10 Incredible Health Benefits of Flax Oil Supplement

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flax oil supplementFlax oil is derived from flax seeds. This plant grows in the grassland precisely in Western Canada. This plant is blue and does contain a lot of oil that turned out to have many benefits for our bodies.

Health benefits of flax oil supplements are known to have good content for the body such as:

  • omega 2
  • omega 6
  • omega 9.

Some of the benefits that you can get when regularly consuming flax oil supplement are:

  1. Prevent cancer

Based on research, this supplement can inhibit or reduce the risk of developing cancer cells such as breast cancer, prostate cancer, brain cancer, etc. This is because hemp oil has a high antioxidant content. read more about how to prevent cancer

  1. Helps overcome eczema

The content contained in flax oil has anti-inflammatory properties. So if you have a problem with your skin such as eczema, you simply apply it regularly with it, then your eczema problem will soon disappear. read more: health benefits of chrysanthemum tea

  1. Controlling diabetes

The content of lignans in hemp oil that is 100 times more than other grains, makes flax oil very good for diabetics. Because it has the function of neutralizing blood sugar levels by increasing insulin sensitivity. you may also like: types of diabetes

  1. Improve function and liver work

Omega 3 content found in flax oil, able to assist the liver performance in processing toxic waste in the body. or try health benefits of tea for liver

  1. Lower cholesterol levels in the blood

It is also very powerful to destroy blood cholesterol so that blood flow becomes more fluent and you will avoid the heart attack caused by the accumulation of cholesterol in the blood vessels.

  1. Overcoming dandruff and hair loss

This oil is rich in omega 3. The content of this substance serves to provide essentially for hair health. Your hair will be strong and healthy so it will avoid the problem of dandruff and hair loss. try this: benefits of fish oil for hair loss

  1. Increase endurance

The content of lignans and also alpha-linolenic acid (ALA) in flax oil can boost the immune process and prevent the body from diseases such as arthritis, lupus, etc.

  1. Healthy eyes

Omega 3 does have a lot of benefits. Omega 3 in flax oil also works to improve the health of your eyes.

  1. Can lose weight

Omega 3 and lignans fatty acids have an appetite suppressing function. So this supplement is also very good for those of you who are running a healthy and natural diet program.

  1. Accelerate wound healing

Flax oil content has high anti-inflammatory properties. So the wound healing process can be very fast if consume regularly.


Some people may be allergic to the health benefits of flax oil supplements. The most common effects if allergic to linseed oil are abdominal pain, skin rash, redness, itching, and swelling. So you need to check your doctor to make sure that your body will not respond negatively to the flax oil content.