Benefits of White Flower Analgesic Balm – Natural Remedy

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For many people out there, analgesic balm might be an amazingly effective remedy for relieving pain and ache in the joints, but have you or them try a different kind of analgesic balm called white flower?

Named white flower not because this is made of white flower oil, but the founder of this analgesic balm, Gan Geog Eng, loved white narcissus so he created the name white flower for this ointment he made. One thing that makes this analgesic balm unique and could make it more effective is the ingredient used in the oil, which consists of a combination of different plants. Each ingredient put in the analgesic balm has different function for making you feel better under some conditions such as headache, bruisess, strains and many others.

White Flower Analgesic Balm Ingredients

White Flower analgesic balm consisting of some types of plants listed belowe:

Active Ingredients:

  • Wintergreen 40%
  • Menthol 15%
  • Champor 6%

Wintergreen used for relieveing pain and swelling, menthol used for delivering cooling sensation on your skin while champor used for easing pain temporarily.

Inactive Ingredients:

  • Lavender
  • Eucalyptus
  • Peppermint

Lavender is effective in providing the calmness feeling on your skin. This ingredient is even also made into lavender oil, which is quite populer because the health benefits of lavender oil are abundant. Eauclyptus along with lavender aiding in relieving pain, but in some cases this ingredient can also be used to treat cold and cough like in eucalyptus oil.

Benefits of euaclyptus oil for cold include reducing fever and sore throat. The last is peppermint, the ingredient that helps relieving head pains. All of the complete ingredients are perfect remedy to make you feel better both inside and outside.

Benefits of White Flower Analgesic Balm

1.Relieving Sinus Headache

When headache attacked, you just need to apply white flower oil on the temples and forehead with a little massage and inhale it to make your sinus feel better. In some cases it might not be a perfect remedy because you probably need to take some medicine, but in small conditions this will really help you to feel much more comfortable.

2. Aiding Blocked Sinus

This could be one of the most uncomfortable moment when you have flu because blocked sinus causes inhale distractions. Luckily, white flower oil can effectively relieve this condition simply by inhaling it. You need a different way of inhaling it to maximize the result. Prepare a small bowl with hot water and add a few drops of it.

Place it on a table and inhale it by bending your head. Dont forget to put a towel on your head until your neck to prevent the steam from the white flower oil escaping the area you are inhaling. Do it for some minutes until you feel your blocked sinus better. To even get a better result, drop the oil on your pillow so you can inhale it the whole night.

3. Helping with Pains and Aches

Whether you experience stiff joints and muscles due to overexercising or just getting tired of your physical activities the whole day, you can try massaging your pains with white flower oil. Just a few drops of white flower can make your joints feel better. You can use it up to three times a day for the best result. White flower oil is usually combined with carrier oil to provide relaxation to the ached areas.

Massage the pain gently and you can get your body ready to do your daily activities without pains the next day. To get your muscle more nutritioned, try consuming rosemary because one of the benefits of rosemary for muscle is to improve its strenght. It might work well when you like exercising a lot. Those who cant find white flower oil for relieveing stiff joints can also use shiling oil, considering that the benefits of shiling oil for joint pains are numerous.

4. Relieving Travel Sickness

Traveling is fun and exciting, but most of the times it makes your body feel tired and extremely exhausted. Moreover, if you have to travel out of the town of even country you might experience headache and nausea that make you feel uncomfortable.

Having a white flower analgesic balm always in your travel bag is important just in case you need some relaxation under that circumstance. It can quickly make you feel better inside and outside simply by inhaling it and apply a few drops of it on the needed areas. The best way to treat motion sickness using this oil is actually by using it on the back of your ears, rubbing the areas using a few drops.

5. Treating Itchiness

Whenever you find your skin getting itchy caused by insects or mosquito, just apply white flower analgesic balm to the infected areas and you can get it better. However, it is not recommended to use it to children as the menthol and camphor lead to the hot sensation on the skin. Not only the oil will get the itchiness away, but it will also remove the redness on your skin.


No matter how wonderful this herbal remedy is, you need to pay attention to the caution such as topical inflammation. If you worry to this condition, then just test your skin by applying a small amount first and wait the reaction for the next 12 hours.

If nothing happens you can try using a larger amount. However if you are pregnant, try your best to not using this oil, not even in a small amount.

Recommendation Intake

You can use white flower oil about three to four times a day, no more than that. Just use a few drops as needed and avoid using on wounds or damaged skin. It can be used for children starting from 3 years above and don’t use for children under the ages.

Not only white flower oil, but also rosemary oil is a great remedy when you have cold and cough. Learn the benefits of rosemary oil for respiratory so you can keep both of them handy.