Awesome Benefits of Seaweed Soup for Postpartum – Natural Treatment

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Being a mother is not easy as before and after conditions are hard to experience. A mother has to carry her baby for nine months with both joy and pain. You may read 9 Wonderful Benefits of Turmeric Milk in 9th Month Pregnancy as your reference of what to consume during pregnancy. The process of giving birth itself is also very painful and even after giving birth, some mothers have to experience some syndromes, such as baby blues and postpartum.

Postpartum is a condition of a mother after giving birth that is related to social and psychological changes. It is a type of depression that makes mothers experience physical and emotional changes. Medical treatments are available for solving this problem, but it will cost a lot of money and take more time while mothers still have to take care of their babies at home. In this article, you will read one of home remedies for solving postpartum condition, which is by consuming seaweed soup.

Korean mothers have a habit of consuming seaweed soup (that is called miyeok-guk). It is a traditional Korean seaweed soup eaten by Korean women after giving birth. Its rich nutrients are believed to equip mothers to increase the supply of milk.

Healthy recipe of seaweed soup for postpartum mothers

In Korea, mothers aftergiving birth are given seaweed soup, called miyeok-gukduring postpartum period. This period is meant to give new mothers time torecovery from things that stress them out.

This soup is believed tohydrate new mom, which is very essential for mothers while they are breastfeeding.

Here is the recipe ofseaweed soup for postpartum mothers.

To make seaweed soup, youwill need:

  • 2cups of seaweed (dried seaweed)
  • 18cups of water (adjust it with the size of your pot)
  • 200gr of beef brisket
  • 5tbsp. of fish sauce
  • 1tbsp. of minced garlic
  • 4-5drops of sesame oil

How to make it:

  1. Put the dried seaweed in a bowl ofcold water for around 30 minutes or longer until the seaweed expands and turnsinto green.
  2. Drain the seaweed. Chop into smallsize.
  3. Put the seaweed in a big pot. Itshould take ¼ of the pot.
  4. Pour 18 cups of water (adjust it tothe size of your pot – can be more or less). Make sure you fill ¾ of the pot.
  5. Cover the pot and boil it over highheat. When it boils, lower the heat to medium and leave for 20 minutes. Stir itoccasionally.
  6. While waiting, cut the beef brisketinto small pieces.
  7. After the water in the pot isboiling, put the beef with 1 tablespoon of garlic. Boil it to medium high heat.Uncover the pot for 20 minutes.
  8. Add 5 drops of sesame oil into thepot and 5 tablespoons of fish sauce. Stir them well.
  9. It is suggested to have the soupwith rice. Enjoy your meal!

Nutrients of seaweed soup for postpartum mothers

There must be a lot ofnutrients seaweed has so that it is very effective for postpartum mothers. Hereare the nutrients you can find in seaweed soup:

  • Vitamins and minerals

Seaweed has more nutrientsthan any vegetables living on land. It is a great source of micronutrients,such as folate, calcium, magnesium, zinc, iron and selenium. Moreover, seaweedis also rich in iodine.

  • DHA and EPA omega-3 fatty acids

You can get preformedomega-3 fatty acids DHA and EPA that are great source for vegetarians.

  • Antioxidants

Antioxidants contained in seaweed aid mothers experiencing postpartum to prevent against oxidative stress and chronic diseases, such as cancer and other digestive problems. If you are looking for another food rich in antioxidants, read Benefits of Taro Root for Cancer and 37 Health Benefits of Eating Jaggery #Natural Antioxidant.

  • Fibers

Seaweed provides you withodd type of carbohydrate that your body lack to digest. They are carrageenan,fucan, galactan and others. These type of carbohydrate will feed the bacteriain your body. The bacteria here are not the harmful one, but the useful onesuch as gut bacteria.


Though seaweed soup is veryhealthy for postpartum mothers, it does not mean that it is okay to consume itevery day or in a great amount. There are some cautions that you need to payattention to while consuming seaweed soup.

Thyroid problems because of too much iodine

As stated before, seaweedis rich in iodine. When the iodine intake in your body increases, then thyroidproblems will appear. There was a study in Japan that found that women who consumed15-30 grams of seaweed, their TSH (thyroid stimulating hormone) is increasing.However, when they stopped consuming it, their TSH was back to normal.

Suggested intake of seaweed is around 1-2 tablespoons two until three times a week.

Digestive problems because of carbohydrates and fibers

Seaweed is rich in manytypes of carbohydrates that mostly your body cannot digest. When people withdigestive problems get this type of carbohydrates, it will cause a problem.

Seaweed is a very great source of vitamins and nutrients for mothers that give birth in postpartum condition. Instead of using medical treatment, it is better to have natural treatment, one of which is by having seaweed soup.

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