16 Health Benefits of Palm Wine to The Body You Should Notice

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Palm wine comes from the flower of coconut tree which has the sweet taste. Commonly, palm wine is used as the material of beverage and also used as natural drugs to maintain the body health. Palm wine has about 8 until 9 pHs. As for the nutritional substances contained in palm wine include:

  • Sucrose as much 12, 30 until 17,40 gram.
  • Ash about 0,11 till 0,41 gram.
  • Protein which functions to strengthen the tissues and cells in the body.
  • Ascorbic acid as much 16 till 30 gram.
  • Fibre which functions to facilitate the digestion.
  • Amino acid and also vitamins which are needed by the body.

Furthermore, the benefits of palm wine include several aspects. Palm wine can be processed as beverages as below:

1. Fresh drink

The first benefit of palm wine is fresh drink. Palm wine can be drunk to relieve your thirsty, especially when the summer comes. To make the palm wine is fresher, you can add some ices into palm wine before drunk.

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2. Sugar

The steps of how to process palm wine to become sugar will be explained as below:

  • Palm wine is left until morning before filtering.
  • After filtering, the palm wine is boiled with medium fire. Wait until the palm wine boils and then put triple superphosphate sufficiently. It is aimed to reduce the pH contained in palm wine.
  • After the pH becomes 7, then palm wine is filtered again.
  • Continue to heat until the palm wine becomes thick. Then, turn off the fire.
  • After that, stored the thick palm wine into the refrigerator until it shaped into the crystal.

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3. Brown Sugar

The steps of making brown sugar are exactly same with making sugar.

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4. Candy

In making the candy, you should follow the direction below:

  • Add sugar syrup with variant taste as you prefer.
  • The syrup which is used had been stored for three months in the earthenware pot.

5. Tuak

Palm wine has the sweet taste so it can be made as tuak. Tuak is a fermented palm wine which contains high alcohol substance. As known, high alcohol in a beverage may cause drunk if it is consumed excessively.

Health Benefits of Palm Wine to the Body

Besides palm wine is used as the main material to make some beverages and sweet things. Palm wine also can be beneficial for health purpose as below.

1. Gain Weight

Well, actually a skinny body is not always desired by everyone because it has the health risk of being underweight. Among the people in this world, there must be some who have difficulty in gaining weight.

If one of those people is you, here are the tips how to use palm wine for gaining weight purpose.

  • Prepare coconut, turmeric and palm wine. All these three ingredients are processed first. For the coconut, you only need to take the coconut milk. Meanwhile, for the turmeric must be grated and filtered in order to take the water.
  • Then, boil the coconut milk, turmeric water and palm wine.
  • Wait till the herbal drink is cold before consumed.

Besides palm wine, you may also consume weight gain foods.

2. Constipation

Constipation occurs due to the lack of fibre intake in the body. Though, fibre has the important role to facilitate the digestive system. Fibre is used to be found in fruit or fresh vegetables. But, apparently, besides the fibre contained by fruit and vegetables, it is also contained by palm wine.

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3. Stomachache

Commonly, there are so many factors that may cause stomachache which includes the late meal, wrong eat and sensitive stomachache. Even though it seems less dangerous, but you should not underestimate the stomachache because it may cause several complications.

If you have a stomachache, you can treat it with palm wine by following the direction below:

  • Prepare palm wine along with tamarind and half a glass of warm water.
  • Put the tamarind and palm wine into the warm water.
  • Stir until evenly, filter and then drink it.

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4. Fever

In another side, many people have not known yet that palm wine is beneficial to treat fever. Fever can occur due to the decrease of the immune system in our body. So, the body will get sick when the viruses attack. Palm wine combined with brown sugar can help to warm the body and overcome the fever and symptoms of flu.

It’s because palm wine has the other benefit, it is to warm the temperature of the body. So, the body which experiences the colds can get warmer after drinking the palm wine. 

5. Maintain the Bone Health

The health benefit of palm wine is to maintain the bone health. Bone needs some vitamin and minerals to keep its density. Because the bone density will decrease along with our age and may cause several bone problems such as osteoporosis.

Therefore, we should keep the density of bone from earlier. One of the ways that you can do to maintain the bone health and density is by drinking the palm wine. Thus, there are some health benefits of Palm Wine to the body.

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6. Smooth the Breast Milk

This is a good news for mothers who just have given birth. Sometimes, the process of breastfeeding must be disturbed due to the breast milk is not smooth. But, mothers don’t need to be worry because by drinking palm wine, the problem regarding the breast milk is able to be handled.

It has been proven by many people that drinking palm wine is very useful to smooth the breast milk.

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That’s all about the benefits of Palm Wine to the body that we can get in several aspects including health. I hope this article will be useful to all of us. Thanks for reading guys!