6 Unexpected Health Benefits of Acanthaceae for Herbal Cure

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health benefits of AcanthaceaeAcanthaceae or pandan leaves have a lot of health benefits for your body. It grows mostly in South East Asia that usually grow wild in the garden. In some country like Indonesia, Pandan leaves used as ingredients for traditional food.  It smells good and which can increase your appetite.

Unexpectedly, you can find lots of health benefits of Acanthaceae just like the health benefits of avocado leaves.

The usage of Pandan leaves is so important for some treatment. A study from the expert tell us that by using Pandan leaves can be a natural and efficient for boosting your immune system.

Surprisingly, many doctors recommend using Pandan leave for treatment.

  1. Lower Your Blood Pressure

Pandan leaves can lower your blood pressure and makes you healthier. Tiredness and dizziness which is the common effect for people who have high blood pressure. The worst case it can be drive stroke! You should consider adding pandan leave in your diet to make sure you have a normal blood pressure.

Boil 10 grams of pandan leaves with two cups of water. Then, leave it until the water remains half. And then, drink half the potion in the morning and the other half in the evening to normalize your blood.

  1. Can Reduce Dandruff

Dandruff can be the main reason for several hair problems like hair loss and scalp flaking. If you have tried use shampoo and don’t get a good result you can try using a pandan leave to get rid of dandruff just like the health benefits of curry leaves. Mash 10 fresh pandan leaves and mix it with 100 ml water. Apply it to your scalp and leave it for 30 minutes for the maximum result. Besides get rid your dandruff pandan leave can also provide a great nutrition for your hair.

  1. Can Blacken Your Hair

The best thing about pandan leave is it can blacken your hair naturally like the health benefits of mayonnaise on hair. Boil 7 pandan leaves with water. Leave it all night to get the water condense. Massage it to your scalp in the morning to have beautiful black hair.

  1. Cure Weak Nerves

If you suffer weak nerves you can use pandan leaves as alternative medicine as well as the health benefits of falsa fruit. Use 3 Pandan leaves and boil it with 3 glass of water. Leave it until the mix become 2 glasses. Drink it in the morning and afternoon.

  1. As Anti-Rheumatic

Rheumatic can be a problem for elderly and feels so painful. The great news is you can use pandan leave to minimize the pain. Add 3 pieces of pandan leave and mix with coconut oil, boil it until 30 minutes. Drink twice a day in the morning and afternoon for maximum health benefits of Acanthaceae.

  1. No side effect

The best thing about it is there is no side effect for consuming pandan leave extract. It is safe and recommended by the doctor. By consuming pandan leave daily you can have better health which can make you feel fresh.

There are a lot of health benefit of pandan leaves which only a few people know and apply it. You can have a healthier body and prettier hair by using pandan leave treatment. Compared to a commercial product a pandan leave surely have a much better impact on your health.