5 Shocking Health Benefits of Vitamin E Oil for Nails

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Everyone love healthy body, including healthy nails. Especially the girls who surely pay lot of attention to this small body part. We can see that there are lots of tips and tricks to get a set of healthy nails. But have you ever know that a certain vitamin will give a shocking result for the beauty of your nails?

Yes, it’s Vitamin E! Even though this certain vitamin is already famous with its amazing benefits for our body, it has the good sides for your nails that you should know! Beside this one, you may also check health benefits of Vitamin E for our body.

So here are shocking 5 health benefits of Vitamin E for nails, check them out!

What is Vitamin E?

Vitamin E is one of the vitamin that commonly found in wheat germ oil, sunflower, corn oil, soybean oil, margarine, dressings, and also safflower oils. For years, this vitamin is already known for its great benefits for our body. Even nowadays, it’s very easy to find Vitamin E supplements at the drugstores. You can recognize this vitamin is sold in a yellowish transparent capsules.

Researches have discovered that Vitamin E oil has lots of benefit for our body. From skin, hair, and even nails! On this part, we will reveal shocking health benefits of Vitamin E oil for nails.

What is the good side of Vitamin E oil for nails?

Researches found that there are mainly five health benefits of Vitamin E for nails. We will discuss them one by one below!

1. Protects from aging

Since Vitamin E has good amount of antioxidants, just like green tea, it has the ability to protect your nail from aging and turned into yellowish color. Basically you only need to apply the vitamin on your nails with a small brush twice a day and you’ll get your nails strong, happy, and healthy!
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2. Repairs damaged nails

For those who loves nail polish, you must be familiar with acetone as the remover. But don’t you know that using acetone and keep on polishing you nails too often will lead your nail to severe damage? But don’t you worry, Vitamin E oil will save your pretty nails from it! Just apply it on your nails daily and you’ll get your nails pretty again in no time!

3. Moisturizes nails

What’s more health benefits of Vitamin E oil for nails? For the one who have issues with dry nails, Vitamin E oil will repair them for you in no time! Just apply them daily after shower and you’ll get your nails moist and healthy!

4. Strengthen nails

If you have brittle nails, then Vitamin E oil is your knight-in-shining-armor. Just apply it on your nails after you’ve cleaned your nails twice a day, and you’ll have your nails strong and shiny in days! You may also read about  Health Benefits of Henna Leaves

5. Improves nails growth

Basically Vitamin E is a good supplements for hair and nail growth since it improves your blood circulation, so applying them directly or consume it will improves your nail growth as well. 

What is the bad side of Vitamin E oil for nails?

Beside all of the good benefits of Vitamin E oil for our body, especially our nails, it also brings some disadvantages and consequences if we over-consume this Vitamin. Researches found that maximum consumption is about 15 gram daily and having too much Vitamin E oils will gives various bad side effect. Starts from feeling dizzy, nausea, diarrhea, stomach cramps, fatigue, until even increase the chance of having a serious stroke called hemorrhagic stroke which is bleeding into the brain.

For those who have history of stroke, it is recommended not to take this vitamin since it will make the stroke worse. Also for people who have finished with surgery, it is better for not taking Vitamin E oil since it will increase the risk of bleeding. People with angioplasty, diabetes, heart attack, retinitis pigmentosa, bleeding disorders, head and neck cancer, and prostate cancer are also better not taking this supplements since it will worsen their condition.

For pregnant women, usually this supplement doesn’t give any bad side effects, but it is better to consult everything with your doctor since usually pregnant women are quite sensitive with some supplements. As for children, it is recommended not to consume Vitamin E oil more than 200 milligram for children 1 to 3 years old, 300 milligram for children 4 to 8 years old, 600 milligram for children 9 to 13 years old, and 800 milligram for children 14 to 18 years old.

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What is the recommendation intake of Vitamin E oil for nails?

As we’ve discussed above, basically this supplement is save to be applied on your nails. Remember to make sure that your nails are washed and cleaned before applying the oil on your nails using small brush. If you have the capsuled one, you could pop the capsule with pin and squeeze the oil out before putting it on the brush. Then, you can apply it on your nails.

But if you have the liquid one, then it will be easier for you to apply. You only need to pour it at small bowl and use the brush to apply it on your nails. Please remember that this oil is best used after shower since the dead cells on your nails had been washed away. Not just the nails, you can also apply it on your cuticle so it will always moist and healthy as well.

This supplement is basically a great fighter for every nail problems, from aging, brittle, until dry nails. But beside the good, please take note for some people with severe problems mentioned above. Because sure you want great nails, but we don’t want to increase the risk of the sickness you have. If Vitamin E oil is not the best treatment for your nail, maybe you can ask the doctor for better advice.

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That’s all about health benefits of Vitamin E oil for nails, and hope this information is useful for you. Remember to always consult everything you want to take with your doctor to get the best result for your health!