Health Benefits of Doing Taekwondo

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Doing sport is a thing you should do regularly to help keep your body healthy.

One sport that has become people’s favorite and we always heard about is taekwondo. Taekwondo is an art of self defense originated in Korea.

In this sport you will gain many benefits because the moves are such great exercises and also have its own arts that allows you to train all of your body.

If you have watched a Korea drama, you will know that there was hwarang that do this kind of martial arts.

Taekwondo is even become an Olympiad number. There are also many people that decided to become the taekwondo athletes.

So, what are exactly the benefits of doing taekwondo? In this article we will talk about the health benefits of doing taekwondo.

1. Weight Loss

This benefit sure interests many people. Weight issue is seems one of the scariest things for most people around the world.

If you want to lose your weight in a really fun way, starting to do taekwondo will be a good thing.

Taekwondo involves many moves that allow you to use your body and it means help you to burn the calories and fats.

Also, if you want to do another sport, you will also get benefits of playing tchoukball to help lose your weight.

2. Cardiovascular Health

Since this sport involves many moves, it means that you need strong lungs to help you perform any moves of this martial arts.

You need to keep your breath in order to help you fight and defend yourself from your opponent.

To get a better cardio is also one of the benefits of swimming for lungs health.

3. Improve Flexibility

Another benefit of doing taekwondo is that this martial art will help you improve your ability.

It is because this sport involves many moves that need your flexibility. You will do spinning, high kick, flying kick, and many other acrobatic movements.

Even if you are not flexible, by practicing taekwondo, you will improve in flexibility automatically.

4. Increasing Mobility

Further, this martial art will also increase your mobility. As you know that this martial art is aimed to help us in defending ourselves.

So, it means we will learn to move ourselves actively. That also means that our mobility will increase.

So, it is true that health benefits of doing taekwondo are really beneficial for many people.

5. Strength

You may get benefit for your strength and power. As explained before that this martial art is involving many moves that need a repeating muscular work out.

This also means that you will get better strength and power if you do the taekwondo regularly.

You will find kicking, jumping, and many muscular moves that build your strength and power of your body.

6. Improve Stability and Coordination

Every sport is a great exercise for improving our stability and coordination.

But this one, taekwondo is even better. You will find that the moves of this sport are good for your clumsiness issue.

Taekwondo trains us to gain valuable skill of disciplines. And also the agile and repetitive movements in this martial art are making us steadier.

Some people say that this martial art is great for body coordination and stability exercise, especially for the lower body.

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7. Blood Pressure and Heart Rate

Modern people’s most disease is always related to blood pressure and heart rate.

So, it is common that people may think of how to keep their blood pressure in a safe rate and have no problem about the heart rate.

As we always talk about in this whole explanation, this martial art is involving many movements that will allow us to have more agile movements.

So, it is obvious that taekwondo will help you to lower the blood pressure and also the heart rate.

But it is only if you do it in a proper way. To know your blood pressure, you also have to know the symptoms of low blood pressure.

8. Mental Concentration

Next, it is also great for your mental concentration.

Learning martial arts mean we should remember each movement and repeat the movement over and over again.

By doing it repeatedly, we are also gaining better mental concentration. So, it is good for you who have concentration issue.

9. Stress Relief

Taekwondo will also benefit in terms of stress relief.

In the movement, it requires a high focus so you won’t get injured, so you need to focus in this sport.

Also, you may feel better after kicking and doing those martial art movements so you also get distracted from your stress.

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In conclusion we can say that taekwondo is one of the martial arts originated in Korea and above are the health benefits of doing taekwondo.

It is a great exercise for your body and mind. So, if you need something to do in a healthy and fun way, just start to do the taekwondo.

And if you want to do other sport, you also may get health benefits of doing parkour.