Parsley Leaves Benefits for Weight Loss Might Surprise You!

Are you in the weight-loss program now? What great foods do you like to choose for a diet? Is it fruits like avocado, whole grains, or beans? In this article, we will talk about the one that can help to promote your weight-loss program. Indeed, it is parsley! This one has been known as the […]

16 Excellent Health Benefits of Parsley Tea You Should Know

We usually find parsley on foods as garnish on our favorite food. But the parsley on your garnish usually just being put aside or leaved out on the plate. Nevertheless, parsley can actually present health benefits if it is properly consume. It can be eaten just as garnish along with the main food, or maybe […]

14 Health Benefits of Mitsuba #1 Herbal from Japan

There are a lot of varieties of parsley and mitsuba is one of them. Mitsuba is also well known as Japanese Parsley. Just like any parsley you know, Mitsuba is considered as herbs and used in cuisine as seasoning though sometimes as medicine as well. However, in Japan, Mitsuba is best known as vegetables because […]

18 Benefits of Parsley for Hair and Skin (#1 Top Homemade Treatments)

Being green means being healthy. Well, it also applies with herbs and parsley is one of the green herbs that is not only flavoring your food but also offering you a lot of benefits to your healthy lifestyle, especially for beauty sake because parsley is packed with nutrients that are great for hair and skin. […]

18 Scientific Health Benefits of Italian Parsley (No.16 is Miraculous!)

Parsley leaf is a fairly small Mediterranean ingredients that wear colorful sprinkles. But let’s not think of it as just an ornament-after all, parsley has been around for more than 2000 years, and some of the proven benefits you should know. Parsley is a culinary herb and popular medicine is recognized as one of the […]