13 Delicious Health Benefits of Tangyuan, A Chinese Dessert

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Everyone loves dessert, this is why many Chinese people also loves the health benefits of Tangyuan. It is one of the Chinese dessert that not only taste good, but also suitable to keep a healthy body. This is because Tangyuan made of glutinous rice flour and added with sweet ginger syrup for a better taste. This dessert is easy made and also can easily get around the Chinese countries. It even also easy to get in many of Chinese restaurant around the world. Therefore, if anyone feel curious on the taste and benefit, it will be easy to get the dessert. Even, if you plan to prepare it homemade, it also an easy recipe to follow. The ingredients also easy to find. Overall, it is a common dessert to eat and to find.

Health Benefits of Tangyuan

For those who wants to know more what are actually the health benefits of Tangyuan, check out several list below that will amaze you.

1. Healthy Digestive

Consume this dessert will help to improve the intestine bowel movement. The same way as the health benefits of mesclun salad that also contain high number of fiber, it will manage to bring a better digestive system.

2. Better Metabolism

Not only good for digestive, this dessert will also bring a better body metabolism system. It will manage a fasten metabolic rate that will help to convert the food into needed energy. This is why the dessert is good to substitute the snacks on the afternoon.

3. Add Energy

When the metabolism run effectively, it means the food can support the body to provide needed energy to run the daily activities. The same benefits of drinking lion dates syrup with milk that also can help to bring more energy, consume this dessert will help to bring the same benefit.

4. Good Immune System

The dessert also manage to bring a good body immunity. Therefore, it can be one of the way to help the body not easily get sick or infected.

5. Bring Fullness

Another health benefits of Tangyuan including to manage bringing fullness feeling when people feel hungry. It will help to avoid hunger the same way as the health benefits of poha.

6. Warm The Body

The ginger syrup can help to warm the body during cold weather. Therefore, it is one of the way to manage the body feel better even the weather is not friendly at all.

7. Fast Relieve

It also a good information to get that apparently Tangyuan will help to improve the health by bring a fasten relieve during sickness. The same health benefits of hong dou tang noodles soup that also works to bring a fasten recovery too.

8. Healthy Skin

It is good to know too that the dessert contain vitamin E that will manage to provide a healthier smooth and silky skin.

9. Anti Inflammation

Ginger also known as a natural anti inflammation. The same benefits of indian frankincense that also help to avoid inflammation, it will manage to reduce the pain and provide fasten recovery from the illness.

10. Healthy Cardiovascular

Consume the dessert will manage to produce a healthy cardiovascular system. Therefore, it can be another way to avoid stroke or heart attack.

11. Avoid Insomnia

Tangyuan also will help to bring a better sleep for some people. Therefore, it can help to avoid insomnia.

12. Improve Red Blood Cell

The others benefit including to stimulate the formation of red blood cell that help to avoid anemia. This can be happen due to the iron content at the food.

13. Avoid Stresses

Who ever thinking that Tangyuan also suitable for avoiding any stresses. Thanks to the sweet taste of this dessert that able to bring people feel happy and satisfy after consume the dessert. This is why the food is good to reduce stress feeling.

Recommendation of Tangyuan

Even the dessert claim a healthy food, still there are several possible side effects that can be happen. Therefore, to avoid this risk, it will be better to check on below lists of recommendation before consume the dessert.

  • Avoid consume the dessert too much, since it taste sweet and possible to increase your blood sugar level. To avoid this risk, you can also reduce the sugar level inside the dessert.
  • Make sure to stop consume the dessert if you feel nausea or sickness. It might because the ingredients are not fresh.
  • Do not over consume since the sugar content also possible to bring you cough.
  • Anyone who feel allergy symptoms after consume Tangyuan shall avoid to consume it again in the future. Mainly if experience itchiness with redness skin area.

Those all the health benefits of Tangyuan a Chinese dessert, that not only taste yummy but also bring you a good advantage. Through consume the dessert, the above benefits can effectively gain by your body. However, too much consumption might not too good for anyone. Since the sweet taste may lead to diabetes too. Therefore, consume as necessary and in a proper portion.