22 Health Benefits of Babassu Oil You Should Know

Speaking of essential oil there are a lot of options of essential oil out there and babassu oil is among the top ones. Unlike the other essential oil that you could easily find around you, babassu oil is a bit exclusive because it is only could be found or purchased around Brazil. Though it is […]

24 Research-Based Health Benefits of Turmeric Oil

Different countries have different natural resources. It is the main reason why we can find that some countries have their own secret of natural health and beauty secret. We can refer to the Health Benefits of Japanese Green Tea  for Japanese, the Health Benefits of Unsweetened Greek Yogurt from Greece, and the Health Benefits of […]

12 Surprising Health Benefits of Thieves Oil for Immunity

Herbal essential oil is a famous common product that believe can bring various advantages for the health, including the health benefits of thieves oil. Therefore, it is now a common way to use herbal oil as an alternative in keeping a healthy mind and body for several peoples. Such as in Asia, where herbal is […]

10 Health Benefits of Dill Essential Oil for Mindfulness

There are various essential oil in the market and this is including the health benefits of dill essential oil for mind and body at the same time. This benefit has been known for many years and familiar among peoples around the world. Therefore, the demand of this essential oil is increase recently. Specially since the […]

20 Revealed Health Benefits of Ledum Essential Oil

Ledum is a bushy plant that grows to a height of about 1.5 meters. Ledum is also called Greenland Moss Essential Oil, Labrador Tea, Marsh Tea and Swamp Tea. Ledum essential oil is obtained from the process of steam leaf distillation and has a peppery and smoky aroma. The essential oil of the Ledum appears […]

13 Health Benefits of Mango Essential Oil for Skin and Hair

Mango oil is usually known as mango kennel or one of the byproducts made of mango fruit, or you can also read mango benefits and health benefits of mango seeds. The oil provided from the extract of the de-shelled fruit kernel of the mango tree and has been used as body lotions, baby creams, sun […]

13 Amazing Health Benefits of Malaysian Palm Oil

Red palm oil, is one kind of oil that produced in some country such as Malaysia, West Africa and Ecuador. As it derived from the fruit of the oil palm, the oil is different from palm kernel oil by how it processed. Furthermore, it is known as sacred oil by Ancient Egyptians. They used the […]

10 Super Health Benefits of Leech Oil

Who does not know leeches? This one slimy animal is known as a disgusting and scary animal because it can suck human blood. But apparently, these black animals have many benefits for nature as well as humans. Treatment with leeches has been known since hundreds of years ago began the days of Ancient India. Currently, […]

10 Health Benefits of Lizard Oil and How to Make It

Lizard is one of animals that are considered as spooky and disgusting animal. Known as those kind of animal, lizard has many benefits for the health of the body, or you can read health benefits of eating lizard. Some people in all over the world have been used the meat, while one of the most […]

11 Health Benefits of Red Pine Needle Oil (#1 Chlorophyll Source)

Herbal oil has been consumed to treat certain health problems. In this article, we will talk about red pine needle oil which is believed as the valuable herbal oil. As a matter of fact, red pine needle oil made from the needles of the Red Pine Needle Tree (known as Japanese or Korean Red Pine Needle […]