Amazing Health Benefits of Eating Black Olives You Should Know

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Olives are one of the fruits well known for its health benefits. However, most people are more familiar with the health benefits of green olives but more of them have no idea about the existence of black olives. However, do you know that both green and black olives are coming from the same varieties.

What Is the Difference of Black Olives and Green Olives?

Here come the most frequent question asked by those who are wondering about black olives and green olives and what are making them so different? Well, as mentioned above, both black olives and green olives are coming from the same varieties. The only thing that makes them different is when they were picked. Green olives were picked right before ripening or raw while black olives were picked while ripe. The ripe olive will turn from green to black and that is why it is called black olive.

Nutritional Values of Black Olives

The next question is about its nutritional values, whether the nutrition contained in black olive is higher or lower than green olive? The fact is both black and green olives contain the same nutritional values which are rich of vitamin C benefits, antioxidants like flavonoids and polyphenols, several essential minerals such as iron and copper. However, aside from the colour, the texture and the taste are also quite different. Green olive has firmer texture and the taste is bitter if compared to black olives. To get more information about health benefits of eating black olives the list below will give you more insight knowledge whether you prefer to choose green or black olives though they contain the same nutritional values.

  1. Promotes Eye Health

Consuming black olives could fulfil the daily intake of vitamin A. It is a common knowledge that one of the one of the vitamin A benefits is to promote ye health and improve vision.

  1. Excellent Source of Antioxidant

As mentioned above, eating black olives could provide you some potent antioxidants such as polyphenols and flavonoids. Not only that, black olives are also rich of vitamin c benefits, vitamin E and vitamin A.

  1. Packed with Essential Mineral

Not only rich of vitamins and antioxidants, black olives are also rich of essential minerals such as copper and iron. You must have known that the combination of those two minerals are promoting proper body metabolism.

  1. Optimizes the Production of RBC

Iron is essential to the production of RBC or red blood cells. RBCs main role is distributing oxygen and nutrients to the whole body cells. The lack of iron could lead to the low production of RBCs and the effect like nausea, headache, migraine and anemia could occur.

  1. Promotes Healthy Gut

Olives are rich of fiber and one of the health benefits of fiber is to promote healthy gut. Not only that, vitamin E contains in olives are also excellent for digestive health.

  1. Excellent Source of Vitamin E

What do you know about the health benefits of vitamin E? This type of vitamin is among the most potent antioxidant and also responsible to your healthy skin, healthy gut and reduce the risk of the development of cancerous cells.

  1. Reduces the Risk of Colon Cancer

One more thing about vitamin E you should know, when vitamin E is combined with monounsaturated fat, they could fight and reduce the risk of colon cancer.

  1. Good for Bones and Connective Tissue

Some studies have found that eating black olives could replace the function of ibuprofen in relieving some pains in joints or connective tissue. It means, black olives could act as pain killer as well.

  1. Natural Skin Treatment

The combination of vitamin C and vitamin E found in black olives are reasons why consuming this fruit regularly considered as natural skin treatment. Vitamin E will boost the production of collagen while vitamin E will ensure the optimal skin cell regeneration.

  1. Contains Anti-Inflammatory Properties

Some studies have proven that black olives contain some active compounds that could inhibit the growth of specific enzyme that could lead to inflammation.

  1. Good for Heart

The root of heart issue is inflammation and as mentioned in previous point, black olives contain some potent anti-inflammatory properties that could prevent some cardiovascular diseases.

  1. Reduces High Blood Pressure

Once your heart is protected, reducing the symptoms of high blood pressure is a piece of cake. However, you have to be super careful with canned black olives because it contains higher sodium that could put your cardiovascular health in danger. So it is important to always read the labels because preservative compounds could be dangerous for your health.

  1. Manages Cholesterol Level

Though black olives contain fats but still it is the healthy monounsaturated fat that could help managing your cholesterol level. That is why black olives are among the healthy foods that lower cholesterol level recommended for those who want to have healthy level of cholesterol.

  1. Regulates Blood Sugar Level

Not only good for heart and cholesterol, eating black olives is also good for some patients who have been diagnosed with certain types of diabetes. In other words, consuming it regularly could help regulate blood sugar level.

  1. Promote Healthy Hair

Not only good for skin, consuming black olives are also good for hair. It is common to happen during childhood. If you have children with thin hair problem just encourage them to consume black olives to get thick and healthy hair.

Cautions of Eating Black Olives

The most important thing you should know after choosing black olives to be added to your daily diet instead of the green one is the cautions or side effect that may occur. The list below is something you shouldn’t take for granted.

  • Though very rate but olive allergy is super real. If you are allergic to green olives and then you could ensure yourself that you are also allergy to black olives, so avoiding it is mandatory.
  • It is not easy to find fresh olives and people are depending on canned olives. That is why you should choose canned olives not based on your favourite brands but you should read the ingredients contained in the canned olives because some brands contain high sodium content which is bad for those who have cardiovascular issues.

Do you know that the health benefits of olives have been well known since ancient time? That is why the number of people who are choosing olive oil is increasing day by day because they care for their health and the amazing nutritional values and the list of health benefits of eating black olives as mentioned above are reasons why people love this fruit so much.