10 Impressive Health Benefits of Yacon Tea You Didn’t Know

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Some of us might know about yacon for its roots. Yacon root is widely consumed to substitute potatoes in South America. Yacon root is also known to have many health benefits for health. Other than the root, yacon leaves are also beneficial for health as it can be extracted into syrup.

Or else, we can obtain the health benefits of yacon tea from the leaves. Talking about yacon, the plant is actually a perennial plant originated from Central America. At the period of Inca, people had employed the health benefits of yacon tea for both consumption and medicinal plant.

And now, the health benefits of yacon tea have spread around the world, especially in Japan, United State, and Europe. Yacon tea comes from dried and fermented yacon leaves. Yacon leaves are the hastate, deltoid, with lateral wings of 33 cm long and 22 cm wide.

The Health Benefits of Yacon Tea

Here are the health benefits of yacon tea we can obtain from a moderate and regular consumption of the herbal tea:

  1. Prevent diabetes

The health benefits of yacon tea, especially for diabetes is what people looked after recently. Yacon leaves which brewed into tea is able to perform a similar role as insulin. People even mention the leaves as natural insulin. Insulin in the body prevents the fluctuation of blood sugar which leads to diabetes.

The tea also makes sure the metabolism within the body run properly so that the sugar intake can be quickly converted into energy. This benefit is similar with the other benefits of tea, as the Health Benefits of Ti Kuan Yin Tea.

  1. Control blood pressure

Yacon tea is also able to support the normal blood pressure. It is possible since the tea enable the body to have proper blood clotting. Further, the blood circulation will run well and we can avoid the high blood pressure or hypertension. The ability in controlling blood pressure is also contributed by the content of potassium. Yacon tea contains a good amount of potassium which is able to loosen the blood vessel and let the normal blood circulation.

  1. Nourish liver

Liver has a strict relation with glucose. Therefore, the ability of yacon tea to regulate blood sugar somehow affects the liver health. A research proved that the moderate consumption of yacon tea enable the liver to get rid of the excessive fat and cholesterol. Therefore, the liver will maintain its health and function.

  1. Control cholesterol

The regular consumption of yacon tea is able to control the cholesterol level. It is effective in reducing the lipid levels and further, prevents the accumulation of bad cholesterol. The controlled cholesterol level will also prevent you from heart diseases such coronary heart disease. 

  1. Support bone health

Yacon product including syrup and tea are known to contain good amount of mineral. One of the mineral lies in the yacon tea is phosphorus. Phosphorus is very good in supporting the health of bones as it maintains bone density. The proper bone density will avoid you from experiencing bone disorder such osteoporosis.

  1. Maintain cardiovascular health

The abundant antioxidant from the phenol compounds of yacon leaves is able to prevent cardiovascular diseases such athelosclerosis, stroke, and heart attack. The health benefits of yacon tea for cardiovascular health are also contributed by the presence of potassium in the leaves.

Therefore, the consumption of yacon tea is able to effectively maintain the cardiovascular health. To have the more effective impact, it is better for the patient to do some exercise such walking or running which are very good for cardiovascular health. In addition, we can also obtain the other Health Benefits of Walking 60 Minutes A Day and Benefits of Running for Cardiovascular Health.

  1. Lose weight

the health benefits of yacon tea to lose weight is almost the same with the health benefits of green tea and the other tea which provide sufficient dietary fiber and inhibit the excessive fat absorption. So, your regular consumption of the tea will efficiently trim your waistline. Luckily, the yacon tea bag is now available on store, you can have the benefits as easy as getting the Health Benefits of Lipton Diet Green Tea for Weight Loss.

  1. Help digestion

A certain research mentioned that consumption of yacon tea is good for the beneficial bacteria, as it promotes the growth of beneficial micro biotic within the digestive track. By the presence of beneficial bacteria, we are able to avoid some digestive problems such constipation, diarrhea, or bloating.

  1. Relaxing effect

Yacon tea is also known to contain antioxidant along with caffeine. Thus, the consumption of yacon tea is actually able to keep you relax between your hectic week days. It can also be taken prior to the bed time to improve the sleep quality. 

  1. Prevent cancer

Both yacon tubes and leaves have excellent anti inflammatory property. The ability of the tea to reduce inflammatory is also beneficial as it inhibit the growth of cancer cell. The growth of cancer cell is always come along the inflammation process. Yacon tea is good to prevent some types of cancer, especially colon cancer, and the other digestive related cancer.

Recommendation in Consuming Yacon Tea

If you’re thinking about consuming yacon tea, you don’t have to worry about how turning the leaves into ready-brewed tea. We can easily fetch some yacon tea from some herbal store. It is available in the wrinkled leaves tea, tea bag, or tea powder. You can choose whatever you like. But if you like to use the powder, you can also pour the yacon tea powder into your smoothie or your favorite meals.

To add some playful taste into the mildly sweetness of yacon tea, you can add acai berry juice or powder. The addition will not only boost the flavor, but also give you’re Health Benefits of Acai Berry. Although we mean to obtain the health benefits of yacon tea for medicinal purpose of diabetes, we should make the consumption moderate.

A research found that long term excessive consumption may cause kidney damage. Therefore, the recommended intake of the yacon tea is two or three cups in a day with 250 ml for each cup.