12 Health Benefits of Greek Yogurt and Granola For Diet

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It is now a trend to get the health benefits of greek yogurt and granola by consuming it every day. This is because this kind of food bring many advantages and really good to support the health. Specially for most woman that on a diet program. This is one of the must food to consume in maintain the weight to keep proportional.

Greek yogurt actually a kind of yogurt that contain no whey. It is a strained yogurt that consume together with granula grains. Therefore, not only bring health advantage, it also one of the delicious snack to consume during daily diet.

Preserve the yogurt also not difficult. This kind of yogurt is widely available in the market. The same way with granola. Furthermore, it can mix with other ingredients such as fruit or raisin. Therefore, it can be a yummy choice for a healthy eating behavior.

Nutrient Content of Greek Yogurt and Granola

Usually in one serving of greek yogurt and granula grain will contain several nutritions. It can contain 239cal calories, 3gr fat, 10mg cholesterol, 110mg sodium, 45gr carbohydrates, 37gr sugars and 8gr protein. But however, it will depends on the additional toppings of the yogurt. For further health benefits of greek yogurt and granola, take a look for a while into below points.

1. Ease Digestive

Yogurt is really good to keep an ease digestive system. Furthermore, it will lead to a fasten digest that can optimize the energy form and better body metabolic rate. No wonder if this a common choice to bring a healthy digestive including avoid digestive problems. This is the same health benefits herbalife that can help to ease the digestive system too.

2. Maintain Weight

Greek yogurt including the granola can be an alternative to maintain the body weight. It is because the food contain less fat and can help for a better nutrient absorption. Furthermore, it is not only able to maintain the weight, but it also good for the weight loss. This make the food is the best alternative for those who wants to avoid obesity or loosing weight in a fasten way.

3. Good Bacteria

Yogurt contain several types of good bacteria that bring positive effects in the digestive system. Furthermore, this bacteria will improve the work of intestine movement. Hence, it can lead to a better and faster metabolic rate. This is the same health benefits of fingerroot that can help to produce good bacteria inside the body too.

4. Source Of Fiber

Yogurt and granola is a good way to bring the source of fiber. It is contain numerous number of high fiber that bring many advantage for the digestive system. Therefore, it is the perfect way to maintain a fasten digest and to avoid the formation of fat into the body.

5. Promote Better Intestine

Another health benefits of greek yoghurt and granola will lead to promote a better intestinal bowel movement. Therefore, it will optimize the nutrient absorption and avoid the fat absorption. Furthermore, it will help a better intestine health and keep the intestine wellness. This is the same benefits of drinking activated charcoal that can help to promote better intestine too.

6. Maintain Cholesterol

Yogurt also a good way to maintain cholesterol level inside the blood. It will help to avoid the possibility of experience cardiovascular diseases such as heart attack or stroke symptoms. Therefore, it is perfect way to keep a healthy blood arteries.

7. Healthy Heart

As the food can help to avoid the possibility of heart attack, it will help to make sure a healthy heart condition. Furthermore, it can strength the heart and avoid the possibility of any type of heart diseases. This is the same benefits of calcium that also good for keeping a healthy heart too.

8. Source Of Protein

Yogurt and granola can be one of the source of high protein. Therefore, it is also good to consume by children too. A good source of protein can lead to a better muscle and nerve.

9. Brain Development

Other advantage of consume the greek yogurt including to help with brain development. It can help to improve the mind and thinking. Furthermore, it will optimize the memory and good for optimizing the brain capability. This is the same health benefits of apollo fish that also good for brain development too.

10. Strength Bone

Yogurt are rich with calcium too. Therefore, it is a good way to manage a strength bone. Furthermore, it can benefit to avoid the possibility of bone fracture and increase the bone density.

11. Avoid Osteoporosis

As the food rich in calcium, it is also a good way to avoid the possibility of experience osteoporosis. Therefore, it is good to consume by elderly to keep a healthy and strength bone condition. Furthermore, it will improve the muscle and keep a healthy joint too.

12. Healthy Skin

Not many people aware that yogurt also good for the skin. Therefore, applying the yogurt mask can help to promote a better skin condition that softer and also smoother. Furthermore, it can produce a silky skin condition.

Cautions And Recommendations

Even that the yogurt and granola can bring many advantages, it also contain several considerations. Therefore, before decide to consume it everyday, it is better to see below recommendations:

  • Avoid too many consume of the yogurt when having stomach problems as it can lead to upset stomach and even the possibility of diarrhea. It is better to consume after meal to avoid those risk.
  • People under medical treatment shall be carefully consume the food to avoid the possibility of medical interfere between the food and the taken medical prescription.
  • Avoid added sugar since it may lead to diabetic symptoms and will significantly increase the blood sugar level.
  • Do not consume the food if having allergically conditions, mainly allergy to granola, which can lead to itchiness and skin redness.

Those all the health benefits of greek yogurt and granola for the digestive system. This is the best healthy snack to provide in daily basis, but remember to check the recommendations. Therefore, it will bring optimum benefit and avoid any unwanted side effects.