4 Amazing Benefits of Applying Rice Water on Face

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rice waterAs a matter of fact you may use cosmetic products made of chemical to treat your face routinely. You also might find problems when applying chemical products on your face. At first you also might already tried several products to find which product could fit to your skin. Other than expensive, chemical products have side effects to your face. Therefore, applying rice water for your face treatment could be best solution.

After all negative results you got from chemical product, you should use rice water to treat your face. Rice water is natural and it also has no side effects of all to your skin. So there is nothing to worry about. In addition, Rice water has been use for centuries in Asia.

Even in Korea rice water is the most essential solution for face skin. Rice waters contains vitamins, minerals and amino acids that is essential for your skin. It also contains oryzanol substances which prevent UV rays into your face skin. Those are the benefits of rice water for your face just like benefits of buttermilk for acne.

Indeed, here are benefits of applying rice water on face:

1. Rice water erase black spots in your face

Each cosmetic products has particular treatment for your face. Hence you need to choose particular product as well to erase black spots in your face.

Using rice water for treatment of your face is the right treatment solution. Rice water has minerals and vitamins which able to erase black spots in your face and indeed just like benefits of rosewater for acne.

2. Go back from a tired day? Rice water can clean your face perfectly!

If you usually use face cleaner made of chemicals to clean your face, leave it. Rice water is the cheapest way to clean your face after you finish your daily activity.

Furthermore, the preparation is very simple. Use rice water to clean your face as your daily treatment. After several weeks you will see your face skin become softer, tighter and more radiant just like benefits of buttermilk for acne.

3. Acne problem? Rice water is the best solution!

Most people have acne problems in their youth. While it can be stressful, acne problems may also make you lose your confidence.

Using cosmetic products could even make it worse if you choose wrong product. Rice waters contains minerals and vitamins which can lift acne from it roots fast.

Most noteworthy, rice water contains subtances that will tighten your pores. Therefore, it will prevent acne problem in your face.  You may also read how to prevent acne and pimples naturally.

4. Rice water can whiten your face

Who doesn’t want to get whiter face? Whiter face is the foundation of beauty most woman want. Applying rice water treatment for your face could whiten your face better than cosmetic products.

It is cheap and also no side effects. Most noteworthy, rice water has rich substances essential for face skin. You should wash your face with rice water routinely to get the best result and whitened face. You may also read how to get rid of acne.

Instructions of applying rice water on face

Indeed, here are the steps to benefits of applying rice water on face:

  1. Prepare a bowl containing water.
  2. Add rice to the water and stir the water for 1-2 minutes.
  3. Leave it for 2-3 hours until the rice flours get to the bottom
  4. Move the water onto new bowl
  5. Soak cotton ball or pad with rice water and apply it to your face slowly
  6. Gently massage your face for several minutes after you apply rice water
  7. Let the rice water dry on your face
  8. Clean your face with cold water

Recommended intake of treatment of rice water on face

Do the treatment regularly for 2-3 times a week. The process could take several weeks to see the result. You should be patience and consistent to get the best result. Remember, whatever way you choose shall fail if you do not be patience. You may also read benefits of buttermilk for acne and how to get rid of acne. So, let’s get benefits of applying rice water on face.