Health Benefits of Kemun Black Tea – Powerful Herbal Drink from East

There are so many black teas around the world and they seem all amazing. We have health benefits of Lapsang Souchong (Black Smoked) Tea from China that has potential to prevent cancer growth. Today we’ll talk about Lapsang Souchong’s friend, Keemun Tea. It has same origin with Lapsang Souchong, but different region. It’s originated from […]

9 Fantastic Health Benefits of Schizandra Five Flavour Berry to Support The Body

It has been common for many people to know the health benefits of Schizandra five flavour berry. This specific plant which grow in the area of Northern China and East Rusia apparently can bring many healthy advantage for the body. It contains various interesting vitamin and minerals that will support a healthy body. Therefore, schizandra […]

11 Super Health Benefits of Jiangxi Natural Tea for a Calmness Mind

Drinking a tea is one of a good healthy habit. Including the habit to get the health benefits of Jiangxi natural tea in Chinese country. Jiangxi is actually a province in China that famous with its tea product. There are several kind of teas from this province, including green tea, scented tea and black tea […]

14 Super Health Benefits of Sea Berry That Rarely Known

People might rarely hear about sea berry. But amazingly, the health benefits of sea berry including to contain the richest source of moemga3! Therefore, even the berry is a rare fruit, this will help to bring many advantages for the health. Sea berry also commonly known as Hippophae or sea buckthorns. It is a kind […]

15 Shocking Health Benefits of Schisandra Berry, Yummy Anti Oxidant!

A lot of people loves to consume berry fruit. Not only taste good, but they also bring many advantages. Including the health benefits of Schisandra berry that rich in anti oxidant content. Therefore, there are a lot of advantages to gain when decide to consume this yummy fruit. Unfortunately, not many people familiar with this […]

15 Great Health Benefits of Rainier Cherries for Body System

As part of the cherries family, there are several health benefits of rainier cherries. It is a cultivar of cherries fruit that commonly grow in Mount Rainier. This is why people called this kind of cherry as rainier cherries. Furthermore, based on some research, the fruits known with its premium quality and has limited productions […]