Get The Benefits of Bancha Twig Tea for Your Morning Booster!

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Bancha twig tea is a green tea variant from Japan that is also known as the Kukicha twig tea. It is commonly consumed in Japan, thus making it a part of Japanese tradition. The tea comes from twigs of the tea plant and have a mildly bitter taste.

To cultivate bancha twig, the process is similar to the cultivation of sencha, a more expensive and high-end version of Japanese tea. Quick fact, there are also a lot of health benefits of japanese sencha tea. Bancha also have larger and coarser leaves, making them very pocket-friendly.

Nutritionists have reported that there are some healthy benefits of bancha twig tea as it contains many vitamins and minerals. These nutrients can help you to prevent chronic diseases by strengthening your internal body.

Nutrient Values of Bancha Twig Tea

  • Assorted minerals
  • Copper
  • Calcium
  • Selenium
  • Manganese
  • Fluorine
  • Vitamin A
  • Vitamin B complex
  • Vitamin C
  • Zinc
  • Catechins (anti-cancerous polyphenols)
  • Tannins
  • Flavanoids

Now that we have found out about the nutrient values of the twigs, here are some benefits of bancha twig tea that you might find helpful:

  1. Detoxifying Agent

The big amount of tannins in this tea allows it to be a good detoxifying agent for your body.  The tannins will help to clean your body from toxic wastes as the liver and kidney might be full of factors that can cause oxidative stress. Zetolite is one of detoxifying agents and there are a lot of health benefits of zetolite itself.

  1. Weight Loss

Bancha twig tea contains no sugar and calories, making it perfect if losing weight is in your agenda. The bile activity in your body will work harder due to the enzymes found in the tea, making it able to strengthen the digestive system and boosts metabolic rate. Consuming bancha twig tea regularly, thus, making your weight loss journey easier than ever before.

  1. Prevents Cancer

A lot of studies that are already conducted found that bancha twig tea might be a good solution for you to protect yourself from many types of cancer such as pancreatic, esophageal, ovarian, to even bladder cancers.

It is also found that women who drinks 2 cups of bancha twig tea at the minimum, will have lower chances of developing ovarian cancer for up to 46% compared to other non-green tea consumers. A quick fun fact, one of the health benefits of birds eye chili is actually to prevents cancer as well.

  1. Prevents Oral Problems

As bancha twig is rich of catechins and other nutrient, it is thus considered as an antiseptic that can help to prevent infections that can cost some problems for the oral organs. One of the way to get this benefit is by rinsing your mouth twice a day using a cooled-down bancha tea.

One of oral problems that you may encounter is the black spot on tongue and this tea might just be the answer for your problem. However, it is highly recommended to consult this with an expert first. 

  1. Prevents HPV Infection

HPV infection can happen if there are abnormal cells development in your cervix. As you may have already think, you can prevent the abnormal development by consuming two cups of bancha twig tea regularly. Please note to consult with an expert first before doing this in order to avoid some unwanted damages.

  1. Increase Energy Level

The plenty amount of minerals and vitamins making one of the benefits of bancha twig tea as a good medium to boost up your energy! Simply drink a freshly brewed bancha twig tea and you’re good to go, especially if you consume it after lunch so it’ll help you to do well for the rest of the day.

  1. Treat Diabetes

Since this tea contains no sugar content and zero calories, it will not damage your health even if you’re already having diabetes in your body. In fact, it has the potential to balance out glucose levels in the bloodstream as well as curbing sudden spikes on it at the same time.

  1. Healthy Skin

One of the benefits that’s contained inside this tea is vitamin C. This type of vitamin can be an antioxidant which can fight off elements that can damage the skin such as the free radicals. You can consume the tea daily to get this one of the benefits of bancha twig tea through rejuvenation of damaged skin cells which will make your skin look more radiant and clearer than before.

Now that we have learned about the benefits of bancha twig tea, you must be wondering on the right way to brew this tea. Here is the recipe of bancha twig tea:

What to prepare:

  • 3 tablespoons of bancha twig tea
  • Lemon, according to your liking
  • Sugar or honey, according to your liking
  • 1 quart of water

How to make it:

  • Pour water to a saucepan, bring it to boil
  • Turn off the stove to let the boiling stop
  • Once you make sure that the water is no longer boiling, add bancha twigs into it
  • Let it simmer for about 3 to 5 minutes
  • Strain the tea and keep the twigs aside for later use
  • You can serve it hot or chilled, according to your liking. Enjoy!

Recommendation intake for bancha twig tea

This tea actually can be consumed at any time since it does not contain any caffeine in it. But is especially recommended for breakfast as it can give you energy boost to help you perform well throughout the day in a natural and healthy way. As mentioned above, it can also be consumed after meals as a digestive.

However, there are some cautions that you need to note when consuming this tea:

Too much consumption of this tea may cause an interference with iron absorption as well as a distress in the abdominal area. Please note too that if you’re having a pregnancy, do not consume the tea excessively. Moreover, if you’re a breastfeeding mother, it is highly advised to avoid the bancha twig tea. Click here to learn more about the health benefits or breastfeeding.

This concludes all of the information that you need about the benefits of bancha twig tea or kukicha tea. An organic bancha twig tea or bancha twig tea bags can be found easily at any herbal tea shop or, as always, you can always find and purchase anything online. We hope that you can find this article helpful and best of luck for your journey ahead with this rocking tea!