6 Unexpected Health Benefits of Purple Sprouting Broccoli

When we hear about broccoli, what do we think about normally? Its shape that represents miniature trees, or its pretty awful taste? Well I believe both of them are equally true. However, we should never ever underestimate the health benefits of broccoli. Sprouting Broccoli It contains two essential vitamins, namely vitamins C and K. Vitamin […]

20 Proven Health Benefits of Broccoli Soup #1 Yummy!

Broccoli might look like the healthiest vegetable with dark green color and fresh appearance. And indeed, this close relative of cabbage had mesmerized people from long ago with its health benefits. Besides eating broccoli in some big chunks, people also love to eat the broccoli soup. And not to mention the simplicity of the preparation, […]

18 Health Benefits of Eating Broccoli – For Pregnancy and Kids

Broccoli is one of the healthiest vegetables which packed with super healthy nutrients that are beneficial for human health. The beautiful appearance, the unique texture and the fresh green leaves of broccoli are so mouthwatering especially if they are cooked to your favorite dishes. Broccoli is great for salads and even great as main course […]

18 Proven Health Benefits of Broccoli (No.2 Amazing)

Broccoli is a deep green-colored vegetables that closely related to cabbage and also cauliflower and belongs to the family of Italica Cultivar. You can recognize so quickly in the market or department store since this vegetable looks like a mini-tree.So, you bet that this vegetable will bring you a lot of benefits for your health […]