11 Proven Health Benefits of Dumbbell Exercises

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In this modern and trendy era, there are many ways in keeping body healthy and having a good body shape. It’s undeniable that every person need to look beautiful and gorgeous. Between many ways in exercise ,there is Dumbbell Exercise that popular for muscular development. Actually, there are much more exercise type that could be a good way in develop the body shape in healthy ways.

Dumbbell exercise means an activity of exercise using dumbbell. Based on Merriam-Webster, Dumbbell is a short bar with weights at each end that it used usually in pairs for exercises. This thing is most used in exercise purposed to develop body muscle, such as biceps curls, shoulder raises or chest flyes. And also there are some different type and ways in exercise using dumbbell in each person or fitness trainer which has their own purpose and benefits.

There are some benefits of dumbbell exercise based on American Council of Exercise. It’s mentioned that using dumbbells for full – body, multi planar movements  can provide varieties of different strength outcomes and offers many benefits for the body health especially for cardio respiratory  fitness and flexibility.

More clearly, here are health benefits of dumbbell exercises:

  1. Lead to Muscle Growth

Using dumbbell as tools in exercising means we lifting thing using our arm muscle. The weight on dumbbell  effected on how the muscle works. When the dumbbell lifted, it train the arm muscle and help to develop it better. Actually, dumbbell provide two kinds of overload that lead to muscle growth, there are : mechanic and metabolic.

Muscle contractions that was result of mechanic overload is stimulate  the process of repairing and increasing the muscle size. which metabolic overload is when the working muscle is fatigue which leads to the adaptation of the cells muscle to store more glycogen which make the muscle size increase. Also read: Benefits of Hula Hooping For Health and Diet.

  1. Cardio Health

Doing dumbbell exercise also leads to a better cardio health. using dumbbell leads to heart rate raise that helps improve cardiovascular health. Even a beginners can improve cardio stamina by using lighter weight for more than 30 minutes at a time. A stable heart rate will lead in to a healthy cardiovascular organ. Also read: Health Benefits of Square Dancing

  1. Loss Weight

Calories could be burned by the using the dumbbells to create an aerobic work out. This kind of aerobic to burn calories also reduce the risk of heart disease, stroke and high blood pressures. It’s also an easy way to loss weight because it’s not difficult to find dumbbells in each gym or fitness center.

  1. Leads to greater muscle activation levels

There are many health benefits of dumbbell exercises. Dumbbell exercise create both inter – and intramuscular coordination which leads to a greater levels of muscle activation. It means that by doing dumbbell exercise, it also improving the ability of muscle in coordination of motors and joint motion (an ability of muscle to work and move together). Also read: Benefits of Exercising After Dinner for Health

Use lighter weight of dumbbells for multi planar or multi joint movement pattern helps to improve coordination between body segment. While use heavier dumbbells could increase numbers of muscle fiber activated for a specific muscle. 

  1. Muscular Endurance

This beneficial felt best by the athletes. They may use dumbbells to improve muscular endurance or the ability to use the muscle over time, such as in a badminton match, volley games or tennis match. using dumbbells allow us to develop the strength of the muscle to work harder and over time. Also read: Benefits of Exercise for Mental Health

  1. Benefit the Component of Muscles Tissues

Dumbbells exercise benefits the contractile elements and elastic component of muscle tissues. Contractile element is specific actin – myosin  muscle proteins responsible for sliding across one another to create concentric shortening actions or control eccentric lengthening. While elastic component is fascia and connective tissue that attaches each individual muscle fiber and groups of fibers to one another.

Traditional exercise with heavy weight dumbbells could increase the production capacity of contractile element, while multi planar movement activities with lighter weight dumbbells can enhance the strength of the elastic component.

  1. Maintain Bone Health

Weight type exercise help to increase the bone density and reduce the fracture risk. Dumbbells ideal to improving Bone health, because  it can be used while sitting or lying down and choose different weights that are easy to lift and manipulate based on the personal needs. Also read: Benefits of Eating Breakfast Before Exercise That Energizing. 

Cautions in using the dumbbells for exercises

Those are some main benefits of using dumbbells for exercises which, this incredible exercise tool also has several thing to be considered, there are :

  1. Warm Up

Warm up before exercising is a must. It will prevent the injury during activities. By warmed up the muscle  by doing a light cardio exercise like slow jog or a brisk walk for ten to fifteen minutes will decrease the risk of injury by boosting blood flow to the muscles so the muscle work better.

Before starting workout with dumbbells, stretch lightly after a quick warm up session. This will not only decrease the risk of any possible injury but also improve blood flow throughout the body while improving joint lubrication.

  1. Light Weight Dumbbells First

First thing to do when starting dumbbells exercise is to start with a lighter weight and lift it for at least more then ten repetitions. When you become proficient, you can increase the weight. If you suddenly lift the heavy weight without any experience before, it can cause muscle strain and sprains.

  1. Maintain Proper Posture

Make sure to maintain the correct posture while using the dumbbells. Make sure to learn proper way to do exercise using the dumbbells. Don’t slump while doing the exercise, Keep the spine straight and erect and avoid hunching shoulders. Avoid injuries and maintain a good posture while using dumbbells for Exercising.

  1. Stop if You Feel Uneasy

Lifting over weight thing will cause injury or pain. Doing good in dumbbells exercise means you can lifting a specifics weight with repetition without any pain feelings. if the posture is incorrect it may cause lower-back pain from dumbbell curls or may be a shoulder pain due to incorrect dumbbell shoulder press.

Well, by the explanation above it can be concluded that dumbbells exercise has incredible benefits for health and also there are several thing to be considered before and during the exercise.