6 Unknown Health Benefits of Abiu Fruit #Nutrients Sources

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Health benefit of abiu fruitThis name fruit is Abiu. Its Latin name is Pouteria caimito. This fruit is famous enough in Indonesia. Its taste is not like common fruit but it is rather weird. If you are looking from its shape and tree, It is look-like sawo. Abiu’s leaf is oval with pointy. Its size is around 10 until 20 cm and its wide is around 3 until 6 cm. Abiu has individual flowers. But sometimes, its flower grow as group. The color of abiu flower is green white. Abiu flower has height around 4 until 8 mm. This plant has white red latex, too. Abiu fruit is oval or sphere shaped with height around 6 until 12 cm ad its weight is around 150 until 500 gr. But Abiu has a little difference with sawo. Abiu can grow until 35 meters.

About Abiu Fruit

In Australia, there are many cultivations of abiu fruit. So that, it is well-known as Australian Sawo, although this plant comes from Amazon, Peru and Brazil. This fruit can grow well in tropical and subtropical climates. It starts from lowland to highland. If Abiu was compared with another Sapotaceae family, Abiu is faster produce its fruit. We just wait in two years and it will start to blooming. In two months, the flower grows as green fruit. Then, it will become light yellow or abiu has been riped. Abiu can be picked up directly because it does not have stalk.  So that, we do not need scissors or another slicers.

Contain of Abiu Fruit

There are many health benefits of abiu fruit because it has many nutrients. The nutrients are vitamin A, vitamin B, vitamin C, calorie, and fiber. So that, You should consume it for take care our healthinesss. For more detail, Let’s check out the table nutrients of abiu fruit below:

  • Calorie : 95 kal
  • Water : 74.1 gr
  • Fiber : 30 gr
  • Protein : 2.1 gr
  • Iron : 1.8 mg
  • Vitamin B : 0.2 mg
  • Vitamin B2 : 0.2 mg
  • Fat : 1.1 gr
  • Calcium : 96.0 mg

For more detail, This article will explain about health benefits of Abiu fruit for our healthiness. Here they are :

  1. Take Care Eyes Healthiness

Vitamin A in abiu fruit is an important nutrient. It helps us to take care and protect eyes health. Vitamin A can increase eyes vision and prevent eyes from cataract. You should read benefits of vitamin A for eyes vision and benefits of vitamin A during pregnancy.

  1. Make Disgusting System fluently

Abiu fruit has a lot of fiber. Its fiber can launch digestion system. So that, you will not get constipation. Besides that, Fiber also help to make disgusting organs like stomach and intestines healthy. Because of fiber in Abiu fruit, your disgusting will be more fluently and you will not get intestines cancer.

  1. Solve The Symptoms of Respiratory System

If you consume abiu fruit regularly, it will help you to solve the symptoms of respiratory system like bronchitis (inflammation in bronchus). Abiu fruit can ease cough, respiratory and another lungs symptoms. You may also read health benefits of gecko and health benefits of eating quail meat

  1. As Anti Free Radicals

Vitamin E can help to prevent our body from bad free radicals. Commonly, free radicals contain carcinogenic substance. That substance can cause cancers.

  1. Cure worm disease and solve abscess

Besides its fruit, the latex of abiu is very useful, too. It can help to solve worm disease. It can be use as laxative and it can cure abscess in our body.

  1. Help to increase immunity system

As we know, We have to complete necessity of vitamin c because it can increase immune system. Abiu fruit contain vitamin C that it is good for us. So we have to consume it regularly. Vitamin C can help to increase immune system. So that, we do not get many diseases. But it will make our body more fit and healthy.


Cautions of Abiu fruit

Here are the cautions of Abiu Fruit:

  1. Abiu fruit is dangerous for diabetes sufferer.

Sugar in abiu fruit can give bad effect for diabetes sufferer. They are not recommended to consume fruits with high sugar content, such as durian, banana, mango, pineapple, sour and abiu fruit, too. High sugar content can make diabetes sufferer in dangerous condition. They can get heart disease, damage nerves, blind and died. You may also read Types of diabetes and list of medicinal plant for diabetes.

  1. It is not fit for kid under 1 years old

The baby who start to eat weaning foods is not recommended to consume sweet fruits. Because it can cause this kid just want to eat sweet foods. And they want not to eat vegetables that have bland taste. So that, You should greet another fruits such as apple, pear, etc.

If we looked more deep about Abiu fruit, abiu has transparent, sweet and fresh pulp. Some people said its pulp is similar to coconut. We can cut it horizontal or longitudinal. Because of its pulp is so soft like jelly, we can eat it with spoon. Besides we can eat it directly, abiu pulp can be processed as mix foodstuff. One of abiu food is Abiu Carambola Ckicken Breast (Chicken breast is cooked with starfruit and abiu juice). We can become abiu as assorted in Beefburger and another foods. Or you can consume it according to your taste.