10 Health Benefits of Drinking Green Tea with Honey

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Green tea is now being one of popular beverages. Coffee as the first spot is slowly replaced by green tea. More and more versions of green tea is coming up while green tea itself still being a special beverage for some people. Plain green tea is known for its benefits or you can read in benefits of green tea, but the mixture with honey is somehow healthier. Here are several health benefits of drinking green tea with honey:

  1. Promotes the function of brain

One of essential ingredient in green tea is caffeine. When it combines with honey, vitamins in them promote the health of brain as well as improve its function. Those two ingredients make neurons are better fired while improving focus and concentration. Brain reaction also will improve moreover for memory. In addition, green tea has less amount of caffeine in compared to coffee. However, green tea with honey is great to make the brain stable and increase your focus.

  1. Burns fat

There are some things people can do to reduce the excess calories. Take a few cups of green tea with honey regularly actually can help those who are with excess calories. Green tea has the benefit to make your immune system boosts while honey can reduce calories in the body. That combination will reduce the calories about 17 percent.

  1. Reduces the risk of cancer

Great of antioxidants for health of the body, we can get from the combination of green tea with honey. Those antioxidants help in reduce the risk of cancer that occurs due to uncontrolled multiplying effect. When it consumed regularly, it is not only can prevent the cancer but also mitigates them.

  1. Promotes dental health

Cavities and other dental issues are two things that most of people are concerned about. Green tea with honey contains Catechins, where it can improve dental health effectively. In addition, streptococcus mutans bacteria are mainly reason of plaque and other dental issues. The effects from those bacteria will be reduced by catechins as well as provide better dental health.

  1. Supports healthy bones

One of conditions that effect bones is osteoporosis. Green tea with honey will stronger the bones as well as makes the bones healthier. Consequently, it is recommended for elder women and men in a certain age. The reducing of bone loss while drinking green tea with honey is because the production of antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties.

  1. Prevents diabetes

A study from Japan shows that around 286,700 people who drink green tea lower the risk of diabetes about 18%. Diabetes is a condition that occurs because of excess in glucose and however, green tea never fits with sugar. In addition, honey is perfect combination for green tea since it is sweet but safe enough to be consumed even for those who are suffering from diabetes.

  1. Helps to lose weight

Related to the benefit of drinking green tea with honey to burn fat, it also helps those who want to lose weight. Green tea, is a tea that almost known for weight loss or you can read in benefits of drinking green tea for weight loss. However, losing weight is never be enough just by drinking green tea with honey. Drink green tea with honey while doing exercises probably a perfect combination for the diet treatment.

  1. Treats cold and flu

Cold and flu is a condition that commonly affects most of people over the world. Drink a warm tea with honey will treat that condition effectively. Actually, any kind of tea like black tea and oolong tea is worth to try to treat cold and flu. Warm effect from tea that probably acts to relieve that condition as well as makes the body feel better.

  1. Feels relax

Drink green tea with honey for some reasons will make the person feel relax. Doing many activities however can trigger stress, anxiety and related conditions of mental health problems, while it is necessary to prevent them. To make the body including brain feel relax, it is great by drinking of green tea since it contains L-theanine or it plays a role as anti-anxiety effects. Dopamine levels in the brain will increase and moreover it decrease blood pressure.

  1. Helps to sleep better

Relax feeling after drink a cup of green tea with honey actually will help those who are having a problem with sleep. Better sleep however will lead to a healthy body and it influence activities. So, for those who often have problem with sleep, drink green tea with honey is recommended.

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