9 Exceptional Benefits of Dragon Fruit for Cancer Patients

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To this day, there is no exact medicine that can cure cancer. The research is still ongoing. But, it doesn’t mean there is no herbal remedy that can’t minimize the risk of cancer. For example, there are many kind of fruits that can reduce the risk of cancer. You can find anti carcinogenic properties in dragon fruit.

Dragon fruit has been considered as herbal fruit, and many people believe it has a lot of benefits for health. Some of these benefits may be useful for cancer patients or average person. But, before we talk about its benefits and health benefits drinking bones broth, we will explain briefly about dragon fruits description for the first timer.

Dragon fruit is a fruit produced by a plant from the genus Stenocereus. It is native to South America, and has been cultivated worldwide ever since discovered. Based on its color, there are two variants of dragon fruit, a red-fleshed dragon fruit, and a white-fleshed one. Both are similar in taste, however. Dragon fruit apparently contains many nutritional contents that is useful againts various diseases, such as cancer. In this writing, you will discover the benefits of dragon fruit for cancer patients. Let’s check it out.

Nutritional Value of Dragon Fruit

The nutritive value of all three variants of dragon fruit are relatively the same. For example, a roughly 200 g red fleshed dragon fruit contains following nutrients :

  • 61 calories
  • 4.7 calories from fat
  • 0.5 g total fat
  • 6.9 mg sodium
  • 312 mg potassium
  • 15 g total carbohydrates
  • 3 g dietary fiber
  • 9 g sugar
  • 1.1 g protein
  • 2% of daily value vitamin A
  • 154% DV vitamin C
  • 4% calcium
  • 2% iron

As you can see above, dragon fruit contains insane amount of vitamin C. This might be a clue of its usefulness for cancer patients.

How to Make Dragon Fruit Juice

Here’s a simple recipe of dragon fruit juice. Follow these steps :

  • Prepare one dragon fruit, and one lemon.
  • Cut the dragon fruit in half and scoop out the flesh.
  • Add all ingredients into a blender.
  • Turn on the blender. Wait until the mix is smooth.

Now let’s see the benefits of dragon fruit for cancer patients :

1. Dragon fruit provides high quantity of dietary fiber for cancer patients

The first benefits of dragon fruit for cancer patients. A research has been conducted for nine years, using 388,000 adults ranging from age 50 to 71 as the subject, it is found that the consumer who consume fiber the most have 22% less chance to die over this length of time. Furthermore, enough consumption of high fiber foods is associated with reduced risk of cancer related deaths.

Therefore, dragon fruit being a good source of dietary fiber might be very helpful for cancer patients. And for non-patients, it is a good idea to start consuming fiber containing foods such as dragon fruit to reduce the risk of cancer health benefits of drinking black coffee.

2. Dragon fruit might help reduce the risk of colon cancer

The second benefits of dragon fruit for cancer patients. For colon cancer patients, dragon fruit is a recommended food to reduce the risk of colon cancer. A study by NIH-AARP to analyze connection between fiber intake and the risk of colon cancer has been conducted.

The result shows that the subject with the most fiber intake is less likely to develop colon cancer. The fiber can also add weight and energy to cancer patients’ diet. From this study, we can learn that consuming dragon fruit is associated with reduced risk of colon cancer.

3. Dragon fruit contains soluble fiber which is good for cancer patients

Soluble fiber is claimed to reduce risk of heart disease on cancer patients. This claim has been approved by FDA, and many manufacturers of food. Soluble fiber in dragon fruit also has positive effect on cancer patients health benefits of eating dried apricots.

4. Dragon fruit as a good source of carbohydrates for cancer patients

Another incredible benefits of dragon fruit for cancer patients. During treatment, cancer patients, of course, need to be supplied with adequate amount of carbohydrates. Common sources such as rice, potato, and wheat may be good, but they are often associated with increased blood sugar level. So, which food is the healthy source of carbohydrates without side effects?

The answer is dragon fruit. The carbohydrates in this fruit is above average, and will not increase blood sugar level. Thus, the cancer patients will be saved from the danger of complication due to having another disease, such as diabetes.

5. Dragon fruit may help prevent cancer patients from obesity

One of useful benefits of dragon fruit for cancer patients. Dragon fruit is very good to be a part of healthy diet, as it can help weight loss. In addition, dragon fruit contains great amount of fiber while low in calories. This characteristic makes dragon fruit an appropriate food for cancer patients health benefits coriander seeds.

6. Dragon fruit is a high-antioxidants fruit

According to analysis, dragon fruit is rich in antioxidants and phytochemicals, such as flavonoid, beta carotene, etc. Antioxidants is very effective againts cancer. It can remove free radicals from the body, thus preventing the growth of cancer cells.

7. Dragon fruit helps the process of detoxification in cancer patients

Other great benefits of dragon fruit for cancer patients. Based on various researches, dragon fruit is reported to help in detoxification. Thus, dragon fruit can help remove toxin from the body via liver.

8. Dragon fruit helps protect againts cancer

For non-cancer patients, it is better to prevent than heal. Therefore, consuming foods with great amount of vitamin B2, phosphorus, dietary fiber, calcium, and vitamin C can really help. Dragon fruit also can remove carcinogens from the body by producing phytoalbumin and removing free radicals health benefits of not drinking diet coke.

9. Dragon fruit helps boost immune system on cancer patients

It is proven that dragon fruit can help cancer patients improve their immune system. This is due to rich contents of antioxidants and vitamin C in dragon fruits.

Recommendation Intake of Dragon Fruit for Cancer Patients

For cancer patients and non-patients, a dragon fruit everyday is recommended.