9 Health Benefits of John Dory – Excellent Source of Omega 3

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Who is John Dory? Well, the right question is what is John Dory? If you are not so into fish world and then you should learn more about John Dory, a type of fish with a lot of benefits for human health. This fish is considered to be one of the expensive fish in the US fish market but quite common in Australia and New Zealand, since this fish is originated from there.

What is John Dory?

John Dory is also well known as Peter’s Fish or St. Pierre Fish with scientific name Zeus faber from genus Zeus. There are a lot of speculation about the origin of the name of John Dory but whatever it is John Dory is one of the fish that at least you should know about its health benefits. It is probably not common to enjoy all the health benefits of John Dory in regular basis because as mentioned above, this fish is quite expensive and not common in Western fish market. However, it doesn’t mean that you don’t need to know about the health benefits of John Dory.

Nutritional Value of John Dory

Just like any other fish, John Dory is super rich of Omega 3 and packed with nutrients including healthy fat but low in saturated fat. However, you should be careful with the calories content in this fish though of course with the right food combination you could at least deal with it. To find out more about the health benefits of John Dory, the list is as below:

  1. John Dory is Great for Babies

Well, babies required all the nutrients in order to optimize their developments especially brain and nerve system. John Dory contains omega 3 fatty acids in quite high amount and one of the omega 3 fatty acids health benefits is for optimizing the brain development in fetus, babies and children.

  1. John Dory Could Improve Intelligence

As mentioned in the point number one, if you could optimize the brain development since the baby is still in the womb, the possibility of the baby born with better intelligence compared to those who are not getting enough omega 3 is higher. That’s why there are a lot of fish oil based vitamins for children because one of the benefits of fish oils is to optimize brain development to make children smarter.

  1. John Dory Could Reduce the Risk of Baby Born with Birth Defect

One of the reasons why there are some babies are not lucky enough to born normally because their development is disturbed. Omega 3 and some minerals found in John Dory could optimize the development and at the same time reduce the risk of baby born with birth defect.

  1. John Dory Contains Anti-Inflammation

There are a lot of diseases that caused by inflammation and John Dory contains quite high amount of anti-inflammation properties that could help you reducing the risk of diseases caused by inflammation.

  1. John Dory Is Great for Skin

Surely you have been familiar with the fact that fish oil is not only great for babies but also could help maintaining your skin to be as soft as the babies’ skin. The benefits of fish oil for skin is not a myth but already proven scientifically because fish oil contains some minerals that are actually great for skin by protecting it from cells damage and promoting cells regeneration to keep your skin healthy, firm and young. Furthermore not only for skin, some studies also stated the benefits of fish oil for hair loss.

  1. John Dory is Promoting Healthy Eyes

Omega 3 fatty acid is excellent to fight diseases caused by cells degenerations. One of the conditions that common to happen especially suffered by old people caused by macular degeneration is the decreasing of vision. Taking John Dory may help promoting eye health and reduce the risk of blindness in old ages.

  1. John Dory for Healthy Heart

It is not just an opinion but John Dory which is packed with vitamins, minerals and omega 3 fatty acid is great for heart. Well, all types of fish is great for heart but to get all the health benefits of John Dory you should consume them in moderate amount only because cholesterol in fish could cause problems as well if you are not careful.

  1. John Dory Promotes Healthy Digestion

Who said that seafood is bad for your digestion? Well, fish like John Dory contains specific compounds that have been proven to be effective in improving digestion and reducing the risk of some stomach problems such as constipation by improving the bowel movement and optimizing the nutrient absorption. This condition will lead to healthier body metabolism.

  1. John Dory Is Also Great for Muscle

Just like any other fish, John Dory is a great source of protein. If you are currently in bodybuilding program, adding John Dory or at least fish to your diet is highly recommended because fish is low in fat but high in calories and protein. You need calories to burn while protein will contribute in the muscle formation.

Cautions of John Dory

John Dory is probably common to be found in Australia fish market or some Asia regions but not in Western market such as US and Europe. Some cautions below are important for you to know:

  • There are rumors that said, since John Dory is commonly sold in the form of fillet, is easy for sellers to scam it by replacing with other type of fish, mostly catfish, so don’t fall with the cheap price of John Dory.
  • Since John Dory is ocean fish, you should be aware of the possibility of the fish is contaminated with mercury.
  • Just like any other fish, John Dory also contains quite high cholesterol that should be avoided by those who already have problems with their cholesterol level.

Fish is one of the excellent sources of omega 3, vitamins, minerals, protein and so on. That is why is important for you to at least adding fish to your diet regularly because the health benefits of omega 3 fish oil are something you cannot replace by eating anything else. As mentioned above, the health benefits of John Dory fish is great for children who are currently in developing stage to optimize their development not only physically but also mentally, especially brain.