24 hours to remove most of the salt. If you have hypertension symptom you should consult your doctor about salted cod fish consumption.