6 Super Health Benefits of Catfish You’ve Never Known

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https://drhealthbenefits.com/food-bevarages/fish/6-very-great-hea…efits-of-catfishThe health benefits of catfish (in Latin name is Clarias) are questionable in your mind. Are benefits of catfish great for your healthiness? What are nutrients that you can get from consume catfish? Yes.. Catfish is a fresh water fish that you can find it in markets. Because there are some health benefits of catfish fish especially for the growth of fetus in pregnant mother and  toddler. Besides that, its price is so affordable.

Contains of Catfish

There are 240 kkal in 100 gram catfish. Its detail : 56% fat, 15% carbohydrate and 30% protein. These are contain of nutrients in 100 gram catfish

  • Chalorie : 240 kkal
  • Fat : 14.53 gr
  • Cholesterol : 69 mg
  • Protein : 17.57 gr
  • Carbohydrate : 8.54 gr
  • Sodium : 398 mg
  • potassium : 326 mg

These are some health benefits of catfish for healthiness that we can get from it.

  1. As Protein Source

Catfish is a fresh water fish which it can become high protein source. Its protein is around 20%. The function of protein in catfish is not only increasing protein that you eat but it can be compliment of good protein in your menu. In protein catfish, there are essential amino acid lysine, methionine, and leucine. Catfish has higher protein than protein in milk and meat.

For you information, Almost 80% fresh water fish contain protein with high lysine and methionine. Leucine is used to help growth child, build up and destruction of muscles. Lysine is used to help growth and herpes treatment. Lysine is needed to become skeleton for niacin, too.

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  1. A lot of Phosphor

Phosphor in catfish reach 168 mg/100 gram. It is proven that phosphor in catfish is higher than phosphor in egg. Egg contains only 100 mg. Phosphor is used for giving strengthen, energy in fat, extract metabolism, become supporter of gum and teeth healthiness, help DNA synthesis and calcium absorption.

Pregnant mother needs a lot of phosphor, because it’s beneficial for growth of fetus bones. If phosphor in pregnant mother is less, fetus will take phosphor from mother. This thing can cause osteoporosis. You may also read symptoms of osteoporosis and how to prevent osteoporosis.

  1. Cardiovascular Healthiness

The comparison of potassium and sodium in catfish reach 24.5 : 1, it is so high. So that, catfish is very good for cardio healthiness and your artery. The term of  food said the best food for heart health, the comparison of potassium and sodium are more than 5 : 1. Potassium has functions such as :

  • Help to control blood pressure
  • As CO2 (Carbon dioxide) cleanser in blood
  • As trigger of ganglion and muscle function
  • If there is high levels, it can launch oxygen consignment to brain
  • Launch balance of mineral levels in your body 
  1. Low Fat

Fat in catfish is a simple fat. It is a neutral triglyceride. Many low fat can be found in stomach, especially in lower part of fish body and fish liver. Besides that, There are complex fat, too. Because of low fat, cholesterol will be pushed indirectly.

  1. A lot of Omega 3

Omega 3 is useful to help growth of brain fetus in pregnant mother. It is also important for growth of eyes vision and baby nerves. You may also read health benefits of John Dory as source omega 3 and health benefits of omega 3 fish oil.

  1. As Short Protein Source

Short protein in catfish make its meat more easy to be processed by your body. Catfish is very safe for digestion system. So if you want to consume meat which it was easy to absorb, catfish can become your first choice.

The health benefits of catfish are very famous for pregnant mother. High source of omega 3 and protein in catfish are nutrients warehouse where was needed pregnant mother and her fetus. Besides that, catfish is very good for preventing cardiovascular disease like heart and it can take care artery very well, too.

Cautions of Eating Catfish Fish

  1. Catfish meat contains mercury. If you consumed catfish too excess, you will get effects of mercury. Of course, it can threaten our healthiness.
  2. Besides the dangerous of mercury, there is bacterial in catfish, too. In this case, catfish live at dirty water where it was contaminated by bacterial. Some effects of consuming catfish are stomachache and diarrhea. So that, you should not eat many catfish. You have to consume it regularly.
  3. Someone who eat catfish can get hyperthyroid. Many farmer of catfish use carcass or animal dirt as catfish foods. If we consume too much catfish, the liquid in thyroid will be increase. Because of that, please eat catfish sufficiently.
  4. Risk heart diseases. The bad cultivation, ways processing or cooking of catfish with trans oil can disturb our healthiness. Bad healthiness will affect heart artery and it can cause heart diseases such as cardiac arrest, coronary and dangerous symptom of heart.

Besides you should consume catfish routine and regularly, there are some solutions to avoid bad effects from catfish. Here they are :

  1. Buy fresh catfish which it was still alive and it was kept well in clean water.
  2. You should cook catfish with good oil.
  3. Consume catfish with another foods that also have nutrients,  like eggs and tempeh.
  4. Do not eat medium rare catfish meat.

Catfish is also good  for your heart healthiness because it is protein source that low fat. Not infrequently, electronic media is showed many ways to processing catfish. So that, it has good economic values. Besides that, it can be menu variations. The species of catfish that sell in market is Clarias Batrachus L species, because it contains a lot of meat.