4 Main Reasons Behind the Benefits of Spinach for Weight Loss

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Who is less confident with her body shape? Well, it is hard to be denied that the ideal body shape is very supportive confidence in someone. If a person feels too fat, usually they will do a diet program. As for the word diet here refers to the process of weight loss, although diet can also be interpreted as another meaning as a taboo on certain foods and weight gain process.

Well, in any diet, there are various ways that can be taken by someone to lose weight. In addition, it is balanced with exercise, someone who is doing a diet program will also adjust the needs of food portions of the diet. If you are on a diet, perhaps the spinach diet is one of diet menu that you can try. The following article will discuss information related to the spinach diet.

A Glimpse of Spinach

Spinach (Amaranthus spp.) is one of the green vegetables known as a source of iron. If you love to watch cartoons, spinach is also one of the foods popularized in the cartoon series “Popeye” to add strength. But behind all that, spinach is one of the vegetables that can be utilized for weight loss programs or diet.

Spinach is considered entered Indonesia in the nineteenth century when foreign trade traffic come to Indonesia. Spinach itself consists of two kinds, namely pickled spinach and spinach pull. In addition, the type of spinach included in the three color consists of regular green spinach, health benefits of red spinach, and white spinach. While spinach that is not included in the three color is spinach soil.

In addition, spinach also contains a variety of nutritional content that is useful for the body. Among the nutrient content include:

  • Energy,
  • protein,
  • carbohydrates,
  • calcium,
  • iron,
  • phosphorus,
  • vitamin A,
  • vitamin B1,
  • Vitamin C and
  • water.

Why is Spinach beneficial to lose weight?

As we have seen before, spinach has some nutritional content that is beneficial to the body. In addition to health benefits of spinach, spinach is also useful for diet. By the way, did you know the reason behind of why spinach is good for diet? Here is the review of  what contents that bring the benefits of Spinach for weight loss:

1. High water content

The benefits of spinach for the weight loss have a considerable amount of health benefits of water spinach in which when consumed it will be very useful for you to fill your body’s fluid needs while on a diet. Besides that, benefits of spinach during pregnancy is also interesting.

2. Carbohydrate content

The content of carbohydrates in spinach is also beneficial for you to fill the intake of carbohydrates apart from heavy foods such as rice. Spinach consumption can help you to reduce the intake of excess carbohydrates just like when eating rice.

3. Low calorie

Low-calorie content in spinach is perfect for you who are undergoing the process of dieting because this can avoid the buildup of calories that lead to obesity. 

4. Fiber content

Spinach consumption is also beneficial for dieters because of its high fiber content that can make the stomach feel full longer so it can avoid excess food. In addition, fiber in spinach can also help smooth the digestive process.

besides the factors above, based on research of the scientists from Lund University, spinach extract also contains thylakoid that can be useful to stimulate weight loss of about 43%. This is because thylakoid can make the body feel full longer and suppress the excessive hunger that can control the appetite.

How to Eat Spinach for Diet

Actually, good spinach consumed to serve as a clear vegetable. But for those of you who want to lose weight using spinach, here we share a recipe for weight loss with spinach for you.


  • Fresh spinach leaves a few strands
  • Apples 1 piece
  • Juice of lemon juice 1 tbsp
  • Honey / low-calorie sugar 1 tbsp
  • Plain water 1 cup
  • Ice cubes as needed

How to make:

Wash the spinach and apple, then cut into pieces. Then, put the spinach and apple leaves into the blender along with water, honey, lemon juice and ice cubes. Blend until smooth and drinking regularly. Good luck. 


Before you decide to take the benefits of spinach for weight loss, you have to make sure that you know about the side effects of eating spinach excessively. Especially for the patients with certain diseases such as uric acid and kidney stones are also recommended to limit eating spinach because it can bring the further negative condition for the patients. So, what the sides effects of eating too much and too often spinach?

  • Trigger the forming of kidney stone.

Spinach is a type of green vegetable, which includes many purines. Purines are a type of organic compound in which when consumed in excess amounts can form an uric acid. Excess uric acid is very bad for the health of our kidneys because it can increase the calcium deposition in our kidneys, which eventually will form kidney stones.

  • Poisoning

Spinach leaves can also cause poisoning reactions. This may occur when the spinach is consumed less cooked or raw and it has been contaminated with E. coli bacteria from organic fertilizers, pesticides, or irrigation.

  • Anemia

When consumed excessively and too often, spinach sometimes can actually make the body difficult to absorb the amount of iron needed by the food. Spinach as a vegetable food then contains a type of non-heme iron or vegetable iron, which is difficult to be absorbed by the intestines. This is precisely what causes iron deficiency and anemia.

  • Diarrhea

Spinach is the highest source of dietary fiber. Just a cup of cooked spinach can provide almost 6 g of fiber. Even the fiber is good for digestion but the intestines take time to get used. Therefore, eating too much spinach can cause a number of stomach disorders, including diarrhea, bloating, or even constipation.

So, the discussion point of spinach side effects is not to prevent you or even forbid you to eat spinach. But, it is to warn you to consume spinach properly. Hence, instead of getting the harmful effects, you better take the good benefits of spinach,particularly benefits of spinach for weight loss, right?