15 Powerful Health Benefits of Tulsi Tea for Weight Loss Plan

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Tea has been as natural remedy for some health problems, or for just enhancing body health. One of the famous uses of tea is the ability of tea to aid weight loss. However, if we talk about tea, there are many kinds of tea come from all over the word.

For example, we have known the Health Benefits of Japanese Green Tea, and the Health Benefits of South African Rooibos Tea as the health and beauty secret from Africa. And in this article, we are going to discuss the health benefits of tulsi tea for weight loss. Tea are commonly retrieved from any part of the plant, such leaves, flowers, and stem.

In case of tulsi tea, the tea is picked from holy basil leaves which are known to be powerful to succeed your weight loss diet as one of the health benefits of tulsi tea for weight loss.

Nutritional Information of Tulsi Tea

Basil which is known as tulsi in India owns many health benefits which makes it is good to be consume either as fresh leave to get the Health Benefits of Eating Tulsi Leaves or as brewed tea. The leaves mainly contain some beneficial value such:

  • Vitamin A
  • Vitamin C
  • Vitamin K
  • Folate
  • Manganese
  • Copper
  • Calcium
  • Iron
  • Magnesium
  • Omega-3

The Health Benefits of Tulsi Tea for Weight Loss

In Indian Ayurvedic system, tulsi is prized with the queen of the herb title for the powerful health benefits of tulsi leaves, especially for the health benefits of tulsi tea for weight loss. The health benefits include the following points:

  1. Aid metabolism

The consumption of tulsi tea will aid the metabolism, especially in transforming foods into energy and enhance the nutrients absorption. This way, there will be not fat stacking which lead to obesity. As we know, the obesity comes from the abnormal metabolism system.

  1. Maintain healthy digestion

The healthy digestive system is the main key for healthy body and the success of weight loss program. In this case, the regular consumption of tulsi tea is able to help you in maintaining the healthy digestion by balancing the good bacteria in the intestine and maintaining regular bowel movement. Well, the regular excretion plays important role during the weight loss effort. 

  1. Improve liver functioning

The main function of liver is aiding the toxins and unwanted element removal from the body. The unwanted components may include fats which is the biggest enemy for weight loss diet. In this case, the consumption of tulsi tea is beneficial to keep your body lean and even lose some pounds if you want to.

  1. Non caffeine

Tulsi tea is the low calorie beverage with no caffeine included. During the dieting process, our body may carry some changes which lead to nervous jitter. In this case, this non caffeine tea is able to effectively soothe nerves. In addition, replacing your morning coffee or black tea with tulsi tea may give you the benefits of the beverages without giving you the side effect of caffeine.

  1. Increase endurance

Besides the fact that tulsi tea contains no calorie, the tea is able to increase endurance and strength of the body. During the weight loss program, you might be required to go through some exercise or workout. In this case, tulsi tea can be a beneficial workout drink, as it enhance endurance, but not ruin your diet by h amount of calorie. 

  1. Lowering cholesterol

The regular consumption of tulsi tea is effective to sort out bad cholesterol which may lead to weight gain and cause some health problems such coronary heart, heart attack, and strokes. Therefore, the health benefits of tulsi tea for weight loss may also give impact for the whole body health as well.

  1. Reduce stress

The consumption of tulsi tea can significantly reduce the stress level. By avoiding stress, we may also avoid the emotional craving which is the main culprit of significant weight gain. As we know, emotional craving attack us with the desire of eat which is not because we are hungry, bur because we just want to taste or chew something inside our mouth.

A study published in Indian Journal of Pharmacology stated that the ability of tulsi tea in relieving stress is more excellence compared to the Health Benefits of Siberian Ginseng Root.

  1. Reduce cortisol

Cortisol is a hormone which contributes to the stress level and weight gain. The excessive cortisol in an extended period of time may lead to weight gain and some health problems as cortisol may interfere your metabolism system. In this case, tulsi tea is able to reduce the amount of cortisol which can also significantly reduce the stress level.

  1. Improve sleep quality

The sedative property in tulsi tea is beneficial for those with sleeping disorder such insomnia. The sleeping disorder may affect the eating pattern. The late night sleeping often lead us to have midnight craving which of course will bulldoze your weight loss effort. In addition, the insomnia may be linked to the stress level, of which tulsi tea is proven to be able reducing stress.

  1. Treat hypothyroidism

Thyroid has a strong relationship with body metabolism. Hypothyroidism is the lack of thyroid hormone produced by thyroid gland. People with hyperthyroidism can easily gain weight as the body cannot properly manage the food intake.

And once people with hypothyroidism weight gain, it is very difficult to reduce some pounds except with vigorous exercise and tight dieting. In this case, consuming tulsi tea is able to help balancing thyroid hormone. Health Benefits of Golden Apple Fruit can also be used to balance thyroid hormone.

The other health benefits of tulsi tea for weight loss are:

  1. Burn fat
  2. Reduce swelling
  3. Replace unhealthy drinking
  4. Reduce appetite
  5. Aromatherapy

Precautions in Consuming Tulsi Tea

Besides the 15 health benefits of tulsi tea for weight loss mentioned above, there are some precautions that you need to aware of. The long term consumption of tulsi tea may stimulate side effect in some aspect, such pregnancy. A research reports that excessive consumption of tulsi tea may cause some toxicity which affects the health of the fetus. In addition, the consumption of tulsi tea may also slow blood clotting.

Therefore, it is better for those who are about to have some surgery to avoid consuming tulsi tea prior to the surgery as it may prolong the bleeding. the other precautions of tulsi tea consumption is that it may stimulate the following side effects:

  • low blood sugar
  • uterine contraction in pregnant woman
  • decreased fertility
  • interfere other herbal medication

And the most important thing, make sure to consult your doctor before consuming tulsi tea for weight loss if you are involved to any certain medication, to have the health benefits of tulsi tea for weight loss without experiencing the contra indication.