Health Benefits of The Blue Zircon for Mental Health Improvement

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Have you ever heard of a stone that is thought to possess healing properties? Neither do I. But reality proves that there is a special kind of stone that heals, which is the blue zircon. Blue zircons are literally zircon stones that are coloured blue.

Zircons are important jewelry gemstones which are sometimes mistaken with the cheap and more inferior cubic zirconia. Zircons come in various colours, with blue being the most popular option, to be followed by red, white, as well as honey. And so, what are facts about blue zircon? And what are the health benefits of the blue zircon?

What are Zircons?

Zircons are gemstones that are indeed beautiful with the various colours it came on however they are not as popular among general jewelry buyers. Most zircons come in earthly tones, such as cinnamon, yellow, benefits of black zircon stone, green, orange, red, or even colourless. However, the most attractive variety of zircon are the blue ones, especially the sapphire blue ones. Interestingly, gem dealers reported that 4 out of 5 zircons sold are blue.

Of course, due to significantly higher demand, the prices of blue zircons skyrocket as compared to zircons of other colours. Zircons can be blue coloured due to treatment of brown zircon with heat, and it may even come in various shades of blue such as greenish blue, light greenish blue, or strong greenish blue. However, please take note that not all brown zircons that are exposed to heat will turn blue; only certain zircons with the most proportional physical structures are able to do so. Perhaps this is why the blue zircons are so exclusive and highly sought after.

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What are its Health Benefits?

Here are the health benefits of the blue zircon:

  1. Blue Zircons are Able to Balance Menstrual Hormones and Pain

Blue zircons are able to balance menstrual hormones, cramps and pain gently but surely. Menstrual cramps and pains are caused by muscular contractions that creates a “giving birth” sensation. The contractions inhibit the flow of blood to the endometrium, or the uterus’ lining.

Menstrual pain is also possible due to high deposits of leukotrienes on the body. In the meantime, blue zircons balance menstrual hormones by easing pain as well as other menstruation-related side effects.

  1. Blue Zircons also Work as an Antioxidant

What’s the health benefits of the blue zircon? When a person is overworking, his or her body’s organ functions tend to be messed up in some way. Not to mention that he or she may enhance stamina or boost adrenaline with the help of caffeine, tobacco, or other substances.

At the end of the day, not only toxins are created and the body system gets altered, but then stress can also come across. Zircons help balance the adrenal glands by clearing the toxins created by the body and can be used as a way to get someone out from caffeine or tobacco withdrawal.

  1. Blue Zircons Enhance Quality Sleep

Blue zircons also enhance quality sleep by promoting a restful sleep while driving away nightmares. Health benefits of deep sleep account 1.5-1.8 hours of an adult’s recommended sleeping duration, or probably 20% of their total sleep per day.

Quality sleeps are needed to enhance metabolism, calorie removal, improve concentration as well as productivity, manage the stamina, decrease the risks of heart attacks, stroke as well as depression, improved immunity, and so much more. 

  1. Blue Zircons Soothe Down Grief

The death or loss of a family member, friend or a pet sure brings your emotions down in a great way. Zircons are known to be able to overcome the overwhelming grief caused by these events by letting go of emotional breakdown, sadness as well as fear.

Because grief is considered as a powerful emotion, it also impacts our overall health greatly. Dr. Sunil Shah from the St. George’s University of London says that it is possible for someone to die from broken hearts, because bereavement increases the risk of heart attacks and strokes twice. For your information, bereavement is the condition of being deprived of a loved one through great absence, especially due to death.

  1. Blue Zircons encourage Lucid Dreams

Blue zircons encourage lucid dreaming. Lucid dreams are dreams in which the dreamers are aware that they are in the state of dreaming. During this phase, the dreamer may have controls over how their dreams go, such as the characters, narration as well as the environment.

Despite having no particular health benefits, however lucid dreamers often found themselves refreshed and well awake after they wake up, in which often it stimulates good moods throughout the day. 

  1. Blue Zircons eliminate Depression as well as Anxiety

Blue zircons, which are natural soothers can also eliminate symptoms of depression as well as anxiety. Just like grief, both depression and anxiety are also categorized as strong emotions.

Depression risks more than the mental health. In mild cases, it creates apathy, lack of appetite and sleep, low self esteem as well as slight fatigue. In worse cases, it may even trigger cardiovascular diseases as well as osteoporosis.

In the meantime, anxiety, which is similar to stress cause early aging, high blood pressure, as well as weak immune systems. These are the health benefits of taking medication for mental illness.

  1. Blue Zircons are Anti-Spasmodic

Anti-spasmodic means that the substance can alleviate and relieve the spasm of involuntary muscle. Blue zircons are anti-spasmodic on the liver as well as the gallbladder. Liver spasm is commonly associated with liver pain that feels like a stab, accompanied by swelling and intense pain in the upper right abdomen where the liver is.

At some cases, spasm may even stretch into the shoulder blades. Possible triggers of liver spasm include hepatitis, overconsumption of alcohol, fatty liver disease as well as liver cancer.

In the meantime, spasm on the gallbladder causes pain that originates in the upper belly and slowly spreads into the right shoulder and chest. Gallbladder spasm is often caused by infections, overconsumption of alcohol, gallstones or even tumor.