9 Wonderful Benefits of Turmeric Milk in 9th Month Pregnancy, Proven!

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Pregnancy is one of the most important moment. For an expecting mother, many kind of treatment is now available to make their pregnancy run well. Including the benefits of turmeric milk in 9th month pregnancy. A lot of mothers trying this option and wish to get their baby healthy. Even it might not recommended by medical expert, but there are a lot of information mention that turmeric has a good reputation for pregnancy. Mainly in Asian country. Therefore, turmeric milk shall also bring the same benefit as expected.

Nutritional Values of Turmeric Milk

Many pregnant mother might not realize on the nutrient behind this ingredients. Not only contain several vitamins and minerals, below are some of the nutrient content in each 100ml of turmeric milk.
• 24 calories
• 4gr of carbohydrates
• 1gr of protein
• 1gr of fat
• 1gr of fiber
• 3mg of sodium
• 12mg of calcium
• 3mg of iron
• 2mg of vitamin C

Benefits of Turmeric Milk

If feel curious what are exactly the benefits of turmeric milk in 9th moth pregnancy, below are the list.

1. Boost Immunity

Turmeric milk contain high vitamin C and anti-oxidant content. Therefore, it is a good option during pregnancy to avoid any sickness. The same health benefits golden seal echinacea that helps to bring good immunity during pregnant too.

2. Anti-Inflammatory

The famous effect of turmeric is as an anti-inflammatory agent. This can help the pregnant mother to avoid any swollen parts of the body, especially on the ankle or feet. Therefore, it is good to consume during the third semester of pregnancy or at the 9th month.

3. Avoid Infection

Turmeric milk also a good agent to avoid any bacterial infection that can be harmful for the babies inside the womb. The same health benefits of rosehip soup that works to avoid any infection too. Therefore, it is a suitable approach to avoid any sickness during the pregnancy.

4. Improves Blood Circulation

Consume turmeric milk will manage to improve the blood circulation for pregnant mother. Mainly during the 9th month where the blood circulation normally experience difficulties. Therefore, it can help to avoid dizziness to due to bad blood circulation.

5. Better Digestion

During 9th month of pregnancy, usually a pregnant mother easily to get digestive problems. By consume the milk, it will improve the bowel movement and avoid further difficulties on the digestive. The same benefits of zobon drink for weight loss that will help to improve the digestive system too.

6. Healthy Bone

The calcium content inside the turmeric will manage to strength the bone. It will added the bone mass so that it can avoid fragile bone condition during pregnancy. This mainly happen during the 9th month where the baby is getting more weight. Therefore, to avoid any fracture during this last month, consume the milk will able to strength the bone which will result a healthy bone too.

7. Avoid Insomnia

Consume the milk at night before bed usually can help to manage a better sleep. This is why turmeric milk at the end will lead pregnant mother to feel sleepy too. The same cypress essential oil for emotional benefits that also will help to avoid insomnia symptoms.

8. Control Cholesterol Level

The milk also good to control the cholesterol level inside the blood. Therefore, it is a suitable selection to avoid any risk with cardiovascular problems, such as stroke or heart attack.

9. Healthy Skin

Many people feel surprising when find a pregnant mother with lowing skin. Apparently it is not coming from itself. There are content in the milk that rich in vitamin E and bring a better skin condition. Furthermore, it also able to keep the skin healthy in optimum way. The same benefits of dove cucumber soap that able to result a better skin condition.

Recommendation of Turmeric Milk

It shall be noted that pregnant mother shall keep attention on below recommendations. Since the result on each expecting mother may vary.

  • In some mother, it might bring effects that lead to contraction. Therefore, if experience this feeling, then it is better to stop the consumption. Since it can lead to unwanted miscarriage.
  • In great doses, it also can lead to a birth defects. Therefore, only consume as necessary.
  • It also can lead to bleeding disorder. Therefore, avoid consume turmeric milk if experience this symptoms.
  • Make sure to stop consume the milk too if feeling nausea and sickness after drinking it. It might a reflect response from the pregnancy due to intolerant with the ingredients.

Those all the benefits of turmeric milk in 9th month pregnancy that believe can manage a healthy baby. Furthermore, it also bring a good feeling and body for the mother too. Therefore, it can be a good alternative to try for a pregnant mother. However, always make sure that there is no further side effects when consuming the milk. So that it can lead the pregnancy keep good and healthy.