10 Unpredictable Saury Fish Health Benefits

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saury fishSaury fish is one type of fish that is highly recommended for consumption. Especially for those who are on a healthy diet. This fish is found in deep sea waters. So that very minimal contamination and contain nutrients that are beneficial to the body. This fish is also a kind of healthy oily fish. Usually these fish are packed in canned form. Some of the nutrients present in the health benefits of saury fish are as follows:

Because the nutritional content is very much, then for anyone who consume these fish will get some health benefits, such as:

  1. As anticarcinogenic

Carcinogenic can cause some dangerous diseases such as cancer. However, the content of coenzyme Q10 in saury fish can function as anti-carcinogenic. So it can help eliminate cancer cells. In addition, the high antioxidant content in these fish can reduce some cancer risk. Some types of cancers that can be overcome by these fish are breast cancer, prostate cancer, kidney, and colon

  1. Boost immunity

In addition, saury fish is also very good for boosting one’s immunity. If someone has a good immune system, then the body will always awake his health. Some types of diseases can also be prevented naturally by the body

  1. Good for cardiovascular

Saury fish contains essential fatty acids that can thin the blood and also blood flow. That way chances of the buildup of cholesterol in the blood is very small. Surely this is very good for maintaining heart health. In addition, the essential fats in these fish can also make the blood vessels more elastic

  1. For brain nutrition

As we know, saury fish contains omega 3 high. Omega 3 content is very good for the brain. Even these compounds can prevent the risk of Alzheimer’s disease. It also can prevent depression and dementia

  1. Lowering cholesterol levels

Consuming saury fish on a regular basis is highly recommended by some experts. Because these fish contain omega 3 which is not only beneficial for the brain. However, the content of omega 3 can also lower cholesterol levels in a person. It is very well consumed for those who have a history of high cholesterol

  1. Contains phosphorus

Phosphorus is a nutrient needed by the body to maintain healthy bones and teeth. Therefore, it is very important to consume foods that contain phosphorus. One type of food that contains these nutrients is saury fish. Phosphorus can also be obtained from several types of vegetables and fruits

  1. Increase stamina

Consuming saury fish regularly can also increase stamina. Therefore, these fish contain nutrient-rich so it can increase energy

  1. Beautify the skin

Besides beneficial to overcome various diseases, it turns out saury fish is also highly recommended to be consumed in order to get beautiful skin naturally. This is because saury fish contains high in omega 3 fatty acids that can help keep skin moist. So the skin looks tight and radiant

  1. Healthy teeth

Healthy teeth are strong teeth and no problem. Nutrition needed to get healthy teeth is to consume foods that are high in calcium. One of them is in deep-sea fish species, namely saury fish

  1. Accelerate blood clotting

The last benefit you can get by consuming saury fish is to accelerate blood clotting. Frozen blood is very helpful in the process of wound healing. That way the body will not lose much blood which can lead to other problems.


Although the health benefits of saury fish have many benefits for the body, these fish are not recommended for consumption by pregnant women. Because it is feared will contain mercury which would endanger the health of the fetus. If mercury is consumed by pregnant women, it can cause nerve damage to the fetus and disrupt the developmental system.