16 Health Benefits of Silver Yin Zhen Pearls Tea (#1 Premium Tea)

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Silver yin zhen pearls tea is kind of white tea or Camellia sinensis varieties. It is also known as Silver Needle and made entirely of buds. It was actually first produced in the Fuding and Zhenghe counties of Fujian province in the Southern China. What is great from this tea is the way it is called by the Chinese tea experts as 10 great Chinese teas. As kind of white tea, it has heavy withering and slight oxidation in processing. It is made by leaving the fresh tea to wither for up to 3 days. Further, the white appearance comes from tiny hairs which can be a sign of quality. As the consequence, if you want to know more information about silver yin zhen pearls tea, then feel free to check the health benefits of silver yin zhen pearls tea below.

1. Provides Antioxidants

As a matter of fact, white tea contains great antioxidants. In this case, it has more antioxidants compared to green tea. This will be good as antioxidant nutrient has a role in protecting the body against free radicals. Moreover, it also prevents infection and certain health problems. Thus, if you want to be healthier, then drinking a few cups of silver yin zhen pearls tea may really help you. You can also check on Health Benefits of Bancha Tea

2. Provides Less Caffeine

Do you realize that green tea has caffeine in it? In fact, the excess consumption of caffeine can lead to certain health problems. But, you don’t need to be worried as white tea such as silver yin zhen pearls tea has less caffeine compared to green tea. It turns out that white tea only has 15g of caffeine while green tea has around 20g of caffeine. Thus, are you ready to grab a cup of silver yin zhen pearls tea now?

3. Promotes Digestive Health

It is known that white tea can help you to promote digestive health. This is related to the presence of antioxidant which prevents infection in the gut. Moreover, having a cup of white tea or silver yin zhen pearls tea can help you to deal with stomach cramps and nausea. Therefore, start your morning by drinking a cup of silver yin zhen pearls tea in order to make your digestion system healthy! You can also check on Health Benefits of Purple Hull Peas

4. Prevents Infection

The next health benefit of silver yin zhen pearls tea is to prevent infection. It is based on the study at the 2004 meeting of the American Society for Microbiology, Pace University showed that white tea extract can prevent the growth of bacteria which lead to the presence of staphylococcus infections and streptococcus infections. In this case, they also shown that white tea provides anti-viral and anti-bacterial effect greater than green tea. Excellent, isn’t it?

5. Prevents Cancer

Another great benefit of silver yin zhen pearls tea is the way it helps to prevent cancer. It is based on a study in 2002 by Oregon State University scholar Roderick H. Dashwood White Tea – A New Cancer Inhibitor” in Foods and Food Ingredients Journal of Japan stated that white tea provide anti-cancer and anti-mutagenic properties. At this point, silver yin zhen pearls tea can prevent the growth of cancer cells in the body. Moreover, it can prevent certain types of cancer as well. You can also check on Health Benefits of Essiac Tea

6. Helps to Lose Weight

Surprisingly, silver yin zhen pearls tea takes part to help you managing the body weight. As you may be tired to have several ways to reduce the body fat, then silver yin zhen pearls tea comes with its natural abilities. Based on a study of Harvard Medical School pointed that white tea provides catechins that can help to promote weight loss. It is also related with the presence of antioxidants which can help to lose weight and prevent obesity. Hence, it is recommended to drink this tea on the regular basis and doing the regular exercise for getting the slim and healthy body for sure.

7. Treats Diabetes

You may never expect that one of the health benefits of silver yin zhen pearls tea is to treat diabetes. It turns out, white tea can be beneficial to be drunk by diabetes patients. Based on an animal study published in 2011 in “Phytomedicine” stated that consuming a water extract of white tea leaves can reduce the levels of blood glucose in the diabetic test subjects. Not only for that, a Portuguese study in 2015 also shown that regular consumption of white tea can prevent the negative effects of diabetes on the cerebral cortex. On other hand, catechins found in white tea takes part to prevent type 2 diabetes as well. Such the great benefits, right?

8. Improves Brain Function

Next, this kind of white tea can help to improve brain function. As described before, white tea has less amount of processing as well as containing the highest concentration of L-theanine known as type of an amino acids. the As a result, this compound has the calming effect on the mind and promote alertness. The greater things come from this white tea is the way it can reduce anxiety and improve memory. Further, it promotes the serotonin which helps to regulate mood. Indeed, they are the result of amino acid’s work. Hence, try to drink silver yin zhen pearls tea to promote your brain function. You can also check on Health Benefits of Apollo Fish for Brain Development

9. Promotes Hair and Skin Health

Drinking silver yin zhen pearls tea can bring many benefits to your body. One of them is to promote hair and skin health. Indeed, it is antioxidant which plays a role in this benefit. Also, based on the study by University of Maryland Medical Center shown that anti-inflammatory properties can promote connective tissue and reduce dandruff or eczema. Not only for that, the presence of high phenol content in white tea, can help to promote elastin and collagen. This means it can help to prevent signs of earlier aging such as fine lines and wrinkles. You can also check on Burdock Root Benefits for Hair Health

Also, there are other health benefits of silver yin zhen pearls tea as written below.

10. Treats Acne

11. Good for Teeth

12. Reduces Inflammation

13. Prevents Heart Disease

14. Promotes Kidney Health

15. Promotes Liver Health

16. Improves Pregnancy Health

To summarize, silver yin zhen pearls tea can be the option for your healthy drink. It is the perfect drink for those who want to have the light taste of tea. You can consume 2-4 cups of this tea daily. Then, by drinking a few cups of silver yin zhen pearls tea daily, you will get the excellent health benefits of it. Stay healthy, good people!