10 Science-Backed Health Benefits of Ti Kuan Yin Tea

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Ti kuan yin is one of the finest oolong teas from China. The tea is also known as iron goddess of mercy or iron Buddha tea. The nicknames come from a legend when a tea farmer was always put the tea in front of the iron Buddha statues an offering.

But one day, he dreamed that Buddha showed him a tea tree which appeared between two rocks. In the morning, he found a tea tree just like he was dreamt about. He took the tree and grew the tea tree around his home.

The tea later is known as the ti kuan yin tea or iron Buddha tea. The premium quality comes from the superiority of the leaves which are harvested by hand from very high altitude tea orchard in China. The leaves are curled and twisted after they are being dried under the strong sun and well oxidized.

In this article, we are going to talk about ti kuan yin tea along with the health benefits of ti kuan yin tea.  The flowery aromatic leaves are known to have health benefits for cancer, skin, and the overall body health.

Nutritional Information of Ti Kuan Yin Tea

The health benefits of ti kuan yin tea come from the nutrition value from the tea leaves. Here is the nutritional information of each tea bag of ti kuan yin tea:

Calories 4.210

  • total fat 200 g
  • cholesterol 487 mg
  • sodium 2.621 mg
  • potassium 1.503 mg
  • total carbohydrate 368 g
  • dietary fiber 30 g
  • sugars 16 g
  • protein 233 g
  • vitamin A 161 %
  • vitamin C 14 %
  • calcium 439 %
  • iron 119 %

The Health Benefits of Ti Kuan Yin Tea

There are ten health benefits as the top health benefits of ti kuan yin tea. Besides, there many more health benefits of this semi fermented tea from china. Here are the top health benefits of the tea you didn’t know:

  1. Improve skin health

One of the well known health benefits of any tea is the good amount of anti oxidant which is very good for skin. For example, we have known the Benefits of Drinking Green Tea for Skin Whitening or the Benefits of Green Tea Mask For Face.

The same way also happened in ti kuan yin as the tea also performs health benefits for skin. The polyphenols from the tea is able to relieve any skin problem. A certain research in Japan showed that patients with eczema experienced beneficial effect within a week after drinking cups of ti kuan yin tea three times a day after meal. And further, the treatment showed a significant effect after six month as the patients had the long lasting health benefits of ti kuan yin tea for skin health. 

  1. Lose weight

Oolong tea such ti kuan yin tea is able to increase metabolism. Therefore, we can have the optimum energy from anything we eat after the metabolism. In addition, ti kuan yin tea is enriched with flavanoids which inhibit fat absorption.

Therefore, we will not easily gain weight because the fat from starches cannot be easily absorbed. And once it is absorbed, it will be converted into energy. This benefit can also be gained from the other kinds of tea, such Health Benefits Of Green Tea And Cranberry Mixture or Health Benefits of Drinking Green Tea on An Empty Stomach for Weight Loss.

  1. Energizing

Besides the health benefits of ti kuan yin tea to energize our body by quickly convert fat into energy, it also contains light caffeine. As we know, caffeine is able to boost energy just as we obtain Health Benefits of Arabica Coffee as energizer. Not only the improved energy, regular ti kuan yin consumer will also improve mental performance.

Therefore, you can also substitute your caffeine needs to trigger your energy from sugary coffee with the healthier ti kuan yin tea. Or else, we can also employ the tea as the workout drink as it provided extra energy when it is taken prior to the exercise time. 

  1. Strengthen bones

Ti kuan yin tea is rich of beneficial components to strengthen bones. It has flavonoids which is beneficial for bone mineral density. The tea also enriched with fluoride which is essential to maintain bone density. Therefore, consuming ti kuan yin tea regularly will help you to strengthen bone and further, prevent early osteoporosis.

  1. Relaxing

A certain research in Japanese found that this semi fermented ti kuan yin is able to give relaxing effect. A research in 2008 even proved that the effect of ti kuan yin tea in relaxing our mind is greater than common placebo. Further, the regular consumption of ti kuan yin tea is able to relieve stress, improve sleep quality, and also improve concentration.

  1. Aid digestion

Japanese and Chinese people are accustomed to drink ti kuan yin tea after meal to prevent any effect of digestive disorder. Especially when they eat some oily and greasy food, ti kuan yin tea help them eliminate the greasiness and prevent vomiting.

The antioxidant in ti kuan yin tea is also able to shield the intestines wall from free radicals, in which the tea gives protection toward some digestive diseases. The benefit is also well-known as one of the Health Benefits of Oolong Tea.

  1. Eliminate Candida albicans

Candida albicans are the bacteria which grow within the digestive track. However, the overgrowing Candida albicans may result some problems. In this case, oolong tea including ti kuan yin tea is able to eliminate the Candida albicans which contributed by the catechins from tea as antibacterial and antifungal property.

This way, consuming ti kuan yin tea is able to prevent infections of oral cavities, intestines, and even vagina. This health benefit of ti kuan yin tea is in line with the result of a research from USDA (United States Department of Agriculture) in 2006.

  1. Prevent cancer

The high level of polyphenol in tea is effective to prevent cancer. However, the polyphenol as antioxidant in ti kuan yin tea is over the top among the other kinds of tea. This kind of tea has been proved to be able in reducing esophageal cancer year by year. In addition of the polyhenol, it also contains vitamin C and vitamin E which have a great role in preventing and treating cancer.

  1. Control diabetes

Diabetes is the diseases caused by the abnormal metabolism of sugar. As we know, tea is very good in improving metabolism. Therefore, the regular consumption of ti kuan yin tea is also able to improve sugar metabolism into energy and significantly prevent the fluctuation of blood sugar. Diabetes can also occur when we lack of vitamin B1, pantothenic acid, phosphoric acid, methyl salicilate.

In this case, ti kuan yin tea is able to provide us with the sufficient value of the component mentioned before. 

  1. Sober up drink

Besides the health benefits to prevent and treat many diseases, ti kuan yin tea is also able to sober you up from alcohol. In addition, the phenol acids are also able to neutralize nicotine from tobacco.

Thus, drinking ti kuan yin tea is able to effectively flush toxins from alcohol and nicotine as the tea is able to improve metabolism and blood circulation while quicken the detoxification through urine and sweat excretion.

Recommendation in Consuming Ti Kuan Yin Tea

It is essential to have your ti kuan yin tea perfectly brewed. It is to enable the brewing in providing optimum health benefits of ti kuan yin tea. Thus, first thing you should prepare is filling a half of cup with boiling water. After that, pour two teaspoon of ti kuan yin tea into the cup.

After that, add another half of water and put a lid onto the cup. Steep the tea for about five minutes to let the tea perfectly brewed. About how much tea you should take to take the health benefits of ti kuan yin tea, it is better for you to have two or three cups of tea in a day. The excessive long-term consumption may cause some side effect such kidney stones. However, it is important to keep the moderate consumption of the tea.