Benefits of Naukasana for Physic and Mental Health – Daily Exercise

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Some of you might not include yoga in your list of exercise for its less dynamic and difficult postures. However, each posture in yoga actually has its own benefit for any particular intention.

For example, you can get a flat belly from naukasana or boat posture in yoga. This article would discuss further about the health benefits of naukasana.

The Health Benefits of Naukasana

There are some variations of naukasana. However, the key posture in naukasana is when you sit on your sitting bone while raising your knees and keeping your thighs at 45 degree from the floor to resemble the form of a boat. Here are the health benefits of naukasana.

  1. Good for abdominal organs

The contraction of abdominal organs during the naukasana posture tones and invigorates the abdominal organs very well. It stimulates the organs to perform its best functions in digestion, absorption, and elimination. This way we can avoid digestive problems such as constipation, and ulcers due to acidity.

  1. Rejuvenates iliopsoas muscle

The naukasana posture involves four pairs of abdominal muscles which is able to provide rejuvenating effect to the iliopsoas.  The iliopsoas muscle is the strongest flexor of the hip. It is important to support us in standing, running, and walking. So, it explains why naukasana has a significant effect for our energetic body moves.

  1. Strengthen muscle

To perform naukasana, muscle stretching is highly required. You should stretch your arm muscle forward, raise your thigh at 45 degrees. Stretching and strengthening are the key in this posture. By doing the posture regularly, you’ll be accustomed to stretch your muscle. The benefits are likely the same to the Benefits of Sarvangasana.

  1. Maintain weight

If you choose yoga to maintain your weight, it is a great choice. Naukasana can wreck the stubborn belly fat by the stretching, compressing and relaxing the abdominal organs during the practice. This way, you can lose some pounds by losing the fat around your stomach. Another yogic posture which is able to maintain weight is surya namaskar and its Benefits of Surya Namaskar For Weight Loss.

  1. Optimize detoxification

Naukasana support some organs, particularly kidney, liver, and pancreas. As we know, those three organs are vital for the detoxification process. the boat posture is able to stimulate the optimum functioning of those three organs. As the result, we can have healthier body with better immune system.

  1. Good for hormones

Regular practice of naukasana takes role in strengthening the body system. Particularly in strengthening some body system such as muscular, digestive, circulatory, nervous, and also hormonal. The yoga posture succeeds hormone production and also balance the hormone.

  1. Remove lethargy

Although it feels hard and tiring for beginner to do naukasana, the regular practice may have the opposite effect. Instead of making you tired, naukasana can make you feel healthier and more energetic. It is because naukasana is effective in removing toxins and lethargy from the body.

  1. Treat diabetes

The variation of naukasana helps the optimization of pancreatic juices secretion. As we know, pancreas is the one responsible for the blood sugar level. The pancreatic juice regulates the function of pancreas and cure diabetes very well.

  1. Get six packs abs

Who says that all you need to get six packs abs is the vigorous workout at the gym? You can also do the exercise at home. Some yoga postures including naukasana is very good to help you get the amazing abs, since this posture work very well with your abdominal muscle.

  1. Reduce stress

Just like the other yoga postures such as Benefits of Doing Kapalbhati , naukasana is also a distress tool. You can relieve your stress by regularly practicing naukasana. This practice keep you mind peaceful and calm. This way, you can avoid or even reduce your stress.

How to Do Naukasana

Here are the steps to do a simple naukasana and get the health benefits of naukasana.

  • First, you should lie down on you back.
  • Make sure that your entire body is straight and stretched.
  • Don’t make any gap between your legs and put your arms beside your legs.
  • Inhale while raise your upper and lower body at 45 degree.
  • Maintain the body at your buttock.
  • Now, ensure your palm come to your knees.
  • Remain the pose for 10 – 20 seconds and bring your body down with the deep exhale.
  • You can increase the duration to raise and hold up your body when you convenience with the posture.
  • In hale and exhale slowly during the posture.
  • Or else, you can also try the other posture such as lizard posture and lion posture with its Benefits of Lizard Pose Yoga and Benefits of Lion Pose in Yoga.

There are any other variations of naukasana, or boat pose such as how you carry the posture while lying on your stomach. But if you are a beginner, it is better to do the simplest variation first. Also, make sure that the exercise doesn’t harm your health condition. There are some conditions which is not recommended to do naukasana, such as pregnancy, menstruation,  spinal injuries, hernia, hip joints pain, and heart patients.