11 Benefits of Rice Water for Skin and Hair You Must Know

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rice waterTaking care of body beauty is an obligation for women, especially skin and hair. Especially for those who work as a public figure or because of the demands of a job that requires someone to make up. Therefore, many women are willing to spend a lot of money to buy various beauty products. In fact, we can get a cheap and easy beauty products with Benefits of Rice Water for Skin and Hair.

If you still doubt the benefits of rice water, you should know that rice water contains good nutrition for beauty:

  • Oryzanol substances
  • Ferulic acid as anti-inflammatory
  • Vitamins B1, C, and E
  • Minerals that can tighten, brighten, and soften the skin

Here are the benefits of rice water for skin and hair that you know:

  1. Fade black spots and brighten the skin

Various beauty products deliberately use to get the desired results. In fact, not everyone will match skin beauty products. The safest way is to use rice water. Because the water contains proteins that stimulate collagen production. Read this: Benefits of Malai

  1. Treat and remove acne scars

If you are stress due to acne do not go away, use rice water. Rice water can remove acne-causing bacteria on the face. Or you can try this Benefits Rosewater Acne

  1. Brighten the face

To get a bright natural face, use the flour from the rice water. Then use as a face mask and get Benefits of Applying Rice Water on Face

  1. Treating irritated skin

According to dermatology studies that have been done, a person suffering from atopic dermatitis can be cure with rice water. Way, wash your face with water 2 times a day. Try this for your skin: Health Benefits Avocado Skin

  1. Treating burning skin

Sunlight sometimes makes skin burn and red. To fix this, wash with water and then rinse water with cold water. You may also read Benefits of Carambola on Skin

  1. As a natural hair conditioner

Did you know that the natural hair conditioner is rice water? Your hair will look shiny, softer, and expand.

  1. Nourish the skin

Rice water contains proteins, vitamins, minerals and water that can nourish the skin for healthier skin like Benefits of Vitamin C for Hair

  1. Prevent hair loss and branching

No more need to be confusing if hair falls out and branch off. Just use the water of rice as a hair washer and hair will be healthy again.

  1. Eliminating hair lice

The benefit of the next rice water is to remove hair lice. How to wipe water on the hair, and let stand for 15 minutes. Then rinse with plain water

  1. Make hair black and shiny

Nutritional content in Benefits of Rice Water for Skin and Hair is also able to make your hair shiny black.

  1. Accelerate hair growth

Hair can grow well if the hair nutrition is met well. One of them is the nutrients that exist in the water of rice


You should use fresh rice water. Do not use Benefits of Rice Water for Skin and Hair that has been silenced for days. Because it could be the nutritional content is gone