7 Secret Health Benefits of Hong Dou Tang Noodles Soup During Travelling

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There are a lot of people whose thinking that the health benefits of hong dou tang noodles soup is coming from China countries. However, apparently, this is also one of the Korean soup that believed not only delicious, but also bring advantages for the health. Even the food is one of the rare food, but finding this soup around Korea is still possible. Therefore, adding the soup for your meal during lunch time or dinner while you travelling to this country, can be one of the list to tried.

Hong dou tang in Chinese means red bean. This is actually one of the famous Chinese soup. But adding noodle to the soup is one of the specific thing in Korea too. This is why, Korean people also serving this soup as a meal. They usually call it as Pat-Kalguksu. For those who want to know more on the health benefits of hong dou tang noodles soup, below are several important information to read.

How To Prepare Hong Dou Tang Noodles Soup

If you interest to try making the soup, it is actually not as difficult as it though. To cook the soup well, below are several lists of instruction that you can follow.

  • Prepare the red beans first by cooking it into mash porridge. Put it aside.
  • Prepare some egg noodles as your preference.
  • Stir the beans and water then boil over medium high heat.
  • Add some salt and gently add the noodles.
  • Cook for about 5 minutes until they are fully cooked.
  • Turn off heat and serve the soup in a bowl.

Health Benefits of Hong Dou Tang Noodles Soup

There are several specific benefits of the soup that so far is still a secret and not widely known in the world. The benefit including as below:

1. Fasten Metabolic Rate

Consume the soup will help to improve a fasten metabolic rate. The same health benefits of marugbo soup that also works to improve the body metabolism system, it will fasten the change from the food into energy.

2. Extra Energy

Through a good metabolism, it will benefit you during your travelling to get extra energy. The same way as the benefits of drinking lion dates syrup with milk that also good to improve your energy level. Consume the soup will lead you to feel full and powerful at the same time.

3. Improve Recovery

Another health benefits of hong dou tang noodles soup including to manage a fasten recovery for those who feel tired and feeling sickness. Therefore, it is good to consume during cold or fever too. It will warm your body including lead to better recovery time.

4. Healthy Digestive

The benefits of consuming the soup also to get a healthy digestive system. The same way as the health benefits of mesclun salad, it can improve the bowel movement and avoid the risk of constipation.

5. High Protein Level

The red bean ingredient inside the soup is one of the important thing that will bring you a high protein content. Therefore, it is good to supply protein for your body during your trip.

6. Better Muscle

The protein level from the soup will help to improve your muscle. The same way as the benefits of cabbage for muscle bodybuilding that also help to add muscle mass and bring healthy muscle.

7. Increase Immunity

Consume the soup also able to increase your immune system. The same health benefits of pickled peppers that will help you not to easily get sick during your travel.

Recommendation Of Hong Dou Tang Noodles Soup

It is also important to make sure that every time you try some new meal, it wouldn’t bring you any side effects. Mainly for those who always experience with stomach upset or allergy symptoms. The same way when you decide to try this hong dou tang noodles soup. It is better to follow below lists of recommendation, to make sure you stay healthy after consume it.

  • Avoid continue consume the soup if the allergy symptoms suddenly appears, such as itchiness, redness skin or even swollen part of your face. It means that you are not tolerant with one of the soup ingredients.
  • Make sure to stop consume the soup too if suddenly you feel sickness or stomach upset. It might because the ingredients are not quite fresh.
  • Make sure not to consume if the soup is too sweet or too salty. Since it can manage to increase your blood sugar and blood pressure.

Those all some lists of the health benefits of hong dou tang noodles soup. If you plan to do trip to Korea, it is a good chance to try this delicious soup and feel the health advantage of consuming it. Furthermore, it will able to bring you extra energy needed during your travelling. Therefore, never miss the chance to taste the soup and make sure to avoid the above list of recommendations to avoid the possible side effects. Happy culinary!