10 Promising Health Benefits of Zaatar Tea #8 Amazing

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Zaatar is one of the spice that original comes from Middle East. But it is an interesting fact that the zaatar plant is mostly growth in Jerusalem.

Making it as one of the ancient herbs that known not only for its long existence. But also there are some health benefits of zaatar tea extracted from the plant. Therefore, this herbs are start to be popular nowadays.

Nutritional Value of Zaatar Tea 

The tea commonly contain vitamins and mineral needed by the body. In overall, a cup of zaatar tea can contain 90 calories and small amount of protein. It is also a good source of Vitamin E, Thiamin, Magnesium, Zinc, Copper, Dietary Fiber, Vitamin A, Vitamin C, Vitamin K, Folate, Calcium, Iron and Manganese.

Below are the health benefits of zaatar tea:

1. Soothe Inflammation

The tea is a good anti bacteria and anti inflammation. Therefore, it can soothe pain as inflammation effect. Mainly in joint paint or arthritis. It can reduce the swollen and avoid further bacteria infection in the inflame area. This is the same health benefits of bok choy.

2. Recover Chronic Diseases

The health benefits of zaatar tea including to soothe the effect of dangerous diseases such as cancer. It can eliminate the cancer cell by cut off the nutrition of the cancer and replace with a new good cell. Therefore, it is a good option to recover the body from serious illness.

3. Anti Oxidant

Most of the tea is a good anti oxidant. Including this tea that can help to eliminate the free radical effects. Therefore, it can help to bring a younger appearance to the body. This is the same health benefits of starfruit.

4. Maintain Respiratory

Drinking the tea can help with breathe. Therefore, it is good for asthma to maintain the respiratory system from any breathe difficulties. Furthermore, it improved the breathe system and clean the lungs.

5. Mood Booster

A cup of tea is commonly bring relaxation effects. Therefore, consuming zaatar tea also help to improve the mood and bring calmness. Furthermore, it help to avoid stressing mind and relief the nerve tension. This is the same health benefits of damiana tea.

6. Avoid Insomnia

Due to relaxation effect and calmness effect, the tea is good to avoid insomnia. Therefore, it can improved a better sleep and bring an enough rest at night. By good sleeping, the body will recover fast from any diseases. Hence, the health can always well maintained.

7. Improved Cognition

The tea also can improved the brain nerve is optimizing cognition function. Therefore, it will help to improve the brain and avoid dementia in elderly. Furthermore, it good to develop memory in the children. This is the same benefits of playing bingo for the elderly.

8. Healthy Skin

The tea also rich in vitamin that benefit to keep the skin smooth and silky. Furthermore, it helps to avoid skin diseases such as acne inflammation or eczema. Therefore, it can soothe the skin inflammation and maintain a healthy skin. It also reduce the wrinkles appearance and any similar early aging effects.

9. Avoid Cardiovascular Disease

Another health benefits of zaatar tea is to optimize the blood circulation. Therefore, it’s good to manage the cholesterol level in the blood and avoid any cardiovascular diseases such as heart attacks or stroke. Furthermore, it will maintain the arteries to avoid any blood cod which can bring cardiovascular diseases. This is the same benefits of running for cardiovascular health.

10. Improved Metabolism

Daily consume of this tea can optimized and balance the hormones. Therefore, it can optimized the body metabolism system too. It can effectively convert the food into energy and help with maximum nutrient absorption to the body.

Recommended Intake of Zaatar Tea

To get the health benefits of zaatar tea, it is good to consume the tea once in a day. The tea can easily get as an instant tea in the market. Otherwise, follow below step to create a homemade tea:

  1. Get some zaatar spices.
  2. Boil some water in a pan.
  3. Put zaatar spices in a glass.
  4. Pour the boiling water over the spice and wait up to several minutes.
  5. If the water colour startsto change into light browns, strain the spices into another cup.
  6. Give some honey or ginger or lemon for additional flavor.
  7. Serve the tea in the morning or in the afternoon together with a slice of bread or cookies.
  8. Enjoy the moment!

Side Effects of Zaatar Tea

The same way as many beverages in other forms, the zaatar tea might also bring some side effects. It might not happen in every one, but however, it is recommended to take attention of below points when consuming the tea daily:

  1. Avoid the tea if have allergically effects after consume it. Such as redness, itchiness, swollen mouth or swollen face, nausea or even sickness.
  2. It might lead to misscarriage. Therefore, pregnan woman suggested to avoid consuming the tea during pregnancy.
  3. Avoid consume too many sugar when drinking this tea. Since, it can lead to diabetic.
  4. Take a normal portion due to over consuming the tea might lead to diarrhea or any upset stomach condition.
  5. Be carefull of consuming this tea to patient of high blood pressure due to the possibility of dropped blood pressure after consuming the tea.
  6. Too many tea can bring spot in the teeth. Therefore, consume it as necessary and always brush the teeth after drinking it.
  7. Avoid drinking the tea together with any medical prescription. Since it can eliminate the medicine effectiveness. Otherwise, it can produce reaction.

Not many people might heard about zaatar tea benefit for the health. But for sure it is known since the past that it can be benefit the body. Therefore, try to have a cup of zaatar tea and feel the health difference. It shall be worth to try.