10 Amazing Health Benefits of Red Leicester Cheese

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Every body love cheese, every body mad about cheese! This statement is not a rumor, but more closely to fact. Perhaps it is difficult to find out any type of western dish contain no cheese. Including red Leicester cheese. One kind of cheese that so cheesy, delicious, perfect salty and suit in any dishes. Furthermore, there are some health benefits of red leicester cheese that many people might not realize on it.

The cheese is similar with original cheddar cheese. Except that it has reddish orange color and more melty. It is originally comes from UK. Made in 18th century by traditional Leicester people. Therefore, it is famous with its name which suit with its original and color.

The cheese made from cows milk and pasteurize in traditional way colored with anato. The texture is more crumble compare with ordinary cheddar cheese. It is good to consume after 3 to 12 months. The taste is salty but with slight seewt and so moisture and creamy too. Nowadays, it is not difficult to find this kind of cheese in the market. Most of supermarket sell it and it can found around the world.

Nutritional Value of Red Leicester Cheese

Each 100gr of this cheese have common nutritional value as below:

  • Energy 410kcal
  • Fat 33.8gr
  • Saturated fat 21.2gr
  • Carbohydrates 2.1gr
  • Sugar 0.1gr
  • Salt 1.7gr
  • Calcium 716.4mg

More over it also contain vitamins such as vitamin C, vitamin B6, vitamin B12, vitamin A, vitamin D, vitamin E and vitamin K. Other vitamins such as thiamin, riboflavin and niacin. It also provides certain vital minerals such as sodium, zinc, phosphorus, potassium and iron.

Taking look at above nutrients value, no wonder if the cheese are beneficial for the body. Therefore, people love to include it in their daily dish. For those who really concern about the benefit, look at several health benefits of red leicester cheese below:

1. Source of Calcium

Cheese is well known as a top source of calcium. This is the same health benefits of american cheese that high contain of calcium. Therefore, it is good to boost the lack of calcium in the body.

2. Maintain Strength Bone

The calcium is good to maintain the bone. It helps to strength the bone and avoid the possibility of osteoporosis. Therefore, it is good for elderly to avoid the bone fractures. Furthermore, it’s also good for bone development in children. The vitamin and mineral will nutrient the bone and maintain a healthy bone.

3. Maintain Healthy Teeth

It’s also good to maintain the teeth. Calcium inside the cheese will give extra protection to teeth enamel. Therefore, it is not easy to get toothache. This is the same benefits of brushing teeth with castile soap.

4. Improves Energy

Another health benefits of red leicester cheese is to improves the energy level. Since it contains high level of calories, therefore, it is good to instantly increase energy.

5. Prevents Hypertension

Cheese also good to prevents hypertension. It controls the blood pressure and avoid high blood pressure. This is the same benefits of magnetic bracelets for blood pressure control that can maintain a health lower blood pressure.

6. Maintain Artery

Another benefit to the health is to maintain the arteries. It helps to optimize the blood circulation inside the artery so that the body can avoid cardiovascular diseases. Therefore, it is good to avoid heart attack or stroke.

7. Brain Function

The protein inside the cheese is good to improve the brain function. Therefore, consuming red cheese daily for the children will optimize the brain nerve. This is the same health benefits of beets for the brain.

8. Maintain Muscle

Another health benefit of red leichester cheese is to maintain the muscle. This is due to the calcium and protein help to develop the muscle and avoid the fat absorbed. Therefore, it help to shape a lean body to be proper.

9. Immune Booster

The vitamin inside the cheese is a good immune booster. Therefore, it can help to avoid any diseases in attacking the body. This is the same health benefits of mangosteen food supplements. Which can effectively bring a fast cure to sickness.

10. Improve Digestion

The cheese is good for digestion too. It maintains a healthy intestine movement which lead to a better peristaltic and digestive system. Therefore, it can avoid bacteria inside stomach and good for weight loss too. 

Recommended Intake of Red Leicester Cheese

There are many ways to gain the health benefits of red leicester cheese. Most of the people usually add the cheese as a topping to their dish. Below are several common dish that serve using the cheese:

  • Spaghetti, it is common to add some sprinkle cheese over the delicious spaghetti bolognaise.
  • Salad, it usually sprinkle over the green salad to add more salty delicious flavor.
  • Pizza, most of the pizza age a good soulmate with cheese. Therefore, any kind of pizza, whether meat or tuna pizza is best to deal with some cheese on it.
  • Bread, a cheese bread is favorite to anyone.
  • Omelet, is also suit to combine with some pepperoni and cheese.
  • Steak, in some country they serve steak with cheese on top of it.

Side Effects of Red Leicester Cheese

Cheese is not only benefit the body, it also has numerous side effects to some people. Therefore, pay attention to below points when decide to consuming cheese. Since below side effects are common to happen:

  1. Most common reaction is allergic. Such as redness, itchiness, swollen mouth or even upset stomach. Therefore, people with allergic reaction too dairies shall avoid to consume cheese.
  2. Due to the high calories, over consume can lead to obesity. Therefore, do not eat the cheese too many and serve in proportional portion only.

Red leicester cheese is not only delicious but also healthy to consume. But some people shall aware to the side effects. Make sure to consume it in proper amount. Any food that over consume might lead to unhealthy body.