6 Research-Based Health Benefits of Goldfish for Your Pet

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When we talk about the health benefits of goldfish for your pet, you might think that we are going to gain the health benefits from eating the shimmery golden fish. But don’t worry, we will not eat it. I bet you would not be able to slit its stomach too.

Moreover, you might have some hole in your heart if you are eager to eat your own pet. More than that, common goldfish exclusively eat palate flakes, therefore it might be taste the same as what they eat.


So, let’s gain the health benefits of goldfish while letting them swimming beautifully in your aqua bowl. And if you want some fish to eat while give you the health benefits, you can have the Health Benefits of Vanjaram Fish or Health Benefits of Gindara Fish

Goldfish or carassius auratus is a kind of fresh water fish originated from East Asia, specifically from China. This fish was first bred for religious ritual need. But then, it is used as decorative fixture. The other species of goldfish, carassius carracius or Crucian Carp is usually caught wild for consumption. However, it is totally different from the goldfish we usually see in the aquarium.

The color is grey with some golden shimmer, while the goldfish we know is usually appear in the combination between red, orange, and gold. Sometimes, some of them also have some white or black spot in their skin. Goldfish for aquarium is usually about 5 up to 10 centimeters in length. However, the fish can grow bigger as they have enough food, space, and lifespan.

Goldfish is one of the simplest pet to keep. If you are a kind of busy worker, keeping this kind of pet is perfect. It is because fish is relatively low in maintenance compared to cat or dog. You just need to feed them before you go to bed and change the water once a week on weekend. In addition, you don’t have to worry to remove their stinky poop. You don’t need to take them for a walk every day in a frozen morning. You don’t need to ask other people to look after your goldfish every time you go on a business trip. It is simple yet gives you wonderful entertaining effect. In addition to that, you will also gain the health benefits of goldfish.

Health Benefits of Having Goldfish as Your Pet 

As mentioned before, people commonly kept goldfish as their pet to entertain them. From that, actually we can get some health benefits of goldfish except just “entertaining”. Below are the health benefits we get from keeping and watching the goldfish.

  1. Soothing mind

Stress and mentally tired from your days at work? You might need to set up an aquarium with goldfish. Setting up a goldfish in an aquarium without adding any fish can give you calm and tranquil experience.

Watch the graceful move of the fish and see it begs for food every time you come closer will give you such a pleasure. Besides goldfish, you can also have the Benefits of Owning a Cat For Health and Physiology.

  1. Reduce anxiety

Do find some waiting room put an aquarium with goldfish in the center of the room? Well, the reason is not merely about the decorative purpose. That aquarium is put in some exact purpose for your mental state. Aqua-gazing or watching the fish inside the aquarium is clinically tested able to reduce anxiety.

People in waiting room are commonly anxious, worry, and impatient. Specifically in doctor’s waiting room. And there it is! The goldfish will accompany you and help you to reduce those feelings.

  1. Boost brainpower

Setting the goldfish aquarium might have your brain worked. Why? Because it will stimulate your brainpower to creatively think. There are so many kinds of aquarium you can choose. There are also so many kinds of aquarium plants and ornaments you can use. Plan some ideas to make your goldfish home look different, and of course give you an amusing view. It will boost up your dull weekend, plus you will get a healthy body and brain from some useful activities like this.

  1. Improve mood

Just same with the Benefits of Having a Puppy for psychology health, the health benefits of goldfish for your mood have been proven by a recent research held by Plymouth University and university of Exeter monitored the improvement of people’s mental health after a stint of aquarium-gazing. It was also mentioned that adding more fishes in the aquarium will significantly improve the positive mood.

Therefore, if you need a mood booster, put some goldfishes in your aquarium. Make sure the space is enough for them, so you can watch them swimming and spreading their beautiful tails in some flirty movement. There is nothing you can do but smile while you watching at them. And of course, it will affect your mood to get into your activities.

  1. Reduce blood pressure

Not only effective for the mental being, the research from Plymouth University and Univesity of Exeter is also found to be effective for your physical health. Setting an aquarium with some goldfishes will give you the health benefits of goldfish, especially for your blood pressure. Watching the goldfish will give you a soothing effect, and effectively reduce your blood pressure. Further, it will also give the positive effect for your heart health too. This benefit is similar to what you get from Health Benefits of Ayurvedic Massage

  1. Improve appetite

According to a study held by Purdue University, watching goldfish in aquarium is able to improve appetite. The food consumption might improve for about 17% by this kind of simple activity. Therefore, it will be a good idea to put the aquarium around your dining table. Let the fish heal your trouble in eating.

Recommendation in Keeping the Gold Fish

You can get the health benefits of goldfish only if you keep your gold fish properly, here are some recommendations if you are planning to set up an aquarium with goldfish.

  1. Choose a goldfish tank where your fish can live comfortably. Goldfish can grow rapidly. Make sure that your tank can contain them in a long time. Don’t forget about considering how many fishes you would like to keep in an aquarium.
  2. Do not frequently change the water. Over frequent water changing may stressful for them. Goldfish prefer constant water. Therefore, make sure you install appropriate filter to minimize the routine water changing. And when you change the water, make sure you don’t change the entire water, since it will give the different water temperature.
  3. Do not ever feeding. They might never refuse to any food you give them. It is because goldfish do not have stomach to contain their food. They eat and directly excrete it. Give them too much food will cause swimming problem and constipation.

Those are the most essential steps you should take to keep goldfish and gain the health benefits of goldfish or your pet.