12 Steps to the Benefits of Korean Skin Care

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The number of women and men who are addicted to Korean drama is surprisingly increasing day by day. Especially for women, they are not only fascinating by the interesting and lovable story plot but also drooling to the natural beauty look of all the Korean actress and actors. Well, due to that right now Korean skin care is becoming popular skin care around the world. Actually, not only the way they treat their skin but they are also taking the health benefits of eating only fruits and vegetables into something serious that make them beautiful in natural way.

What Is Korean Skin Care?

The first thing that may cross your mind when it comes to the option whether you want to do Korean skin care or not is what makes this type of skin care different from the other types. Actually, if you are watching Korean drama, you must be familiar with some endorsement of skin products included to the scenes. However, it is not only that, you could see that it is not only about the products choice but the key to Korean skin care lays to the beauty routines. Each routine has its own function and benefit for long term skin care solution.

Korean Skin Care Routines and Steps

So, before you jump to the choice of the product, the first thing you should know about Korean skin care is the beauty routines and steps along with some beauty tips you should follow as well. After that you could choose the best skin care products that really represent your needs because each person must have its own beauty goal and choosing the right skin care products is also essential. So, below is the secret to the amazing skin of the Koreans.

Step 1 – Makeup Remover

After all day wearing makeup, the first thing that the Koreans will do before bed is taking makeup remover. The problem with most people when is after using makeup remover, they will definitely call it a day because in a glance, makeup remover may do its magic to clean your skin face from makeup but when you wake up in the morning, the problem like acnes and mascara streak will attack you.

Step 2 – Oil Cleanser

That’s why you need step 2 after the step 1. Yes, it is true that makeup remover is not enough and you need something like oil cleanser. What is oil cleanser? It is an oil-based cleanser that all Koreans use to remove all types of oil-based makeup from the skin and pores. When makeup remover is only removing the colors of eye shadows, blush on or lipstick, oil cleanser will clean the SPF, foundation and all the debris that still stay inside the pores.

Step 3 – Water-based Cleanser

Once your skin is free from all oil-based makeup, the next thing you should do is using water-based cleanser for optimal result. Water-based cleanser is also well known as foam cleanser; it is the most common type of cleanser because it is using the combination of water and facial foam which purpose is to cleanse all the residues of the oil cleanser. If you want to go natural like benefits of using honey as a face wash but still it is recommended to choose facial foam product.

Step 4 – Exfoliator

Those who have sensitive skin must take this step a bit serious because exfoliator may cause skin irritation. That is why you don’t need to use it daily but twice a week is highly recommended. The function of exfoliator is to remove all the dead skins cells so whatever treatment you do to your skin will be absorbed optimally by the healthy skin cells only.

Step 5 – Toner

And then, here comes the toner. Most people though that toner is not that important when the fact is it is very essential to keep your skin hydrated. The step 1 up to 4 may clean your face but in the process, your skin will become imbalance and toner will assist in balancing the pH level and hydrating your skin pores.

Step 6 – Essence

After your skin is damped by the toner, essence is the next step you should apply to your skin. Essence is products like serum similar to toner but with more essential compounds for the beauty benefits. The main function of essence is to make sure whatever treatment you will add to the next step will be absorbed optimally by your skin.

Step 7 – Treatment

There are a lot of beauty treatments based on individual needs. If you have problems with acnes, premature wrinkles, pores and so on, it is the perfect time to do the treatment. You have to choose the right product to treat the problem specifically.

Step 8 – Sheet Mask

The most popular product in Korean skin care is the Korean sheet mask. It is also a very popular gift usually brought by the travellers for their family and friends at home. You could even choose type of mask and enjoy things such as the benefits of green tea mask for face. There are two types of sheet mask, first is sheet mask that you could use daily for about 10 – 15 minutes and there is also sleeping mask that you should use all night long. The function is to give nutrition to your skin while you are in a resting stage.

Step 9 – Eye Cream

Though most of skin products will do the magic for the skin but the thin skin around the eyes needs special treatment in the form of eye cream. With this product you could say good bye to panda’s eyes or wake up with swollen eyes and instead your eyes will look sharp and sparkling.

Step 10 – Face Cream

The choice of face cream should be based on your skin type. There are two types of face creams; they are daily face cream and night face cream. They are the essential combination to keep and treat your skin day and night.

Step 11 – Moisturizer

When it comes to the choice of moisturizer the options are varying from cream, gel, lotion up to emulsion. You should choose moisturizer that works on your skin type perfectly. One note to take, when you are applying moisturizer. Don’t forget to apply it thoroughly from face to neck area.

Step 12 – Sunscreen

The last step but not least because sunscreen has the most important role compared to all the steps mentioned above. You must have known what the main function of sunscreen is; it is to protect your skin from the worst effect of UV rays. The zinc oxide for skin found in sunscreen is the reasons why wherever you go, sunscreen is product you should have in your beauty pouch.

Just by doing the simple 12 routines of Korean skin care, in a few days you could enjoy some improvements in your skin. You will find your skin tone is smoother with a natural glowing skin. Some skins problems could be reduced through the right treatment choices you have made moreover you will look so much younger than you really are. Though of course, the skin treatment is not only from outside but also from the inside. There is a good reason why Koreans love kimchi because the main health benefits of kimchi as fermented vegetables are to bring beauty from the inside. So, if you want to have healthy and beautiful skin as the Koreans, you should balance the beauty routines and healthy lifestyle.