25 Unbeatable Health Benefits of Bear Brand Sterilized Milk

You must already know the bear brand milk that is in the picture. You can find it in almost all stores. However, you should know, although the name of this milk is a bear brand, doesn’t mean this milk comes from the bear. Bear brand is also a milk that taken from cows. Then, why […]

12 Health Benefits of Low-Fat Chocolate Milk for Diet Program

Milk is a drink that is generally very liked by everyone and people must be know about Health Benefits of Milk. Because it is so popular, people make other alternatives by making low-fat milk so that people will not be afraid of consuming the milk in a routine or frequent time. However, low-fat white milk […]

7 Miraculous Health Benefits of Buttermilk in the Morning

In India, a glass of cool buttermilk is always a welcome delicacy, especially in the summer. Good bacteria in the buttermilk can help boost the digestion and have low calories and a lot of nutrition for your body. Buttermilk also is known as Chaas is fresh milk made of curd, ginger, salt, and water. It […]

7 Surprising Health Benefits of Milk in Ayurveda Treatments

There are a lot of benefits of milk in Ayurveda. It can be a good source of calcium, vitamin D, protein and many more. Based on the Ayurveda, there are various foods which called “Rasayana”. Rasayana means it has highly nourishing and can revitalizing our body easily. In Ayurveda milk is one of the best […]

9 Health Benefits of Buttermilk in Ayurveda (no.6 is Shocking)

Do you ever feel constipation and heartburn after a meal? Or, do you need to replenish your stamina after a long day of hardworking? Or do you need refreshment after doing activities under the sun? Yep, before you think about grabbing a bottle of soda or iced tea to refresh yourself, it is a lot […]

10 Health Benefits of Milk Curd for Body You Need to Try

Do you often consume yogurt? Did you know that there is a traditional yogurt from Minangkabau? Yes, this Health Benefits of Milk Curd is made traditionally using buffalo milk in Health Benefits Breast Milk Adults fermented in a bamboo tube. its production time is about 2-3 days. This milk curd has a texture similar to […]

10 Proven Benefits of Drinking Buttermilk in Empty Stomach

Many people labor under the misconception that buttermilk is basically a buttery, high-fat milk. This couldn’t be farther from the truth. Not only is there no butter but also it’s actually lower in fat that sweet milk. Buttermilk is either a fresh or fermented by product of buttering making. Fermented buttermilk has been highly valued […]

12 Health Benefits of Breast Milk for Adults – Including Cautions from Experts

There is one article that once viral in internet about a woman who decided to quit working in order to focus on breastfeeding her boyfriend. Well, aside the article is a hoax or not most people are starting to wonder about the health benefits of breast milk for adults. Since ancient time breast milk is […]

20 Top Health Benefits of Drinking Milk Everyday

Milk is one type of drink which taken from mammalian milk glands. Milk is no strange for almost people in the world, ranging from breast milk until the others milk such as cow’s milk, soy milk, goat’s milk, etc. The most popular milk of mammals is cow’s milk. The other types of milk include goat’s […]

20 Health Benefits of Goats Milk #1 Amazing Sources

Talks about milk, usually every people always thinks about cow milk or soy milk. But do you know about goat milk that has a lot of benefits and more powerful than the two others milk? From some information, goat milk is a milk that produced by female goats after childbirth, in time between 0 until […]