10 Super Health Benefits of Arrowroot Tea and Recommendation

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Some people might not familiar with arrowroot tea. It is commonly called as kudzu tea. This tea is a traditional Japanese and Korean tea. The tea made from East Asian arrowroot. Not only freshness, but there are some health benefits of arrowroot tea. Therefore, several people looking at this and even try to cultivate it.

One of the most common uses of arrowroot tea is as a healthy beverages. It is also good for infants and known to have no side effects to the children. Today many people try to make a homemade arrowroot tea. It is not an easy way but it is also not difficult. The steps to extract the tea will be explained further in this article.

Arrowroot actually is a type of starch that obtained from the roots of numerous rhizomes. This high nutrient starch has been known for thousand years. It is famous to the capability of herbal alternative medicine.

Nutrition Value of Arrowroot Tea

1 cup of arrowroot tea (120gr) contain below nutrient:

  • Energy 78 kcal
  • Protein 5.9gr
  • Carbohydrate 16.07gr
  • Dietary Fibre 1.6gr
  • Calcium 7 mg
  • Iron 2.66 mg
  • Magnesium 30 mg
  • Phosphorus 118 mg
  • Potassium 545 mg
  • Sodium 31 mg
  • Zinc 0.76 mg
  • Copper 0.145 mg
  • Thiamin (Vitamin B1) 0.172 mg
  • Riboflavin (Vitamin B2)0.071 mg
  • Pyridoxine (Vitamin B6) 0.319 mg

Below are the health benefits of arrowroot tea:

1. Aids Digestive System

The extract tea can be beneficial for the digestive system. It helps to optimize the digestive in digest the food. Therefore, it will help to absorb important nutrients to the body.

2. Increase Blood Circulation

The tea can help to improve the blood circulation to the entire body. This will make the suplai oxygen into the whole body can be manage very well. Hence, the nervous system will running well and the energy of the body can be maintained.

3. Boosts Immune Function

Arrowroot tea contain high of vitamins which can help to boost the immune system. This will help people who consume the tea can avoid various dangerous system. Therefore, it will help to maintain the body health and optimize the immune system. This is the same health benefits of mangosteen tea which also able to boots the immune system of the body.

4. Metabolic Processes

The tea is good for body metabolism. It help to optimize the metabolism. Therefore, it is good to increase the energy. This is the same health benefits arugula for a better body metabolic system. Furthermore, it control the body metabolism to optimize the energy converting from food into energy.

5. Heart Health

Consuming the tea daily will help to reduce the heart health possibility. It help to maintain the cardiovascular system. Therefore, it is good to maintain a healthy heart. Furthermore, it will help to avoid the heart attacks.

6. Weight Loss Concerns

Another health benefits of arrowroot tea is to help with weight reduction. Therefore, many woman include this tea for their diet menu. By consuming the tea, it will help to flush out the body fat and absorb mineral and vitamin for the body muscle. This is the same health benefits of eating curry leaves for weight loss, which able to help with fast weight increment.

7. Treats Urinary Tract Infection

The extracted tea believe can help as an anti inflammatory. Therefore, it is good to consume during any inflammation. Including inflammation due to urinary tract infection. It helps to kill bacteria. Furthermore, it bring a faster relieve from the symptoms.

8. Stomach Concerns

In some people the tea can be benefit for any stomach concerns such as heartburn or other digestive diseases. Therefore, consuming the extracted tea will help to reduce the possibility of stomach disease. Furthermore, it will soothe the ache feeling in abdominal and treats with stomach pain.

9. Growth and Development

Another health benefits of arrowroot tea is to support body growth and development. Therefore, it is suitable to consume by the children. It contain minerals and nutrition to children body development. Hence, it is a preference tea for a better growth among children.

10. Maintain Healthy Skin

The tea contain vitamin which help to moisture the skin. Therefore, it helps to maintain a healthy skin. Furthermore, it will benefit to avoid skin diseases. Including rash or acne. The anti inflammatory capability will bring fast relieve in soothe the skin problems. Furthermore, it beneficial to produce a silky and smooth skin. This is the same benefits of goji berry in skincare that able to maintain the skin soft and healthy.

Recommended Intake of Arrowroot Tea

Below is some step by step way to sieve the homemade arrowroot tea:

  1. Get some pieces of arrowroot from the fresh market.
  2. Cut it into pieces and put in a pan.
  3. Add some water to the pan and boil up the water together with the arrowroot pieces.
  4. Wait until the color change into tea color.
  5. Put a strain in the mug and pour out the boiling tea.
  6. The tea is finished extracted and ready to consume.
  7. For more flavour add some honey since there are some health benefits of honey for skin.

Side Effects of Arrowroot Tea

Even though the tea has many health benefits, doesn’t mean that it has no side effects. Therefore, watch carefully all of below cautions before decide to consume arrowroot tea:

  1. Pregnant woman suggested to avoid the tea since there is a possibility of miscarriage. Even there is no further evidence, but it is better to avoid rather than experience it.
  2. Too many cups of the tea can result of stomach, mainly for those who consume the tea in an empty stomach. Therefore, make sure to discuss with the medical practitioner first before consuming the extracted tea.

Arrowroot tea believed to be an important and effective remedy for many health conditions. Arrowroot is also gluten-free. Therefore, it bring beneficial to the children health.