Amazing Benefits of Nutmeg for Diabetes Treatment

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Speaking of one of the spices and herbs that are not only able to enhance food flavour but also containing potent medicinal properties and then nutmeg is one of the spices in the top of the list. There are a lot of health benefits of nutmeg powder or spice which native to Indonesia and easily found in every Asia countries. Nutmeg is also found in some traditional Asian cuisines from India, Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand and Philippines. Aside from that there are also some benefits of nutmeg for diabetes treatment that not a lot of people realize.

Why Nutmeg Is Good for Diabetes Treatment?

There is no easy to deal with diabetes; a condition that force you to have a strict diet management to avoid blood sugar spike. It means, you should really concern about what you should eat and what you shouldn’t eat. However, recent studies have found out that nutmeg could be used as part of diabetes treatment due to some active compounds found in this spice. The list of benefits of nutmeg for diabetes treatment below is important for you to know, especially for you who have been diagnosed with diabetes.

  1. Lowers Blood Sugar Level

Some scientific studies have found out the possibility of nutmeg in lowering the blood sugar level. Especially in diabetes type 1 when body cannot produce insulin optimally to breakdown the glucose, the consumption of nutmeg may be helpful to optimize the insulin production in the pancreas.

  1. Improves Insulin Sensitivity

Diabetes type 2 occurs when your body is suffering from insulin sensitivity. This condition occurs as one of the health risks of obesity. Nutmeg is one of the magic potions for weight loss management and highly recommended for those who are willing to improve insulin sensitivity in their body.

  1. Stimulates the Production of Insulin in the Pancreas

As mentioned in the point number one, one of the ability of nutmeg is stimulating the production of insulin in the pancreas. The result, body will be able to optimize the production of insulin and able to break down the excessive glucose to lower the blood sugar level.

  1. Enhances the Lipid Profile in the Blood

When your lipid is increased in the blood, some conditions may be occurs and among that commonly occur is obesity or weight gain. Well, having a manageable lipid profile in the blood could help you manage your weight and at the same time is reducing the risk of diabetes especially diabetes type 2.

  1. Reduces the Risk of Heart Problems

One of the health conditions caused by diabetes’ complication is cardiovascular conditions or heart problems. This condition could lead to more fatal conditions such as heart attack or stroke. Reducing the risk of the symptoms of high blood pressure for diabetic patients is a must and nutmeg is a traditional solution recommended.

  1. Natural Immunity Booster

The essential vitamins found in nutmeg and some potent antioxidants are the reasons behind why this spice is well known as natural immunity booster. The spicy flavour of nutmeg may be helpful when you catch a cold but for diabetic patients, having a good immunity system is essential.

  1. Relieves Chronic Inflammation

Not a lot of people realize that inflammation could cause severe conditions and make a condition like diabetes even worse. It is important to have a control on inflammation and according to scientific studies nutmeg contains potent anti-inflammatory which is excellent to relieve chronic inflammation.

  1. Induces Sleep

One of the problems commonly faced by diabetic patients is trouble sleeping. Well, though there are a lot of options of sleeping pills but using natural solution is still the one that is highly recommended. Nutmeg could be consumed as herbal tea to help inducing a better sleep.

  1. Promotes Healthy Digestion

Healthy digestion will lead to healthy metabolism which is essential for diabetic patients. Moreover about nutmeg is this spice is great to deal with some stomach problems from stomach aches up to cramp.

  1. Natural Detox for Kidney and Liver

Liver and kidney has main function to eliminate toxins from your body but due to some factors there is always a possibility for toxins to build up in those two important organs. Well, consuming nutmeg could act as natural detox for both kidney and liver to help optimizing the body metabolism.

  1. Improves Food Flavour

Most people thought that once they have been diagnosed with certain types of diabetes, they should give up on tasty foods. Well, nutmeg is one of the spices that could improve food flavour and increase your appetite. Even though you are in a strict diet management, nutmeg could solve your problem when it comes to tasty and healthy foods.

Cautions of Nutmeg to Consider

There are a lot of studies have been conducting focusing on the surprisingly benefits of nutmeg for diabetes treatment. Nutmeg has been used traditionally in India as part of Ayurvedic medication since ancient time. However, there are some cautions you should know as well about nutmeg if you want to add this spice as part of your diabetes treatment.

  • Consuming nutmeg in larger dosage could cause several symptoms such as nausea, dizziness, dry mouth and in some cases is irregular heartbeat. However, if you are in well-nourished condition and only consume it in proper amount is nothing to worry about.
  • Though nutmeg has been used traditionally as diabetes treatment but still for you who are currently taking specific medication for diabetes treatment, adding nutmeg to your treatment should be under surveillance of your doctor.
  • Some people may be allergic to nutmeg. If you are among those people is highly recommended to find other alternatives for diabetes treatment.

Among the list of herbs and spices for home remedy, nutmeg is one of the spice in the top of the list. This spice is easily to be found in the nearby market and offered in super affordable price. That is why keeping some of nutmeg in your kitchen board is highly recommended because there are a lot of health benefits of nutmeg in general as home remedy solution.