Tuberose Essential Oil for Skin Health Benefits (The Power to Heal)

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The name “tuberose” may sound strange to some, but when we talk about what it is actually, some of us may already familiar with it. So tuberoses (Polianthes tuberosa) are perennials that have relationship with the century plant or Ameican aloe.

Despite its name, it has no botanical relationship at all with ordinary roses. The name “tuberose” means “swollen”, a trait that reflects its tuberous roots. On the other hand, tuberoses also see huge benefits in the perfume and essential oil industries because of its rich, sultry and also sensual nature of its fragrance. And now, these are the tuberose essential oil for skin health benefits.

Ingredients of Tuberose Essential Oil

  • 8% B-Sitosterol
  • 7% Physodone
  • 6% Methyl b-orcinolcarboxylate
  • 11% 20-o-Methylphysodone
  • 1% Ethyl Hemmatommate
  • 3% Dehydroabietic Acid
  • 3% Atranol
  • 2% Chloroatranol

What are its Health Benefits?

  1. Tuberoses are Aromatherapeutic

First of the first, tuberoses are aromatherapeutic, which simultaneously stimulate the mind and soul. Among its finest aromatherapeutic qualities of tuberose essential oil is as a health risks of stress relief and also calming the mind from symptoms of depression and benefits of lorazepam for anxiety.

In fact, tuberose essential oils are also safe for dealing with several physical and psychological problems without any adverse side effects unlike prescription drugs!

  1. Tuberoses Treat Nausea and Headache

Second, tuberoses treat nausea, which can further develop into headache when not prevented on time. Tuberoses treat nausea by disappearing that uncomfortable feeling of wanting to throw up every now and then, which is partly contributed by its ability to divert odor sensitivity.

  1. Tuberoses Improve Blood Circulation

Who would have thought that just by inhaling the essential oil of tuberoses already improves blood circulation? This could come useful for anyone out there who suffers from joint pain and arthritis caused by poor blood circulation by eliminating toxins in exchange of oxygen flow.

  1. Tuberoses are Beneficial for the Lungs

Up next, tuberoses are beneficial for the lungs by being capable to lend itself into the respiratory system via nasal inhalation. It acts as an anti-inflammation of the airways and also reduces nasal congestion for an easier and more comfortable breathing, such as reducing the symptoms of asthma.

  1. Tuberoses Induce Sleep

Sleep deficiency is a major issue suffered by modern urban people in particular. Even though the recommended number of daily sleep hours is benefits of sleeping 8 hours a night to 9 hours per adult, in reality adults these days achieve only slightly half of that.

It’s a good thing that tuberoses are effective herbal sleeping aids by trigerring neurochemicals to send signals to the brain that instructs sleep. One can achieve this easily by diffusing tuberose oil with a diffuser as one sleeps for the night! 

  1. Tuberoses Increases Libido

Tuberose essential oils increases libido because it is an aphrodisiac, which stimulates sexual desire and releases a romantic scent.

  1. Tuberoses are Natural Deodorizers

Sure air fresheners are a good idea to give the room some fragrance, however prolonged exposure to it may also trigger asthma symptoms. Tuberose is able to scent the room, or rather the house wonderfully, organically and healthily due to its intense lovely scent and toxin-free composition.

  1. Tuberoses Protect the Skin from Infections

Now here comes the first tuberose essential oil for skin health benefits! Tuberoses contain two major compounds that protects the skin from infections; eugenol and nerol. Eugenol kills pathogens that cause bacterial or fungal skin infections like athlete’s foot, while nerol acts as an antiseptic supplement to eugenol.

  1. Tuberoses’ Skincare Uses

Tuberoses contain farnesol, which is responsible for promotion of collagen for a better cycle of skin cell regeneration, and also provides elastin, which maintains skin elasticity and smoothness.

  1. Tuberoses are Antispasmodic

Tuberose essential oils can ease abdomen spasms, spasmodic coughs, convulsions, and also relieving muscle tension.

  1. Tuberoses Manages the Release of Sebum

Finally, tuberoses are able to manage the release of sebum in the hair and face, which as it accumulates leads to dirt that causes dandruff and acne respectively. Tuberose essential oils for acne-skin care is also one thoughtful idea because of its antibacterial properties! 

Cautions and Recommendations

Do not take any tuberose essential oils internally and do not directly apply undiluted essential oils or other highly-concentrated oils without advanced knowledge on essential oils or recommendations from a qualified practitioner or expert.

This is true especially when one is epileptic, pregnant, have cancer, liver damage or any other serious medical conditions. Likewise, an advice from an expert is also needed for anyone who would like to use tuberose essential oils with a minor or an elder.

On the other hand, tuberose may pose moderate risks of skin sensitization and it should have a maximum recommended dermal of 1.2%. It also applies for usage with anyone that has allergies, hypersensitivity, diseases, damage or minors below 2 years of age.

Uses of Tuberose Essential Oil

Tuberoses are naturally thick by concentration and therefore it also possesses various beneficial chemicals and nutrients in it. It is no wonder that this trait has made tuberoses to be an attractive variant of perfumes and essential oils. On a smaller scale, tuberoses are also used in the culinary world, such as for confectionery and beverage flavouring.

In terms of perfumery, the deep floral aroma has led tuberoses to be the primary fragrant of high quality commercial or home perfumes. The scent however is dominantly feminine. Tuberoses for perfumes are best smelled when combined with carnations, jasmines, ylang-ylang, orris as well as roses.

Next, the essential oils are also usable for hypnosis, massages, stress relief and also assertive-improver. Massages using tuberose essential oils are indeed very relaxing, because they are spasmolytic. Spasmolytic is the quality possessed by substances that are able to soothe muscular spasm externally. In addition, tuberose essential oils when used for massages are relaxing to the point of being able to treat insomnia, stress as well as depression.

Next, tuberose essential oils also release a hypnosis effect, which in fact are useful for meditation supplements. This is how tuberoses work in improving assertiveness. If one would like to boost assertiveness using tuberose essential oil, inhale this mixture below;

  • 10 drops of May Chang (Litsea cubeba)
  • 6 drops of Bergamot (Citrus bergamia)
  • 2 drops of Tuberoses (Polianthes tuberosa)